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Two Tankmen (forget after reading!)

Two Tankmen (forget after reading!)
Grigory Makarov 24.05.2008

"Gazprom" needed to improve cardinally image of putin's Russia in the West. Our power looks too odiously in opinion of the western business - elite, too plentifully "ex-president Putin wetted in a toilet" and now Russia reeks corruption, chauvinism, lack of culture, deaf stagnation and violation of the rights of all and every opposition by the rallied column of oligarches and bureaucrats under command Putin's tank in the head. Eventually it began to have negative effect on financial parameters of our main monopolist and advertiser.

Thus from the Board of monopoly a young, politically correct young lawyer, absolutely deprived of propensity of his chief and predecessor at a top of imperious vertical to prison-barrack humour and philippics into address of "world scenes" which won Putin the broadest popularity inside the country is delegated.

Having occupied the Kremlin without struggle and having transferred reins of government to the same Putin who changed from a tower of a tank to the armchair of the driver, Меdvedev first of all opened a cover of the hatch, hang out from the tank waist-deep and, widely smiling, started making aside anxious western right advocates, gloomy looking out of roadside bushes, friendly passes with both hands: a pier, do not shoot, friends go! The same way a dog vigorously working with forepaws digs out a mink of a souslik.

Bureaucratic PR - actions which are one more liberal, than the other follow with kaleidoscopical speed. Session on support of small business is changed by session on struggle against corruption. The results impress: interdepartmental commission and the Council are created, National plan is imposed, the Decree is being subscribed, preparatory work will be completed in a month. The Russian corruption which has become at Putin, on recognition of Medvedev himself, system phenomenon will be given by hands of the same bureaucracy worthy "system answer". Tremble, corruptionists!

It's interesting whom do our "tankmen" want to deceive? The Western rights advocates and furthermore the Western businessmen - are in fact not followers of "Edinaya Russia" who are accustomed to any lies of Surkov: just not to be deprived of a passing to a budgetary feeding. On a background of noisy official fuss brilliant absence of a civil society and viable middle class in Russia are only more obvious. Levers with which help new mechanic - driver is going to set forward commander tank, conduct, alas, to the same bureaucratic motor which has rusted through and though fuel tanks are filled with oil and gas and a heavy trailer with gold and exchange currency reserves of Russia is attached for fidelity behind the tank, the motor is just about to decay and in opinion of mechanic - driver surveying the instrument panel (simply speaking prime-minister Putin who at a session of the Cabinet is looking through the forecasts of a chapter of Ministry of Economic Development and Trade) doesn't show any visible recent pre-election shine.

Who drank from a cup of my pre-election pledges? - a forehead of the prime minister frowns moodily. I ask to prepare and give out other figures! To report on performance!

This person has got used to juggle with figures of any sort of "parameters" during eight years of presidency. Those parameters were diligently selected and sorted for him by Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, Ministry of Finance and Central Bank. Numeral value describing condition of the Russian economy was biasedly selected of huge variety, ministers carefully rejected everything that could open eyes to not the most experienced in questions of economy head of the state on powerlessness and feebleness of ministerial servants who became fat, which efforts helped Russia during eight years ate away worthlessly not boundless raw stocks.

The country quickly sold out oil and gas instead of holding back the running goods carefully and to sell them six times (!) more expensively in five years. Really, our "ministers - capitalists" have something to be proud of! Who will calculate now the real loss caused to Russia by this impetuous sale? Minister of Education frankly profaned national education system and sciences which not so long ago, three decades ago was admitted as standard of quality all over the world took care so that no such expert appeared in Russia.

At Putin Russia hopelessly lagged behind in rates of development from its southeast neighbour, communistic China. Without any grand sensation, business like, new capacities in the electric power industry comparable with total capacity of the RAO United Energy System of Russia go into service in China. At that China is not at all rich with oil and gas. The Chinese supervise an essential part of home market of consumer goods of the USA. The whole world is filled up with the Chinese bras and electric tooth-brushes. And not only with them. Under direct foreign investments into economy communistic China successfully masters a role of the world leader.

Putin fastidiously screws up his face and jokes in his firm style: "Our economy will have other cut of eyes". We will knock down these Chinese with intelligence! Shame with wisdom of our "national projects"! We shall create power empire of the future! We shall amaze the whole world with grandness of breakthrough in "nano-technologies"! As if satisfied barin surrounded with thievish servants singing funny songs and driving away flies, this person is pleased with life, pleased with himself, pleased with the role of "permanent leader" imposed on him.

He has lost any connection with unattractive Russian reality long time ago. Russia is tired of shameless official phrase - mongering. Price lists in food shops and on fuel stations, cultural level of the Russian TV air are more eloquent than crafty parameters of Ministry of Economic Development and Trade and GOSKOMSTAT. However it's not too late to deceive the Western rights advocates and businessmen by facade, surely it will be successful another four years. There the stocks of oil will be ended.

As to the Russians, our "tankmen", obviously, do not wait for a dirty trick from this side: show the Russian voter a finger on TV - and he will be at your feet, crumpling the cap from a head. That is the main result of Putin's eight-years being the president. For this purpose, actually, Putin was made in due time the successor of a Family, in which daddy - Oligarchy, mum - Corruption and grandmother (she is also the head of the family) - Bureaucracy. However Cinderella - intelligency is still alive in Russia. Its voice sounds quietly but already appreciably louder, than it sounded even yesterday and each such voice costs tens and hundreds voices when the question is not about formal bear prebiscites, whom of several nomenclature "grandfathers" become fat grandmother Bureaucracy will hand over keys from the Kremlin, but about real power over the minds and hearts of citizens of Russia.

Great mockery above Russia occurring in front of our very eyes becomes too cynical and impudent that it was possible to cover it with cheap PR further. Consequences of "bear march" are seen already today with the naked eye, it's not possible to cover them with vigorous picture "Deutsche Wochenshau" and advertising of "Gazprom". "Nicht verstehen"! - Russia will answer on "pigeon" putin-medvedev's "Nicht siechen"!
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