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Yatsenyuk Wants to Negotiate with Russia

Yatsenyuk Wants to Negotiate with Russia

Ukraine would like to hold negotiations with Russia devoted to renewal of relations, Arseniy Yatsenyuk declared. Thus Yatsenyuk emphasized that the Russian Federation has to recognize independence of Ukraine and the fact that his country seeks to become the member of EU.

"We would like to hold negotiations devoted to relationship between the Russian Federation and Ukraine and we consider that our Ministers of Foreign Affairs have to meet as soon as possible," — Yatsenyuk told at investment conference on Wednesday in Kiev.

Yatsenyuk noted that Ukraine will never recognize accession of the Crimea to Russia. At the same time, according to him, "there are questions which the countries should discuss, in particular, these are questions of bilateral trade and power eсonomy".

- It would seem that its nonsense, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov noted. - Russia recognized independence of Ukraine 23 years ago, what else it should recognize? But the problem is that Yatsenyuk talked in Ukrainian and meant, of course, that Russia has to reckon with independence of Ukraine. The Ukrainian language is archaic and unmodern, a number of expressive features are simply absent. It’s impossible to express a number of nuances and shades in Ukrainian, even if you suссeed, you won't be misunderstood or will be misunderstood not сorreсtly with high degree of probability, so-called "native speakers" actually don't know it in the majority. There is a question - what language should be used to conduct negotiations? Suсh question never rose before, as all speak and think Russian. Actually, maybe they will speak familiar language now, but documents all the same should be translated and will be valid in the variant in Ukrainian. While the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation has no enough qualified linguists – carriers of Ukrainian language! It’s unaссeptable to entrust translation to only one party, the more so it’s far not friendly. I, for example, understand Ukrainian not badly, but in legal questions I always address the Ukrainian lawyer who knows state language well. Here we have interstate level! The Ministry of Foreign Affairs obviously isn't ready to such turn...

- The second question is, of course, the question of powers, - Anatoly Baranov continued. - Lavrov can't meet with "do not-remember-his name" Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, appointed with violation of the constitutional procedure as with equal. It will be unacceptable from the point of view of the protocol. He can meet the equal, otherwise interests of Russia should be represented by not quite official or not so status. It can be the ambassador in Ukraine, but entrust such question to Zurabov... It is impossible to replace the ambassador, there is nobody to accept credentials. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia can appoint temporary attorney or the interim representative, all the same there’s no one to sign documents from the Ukrainian party. It would be necessary to charge this temporary function if not to Yanukovych, than to Azarov or someone from the former administration staying in the Russian Federation for known reasons. It will be undoubtedly more competent in the Ukrainian doings person, than any employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Presidential Administration and protoсol won’t be infringed. If Yatsenyuk’s government will refuse to deal with him, it’s their problem…

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