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Seven Steps of Walking on the Spot

Seven Steps of Walking on the Spot
Baranov Anatoly 04.10.2007

After Putin's decision to head the list of "Edinaya Russia", the leadership of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation celebrates a victory of administration. No, there is a long way to go to achieve the power of the working people, as it used to be before, but the struggle for a steady warm place in the parliament seems to come to an end for Zyuganov's party. Obviously, one should speak about "Fair Russia" either good or nothing and to drink not clinking glasses. Meanwhile Gennady Andreevich triumphs:


"Such Putin's decision can be considered as a real statement of two-party system in the country. Its creation was retarded during all these years by multifacedness of masks of the party in power. Present Russian two-party system is as follows: the Communist Party of the Russian Federation on the left wing and "Edinaya Russia" - on the right. That is a political reality of the present moment. It will determine all course and outcome of the elections", - he declared on his official site.


And it's impossible to agree with Zyuganov in it. Except for a phrase about an outcome of the elections - Zyuganov dissembles here, the outcome of the elections is clear to him, the second place with greater, in some times, gap. That is the "victory" in Gennady Andreevich's understanding, borrowing of a steady position of the second party in power, "opposition of his majesty".


One only has to study and make notes from the works of the leader, as during good old times. Though, of the leader of not "supervising and directing" but simply - directing. To nowhere.


Here you are the theses of pre-election program of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. Not having stamp paper they write on common one, not having adequate strategic program they use pre-election.


Electoral program of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation except for a long ascertaining part - ascertaining, certainly, that everything is bad and being a set of fragments from different articles, including from FORUM.msk, there is "a basic dish" - "Seven Steps to the Worthy Future".


It is very interesting to have a look into the future as it is seen by Zyuganov and his party.


The first step - nationalization. One can only have joy - "Natural resources and strategic branches of economy will be nationalized. Forward planning - is restored. Operative management of economy will be provided by the branch and profile ministries. The oil-and-gas branch, electric power industry, means of communication, military-industrial complex, illegally privatized objects will become the property of the state". However, it's not originally about privatization of natural monopolies, almost all parties have it in their programs, except liberal ones.


However, what means "illegally privatized"? Does it mean that there are also privatized "lawfully"? They, in this case, will remain in the property of "lawful" owners?


And really, in the end of the same item of the program it is written in black and white: "Nationalization of leading branches will be combined with measures on development of small and medium business. The authority will eliminate administrative obstacles for their work, will provide crediting on favourable terms".


Let's notice, not only small, but also medium! That is mister Sobko being placed in the list of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation on the Moscow area, have nothing to worry about - his wife was and remains the owner of machine-building factory in Egoryevsk, having privatized, obviously, absolutely lawfully. Together with him other owners of factories, newspapers and steamships shouldn't worry - private property with support of manufacture will be kept by Zyuganov's party in full volume and even obstacles in their work will be eliminated, they even will be given credits, obviously state and privileged. That is they will be taken, for example, from social funds and will be given to "nationally oriented" businessmen, don't they?

One have only to note that the brand-name "communist" was privatized by comrade Zyuganov exactly in time and on lawful terms...


The second step - "the state to people". Pleasant words again... "The share of wages in national product will be raised from 28% up to 50-55% according to the Soviet and world experience", the program of a party writes but it does not specify - whose work? In fact the number of "workers" according to the first item of the program will include also businessmen. Well, today the fund of wages of, say, "Rosneft" develops from the salary of "working" president of the company with the wage in 1 800 000 roubles and salaries of general workers in about 10 thousand roubles. I have doubts that Abramovich bought "Chelsea" for the salary of fair Russian multi-millionaire which was reduced by all taxes. So, I think that the program of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation speak only about increase of the fund of the salary on behalf of the means which should be directed on the development of the production. Otherwise, how we can explain intention of the party to keep quite high inflation which should be notated annually: "Minimum-wage and pensions size will be guaranteed not lower than the living wage with annual notation on the size of inflation"?


Then a series of good wishes follows - to give everything to everybody, some times more, than now. And at once. But it is absolutely not clear - how?


The matter is that in the first item of the program of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation there is one frightening thing: "Export of irreplaceable natural resources, such as oil, gas, diamonds will be limited". That is the profitable part of the budget which, as one knows, is a raw one will be sharply reduced, meanwhile the growth in manufacturing industry and high technology branches is not being reached in 1-2 years, besides it demands huge investments - meanwhile the share of investment into development, as it is stated here, will be sharply reduced due to the increase of the wage in the national product in 2 times.


It's hardly probable that professional political workers making a basis of management and the machinery of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation carried out serious analytical work on cleanly arithmetic component of program theses. That is correlated income to the charge. It seems to them that it's not necessary to do to receive pre-electoral program - just give everything to everybody! What a program! Without superfluous intellectual things...


The third step. "To produce - means to develop".


The program of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation says: "Means received from the nationalized property the state will direct on modernization of industry, agriculture and transport system. It will invest it into housing services and road building. It will open large-scale program of geological explorations".


It\s interesting to ask, what means will be received from nationalization? Usually nationalization is accompanied by charges, incomes could be received only after. For example, nationalization of "Sibneft" cost 13 billion dollars to the budget. It is possible, certainly, "to take away and divide" but it again will lead to sharp decrease of incomes from export at once, while incomes - they will appear, sometime. The Same Ugo Chaves went on nationalization only during the second presidential term and he was really braver than Zyuganov...


So, as usual - it is possible to promise a lot as it won't be necessary to fulfill obligations. Nobody will give authority to Zyuganov and he is not going to take it. In such position it's simply silly to think about the mechanisms of realization of plans, there is a government, let it think.


For example, how it is possible to treat seriously as program item such intention: "Friendship of peoples will become the main principle of independent and peaceful foreign policy of the state. Its priority is restoration of voluntary union of brotherly peoples which entered the structure of the USSR, first of all of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and, possibly, Kazakhstan".


In the meantime the Ukraine votes for Timoshenko who is in no way a supporter of either voluntary or not voluntary union with Russia. Also what now? In "brotherly" Kazakhstan the Communist Party refused in general to participate in elections as a result of which only one party passed in the parliament - Nazarbaev's party. Whether Nazarbaev agrees to be united voluntary with Zyuganov, or he is ok without Zyuganov? Lukashenko, looking on Russian "independent and peaceful" policy also more and more often looks abroad. May be Zyuganov hopes to draw attention to his in all respects significant figure?


No, he is not going to do anything. He is going to stay for 4 more years in the Duma, to stay there with comfort and pleasure. What else needs a person to meet an old age?


Dear comrades, today the destiny of the big group of older people from the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation is in our hands, you can make them happy having voted for them. They will congratulate then you on the 1st of May and on the 7th of November, tell you kind words and promise bright tomorrow.


"Our main target - socialism" is stated in electoral program of the COMMUNIST party. The slogan "Our target - communism!", familiar to us from Soviet times, is hopelessly obsolete for Zyuganov's party.


And one more familiar slogan: "Communists win - people win!" In due time one deputy from "Edinaya Russia" on some vip-banquet proclaimed: "It's not truth that people in Russia live badly. People in Russia drink champagne! On behalf of its best representatives, deputies of the State Duma... "

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