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Putin Withdrew Kozak from Caucasus under the Sounds of Shooting in Ingushetia and Appointed Fradkov's Ministers to Zubkov

Putin Withdrew Kozak from Caucasus under the Sounds of Shooting in Ingushetia and Appointed Fradkov's Ministers to Zubkov
As mass-media informed, in the evening on Monday in the Kremlin Vladimir Putin who arrived from Sochi received prime-minister Victor Zubkov. According to the press-secretary of the president Alexey Gromov, Zubkov presented Putin offers on personnel structure of the government.

In two hours the president and prime-minister left the Kremlin and arrived to a building of the Government House of the Russian Federation. At the arrival Vladimir Putin announced new structure of the government and its structure. Except for Michael Zurabov, Herman Gref, Vladimir Yakovlev all the ministers of the government kept their places.

Two new departments were added to the new government: "Under the offer of the chairman of the government two new committees appeared - the State Youth Committee and the State Fishing Committee". Vladimir Putin said about it.

Dmitry Kozak who worked before plenipotentiary of the president in the Southern federal district was appointed the head of the Ministry on Regional Development with expanded functions instead of Vladimir Yakovlev. Tatyana Golikova - the wife of the Minister of Industry and Power Victor Khristenko - who was up today the Deputy Minister of Finance was appointed the head of the Ministry of Social Development instead of Michael Zurabov.

Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin not only kept his former post but was also promoted up to vice-premier. Thus he regarded his appointment vice-premier as "acknowledgement of words of the president of Russia about continuity of economic policy" that is, as a matter of fact, of a liberal rate at which sources Egor Gaydar and Anatoly Chubays stood.

Elvira Nabiullina, an old associate, team-mate and assistant of Herman Gref, who headed till recently Center of Strategic Developments became the Head of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade which functions were strongly cut down.

Sergey Lavrov kept a place of the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Anatoly Serdjukov also kept the post of Minister of Defence - Vladimir Putin didn't accept his resignation. Sergey Ivanov and Dmitry Medvedev remained the first vice-premiers, the head of administration of the White house Sergey Naryshkin and Alexander Zhukov kept posts of vice-premiers.

Head of Ministry of Internal Affairs Rashid Nurgaliev, Head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations RF Sergey Shojgu (became federal minister the 21-st time), Minister of Information Technologies and Communications Leonid Rejman, Minister of Culture and Science Andrey Fursenko, Minister of Industry and Power Jury Trutnev, Minister of Industry and Power Victor Khristenko, Minister of Agriculture Alexey Gordeev, Minister of Transport Igor Levitin, Minister of Justice Vladimir Ustinov and the First Deputy Head of Military-Industrial Committee at the government of the RF - Minister of RF Vladislav Putilin also kept their places in the government.

Making comments on personnel appointments, political scientist Vladimir Filin said:

"It is not a surprise that the structure of the government almost was not changed. Both former cabinet of Fradkov and new cabinet of Zubkov were formed not by prime-ministers but by Vladimir Putin personally.

Zurabov's resignation has been predetermined by pre-election reasons, Yakovlev's - by bad personal attitude of the president which has been generated already in the middle of 1990th in St.-Petersburg. Nobody dismissed Gref, he left by his own will.

Among new appointments the appointment of Nabiullina is the most logical one - she was proposed by Gref as one of his nearest employees. New post of Golikova is also explainable - this not only qualified enough but also rather charming and attractive lady will be obvious contrast in comparison with predecessor Zurabov.

A lot of questions are caused by the appointment of Kozak who is being considered as one of Putin's possible successors. It's still not clear what the president meant to say by transferring of Kozak from Rostov-on-Don to Moscow".

Political scientist Ruslan Saidov also paid attention to Dmitry Kozak's new appointment which he treated with a certain degree of concern:

"It is important to understand who will replace Kozak on a post of plenipotentiary. Especially now, on a background of aggravation of situation in Ingushetia where there was shooting again tonight in the center of Nazran.

Who and when will replace the president of Ingushetia Murat Zyazikov will depend on new plenipotentiary. It is not excluded, that Putin was convinced to withdraw Kozak from Caucasus so that influential forces of the federal special services who had allergy in connection to the president of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov and dreamt to get rid of him at any price, would be easier to weave a plot.

According to data from different sources, they consider in the Kremlin and FSB five candidates to the place of gone bankrupt Zyazikov: businessman Musa Keligov whose oil refinery in Karabulak was fired on one of those days from grenade cup discharges, the deputy minister of agriculture of the Russian Federation Bilan Hamchiev, deputies of the State Duma Muharbek Aushev and Vakha Kozdoev close to public prosecutor Jury Chajka and a member of Council of Federation Isa Kostoev.

First two candidates are most actively supported by special services in view of their special affinity to the commander of squadron GRU "West" Said-Magomed Kakiev - enemy of Ramzan Kadyrov. Thus they planned, obviously, to create from Ingushetia a kind of rear base of Kakiev who recently felt himself uneasy in the Chechen Republic.

Actually formation of Kakiev is planned as a power counterbalance to the divisions entering into the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Chechen Republic and supervised by the first vice-premier of the Republic Adam Demilkhanov. And first of all, to "Kadyrov's special troops" - doubtless the most skilled, effective and prepared fighting units from among special divisions which are available in the Russian Federation.

Editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov noted an appointment of Golikova to the place of Zurabov as extremely unsuccessful decision.

- The matter is that, - Anatoly Baranov noted, - that Zurabov was the first in the history of Russia since pre-revolutionary times Minister of Health who had no medical education. It not only essentially reduced quality of management of public health services as rather specific branch but also was extremely negatively perceived by all medical society without exception and it comprised more than one million people. It is a very specific world, for example, we have medical societies - according to specialties to which people belong to for the whole life. Already for a quarter of a century I don't have practice, but I a member of the medical society. They always existed, both before revolution and during Soviet time and now doctors can speak everything in their environment that they consider necessary and discuss any themes. And Zurabov is not in with them, though he is minister. Golikova will also find herself in the same awkward position no matter how charming she is. Even militarians can accept minister Serdjukov but doctors will never perceive a person not from their environment. Especially, repeated appointment of not a medical man as minister - is already a tendency and medical society treats it as humiliation made meaningly. Such appointment - is political mistake of Zubkov, not fatal but unpleasant one.
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