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12 Years of Full Happiness

12 Years of Full Happiness
Oleg Sultanov 12.02.2008

With a break in two days V.Putin and S.Ivanov brought to the notice of the Russians and world community all positions of prosperity of the Russians and Russia coming to the year 2020.

The head of the state was the first to begin conversation about sweet - disturbing social prospects. Vladimir Vladimirovich on February, 8th made public speech at the expanded session of the State Council of the Russian Federation to which members and to all citizens of the country in passing told about strategy of its development till 2020.

While the first vice-premier Sergey Borisovich Ivanov on February, 10th acted with the report in Munich at 44-th annual conference on questions of global safety to which participants intelligibly explained why our country in 12 years should necessarily enter the five of the states with the highest level of gross national product. Mister Ivanov noted that our gross national product grew on 80 % for the last 9 years while an average world parameter - 46 %. That is the Russian parameter of gross national product is twice higher!


Personally I burst with pride from the fact resulted by the official! And earlier I nearly burst with happiness when I listened to the president and came to know that I lived in the country which on the results of the last year outstripped Italy and France on volume of gross national product and already last year on capitalization of the share market Putin's Russia overtook Brazil, India, Mexico and South Korea.

It's clear that dizzy successes came not for nothing but became possible as a result of self-denying work of peoples of the Russian Federation. Our workers work so hard advancing Russia to the front boundaries in the world in general that (if to trust V.Putin) "every second man in the country has no chances to live even till 60 years". The president is right when saying that it's a shame that "the quantity of citizens of Russia still becomes less every year".

But how pleasant were the words of Vladimir Vladimirovich that "as a whole macroeconomic stability and financial independence of the country is provided ... positive changes take place ... in public health sector" to still alive Russians. Politicians listened S. Ivanov's performance in Munich were also literally bewitched by his narration about growth and power of the Russian economy, thanks to a course chosen by strategist V.Putin.

Mister Ivanov assured the Germans and other western public that we, the Russians, on presidential elections of the Russian Federation forthcoming on March, 2nd "shall show all-round support to this rate". Certainly, we shall show, if we have choice, comrade general?! In fact even present "He" in the report at the State Council emphasized that "Russia has more than once proved that it can make that seems impossible to others". The president, to tell you the truth, meant industrial jerk of the country after Great Patriotic War and an outer space exploration, probably, having forgotten that the jerk to industrial power was made by all peoples of the USSR and not just by RSFSR.

... Listening to the successor of B.Yeltsin, I imagined that Boris Nikolaevich was engaged in the same business now from heavens - listened to V.Putin's performance which, in my opinion, actually nailed the dead man to a pillory. Everything that mister Putin objectively, by the way, said about the times of Mister Yeltsin would be in time in those years when the first president was ruling the country allowing system mistakes in management of the government.

As far as I can recollect, Vladimir Vladimirovich then was not a yard keeper, he worked on rather responsible posts both in the Kremlin and in FSB and in the government - on those posts which status allowed to promulgate publicly his position to all state questions. To be frank, after it Putin, probably, could actually "be appointed" yard keeper but he would be remain in the memory of people a fair and fundamental citizen, the patriot of the country. But nothing was promulgated, there was a service to the "master" which the president of the time appreciated and rewarded for fidelity by rank of "successor". Now it turned out to be some kind of «XX congress of the CPSU» on which, as you known, former true Stalin follower Khrushchev exposed personality cult of former "master".

Here you are the statements which sounded in his performance on the State Council on February, 8th «State power is ineffective. Weakening of all state institutes and neglect of the law became an evidence of it... Significant part of economy was supervised by oligarchical or frankly criminal structures. Agriculture was in the deepest crisis ... Third of our citizens became poor. Completely. Rich Russia turned to the country of poor people ... ».

We kick a dead lion? It would be more fair "to communicate" thus to alive predator in due time. Meanwhile only a blind can think that in February, 2008 in Russia the government is effective, all state institutes are strong and law is at height, consider that rich Russia for 9 years became the country of rich people, the country with powerful agriculture, the country, won criminal.

... it is Interesting, when president Dmitry Medvedev will carry out his «XX congress»?

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