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Growth. Rouble. Past. Good

Growth. Rouble. Past. Good
Ilya Gotsiridze 24.12.2012

Putin's last press conference, as a whole, is scolded. While I liked it. The main result of the year came to light. Everything one after another.

He appeared on the stage. Using his firm tone started giving figures. It is already not interesting to anybody. Journalists will compare debit with credit, while "dear Russians" know about changes in figures according to price tags on the counters of shops.

News agency "RIA Novosti" hung out analysis of often used words: at the beginning the words "Growth", "Rouble", "Past", "Good", "Billion" prevail. Then "Past" is changeв with "Very". Somewhere in the middle: "Man", "Question", "Country", "Problem", "Decision". Good decision to inform inattentive audience with what he has to be associated. "NLP for dummy". It is difficult to make indoctrination in different way when your speech sounds as background noise.

Then Vladimir Vladimirovich started vigorously answering questions. Suddenly something imperceptibly changed. No, the general propaganda nonsense remained, but some pressing questions began to be asked several times (by different journalists) to get the answer and to force the Guarantor of the Constitution to be nervous.

Suddenly very strange picture appeared on the screen at a question asked by landowners of Mordovia, the same analysis of words crept out: "Really", "Probably", "Suffer", "Torment", "Terrible", "Excellent", "Holiday", "Well", "Well". To the middle: "Really", "Has to be", "Unpleasantly", "Respect". Let it be presented in the form of statistics of "the emotional background", but people will read what is written!

I don't think that it is some "flaks", "back-door games” or something else like this. Everything is simpler. Question "Who is Mr. Putin?" simply continues to be actual. Not for us. For "Mr. Putin". He tries “to be liberal” in this round of his development. That’s all. However, it turns out extremely nasty. The president recognized all things for which he has been criticized for long. Both selectivity of punishment and prosecution of dissidents, etc. So it seemed to me at least.

If I am not mistaken, the writer D.Bykov once declared that the power instead of avoiding answers to questions passed to tactics "well and what of it?" "A person grows blind in prison? Yes!? So what of it? Look in the States …" The writer appeared to be right. Though this tactics doesn't fit into the image declared.

Result – the role of "the liberal" is failed in the beginning of a play. It was visible on the screen. The matter is not in bad work of operator or director: the role "doesn't suit”.

What’s good in it? It is good that there were sharp questions. Those who don't use the Internet had possibility to hear something. Persistence with which they were set. Reaction of "the leader of the nation" on these questions is good and indicative. Contrast of different journalistic approaches is also good. We saw what people actually call us in the press to admire present social hell. It is fine that this translation with its small disagreements slightly drove thoughtful TV viewers in condition of easy cognitive dissonance.

It is obvious that the power doesn't cope with "facade" at all. Central TV dropped a level from propaganda skating rink which rolls up all alive in asphalt to the annoying tipsy little man in the subway tramping himself. If earlier we have learned that opposition has no leader, now we know that the other side also doesn’t have it even in the form of "hologram". The main resource of stability - "wool" as it is called by observers in other articles - by and large obviously disappeared. They fail to represent "new course". In my opinion, here you are the main result of the year.

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