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Break with Belarus As Apotheosis of Degradation of Putin's RF

Break with Belarus As Apotheosis of Degradation of Putin's RF
Sergey Gupalo 02.09.2013

More and more new signs of final degradation of Putin's regime don't cease to surprise not only inhabitants.

Increased repressiveness as the eve of crash of a mode is a separate theme.

Relations in certain nodal points which disintegration is symptom of soon crash of all system are the most noticeable and significant from the point of view of destiny of the country or its remains.

As well as conflict in Karabakh became peculiar apotheosis of crash of the USSR, falling of Putin’s RF into a new non-existence becomes irreversible from the moment of break with its closest ally Belarus, the cofounder of so-called "Union State".

The latest fascinating purely detective conflict round notorious "Uralkali" is being developed in front of us. This conflict finally buries the remains of Putin’s aura as statesman, kind tsar in the environment of angry thievish boyars-officials-oligarchs and at the same time finishes days of putinism.

The project of this strange formation had first of all propaganda character urged to provide in 1996 at least some positive cover to Yeltsin's rotted-through mode after all his failures.

Need for such cover remains at Yeltsin's successor VVP put by tsar Boris with the unique personal purpose - preservation of safety of notorious Family and to satisfy public need of stability, let it be even in odious way when the mode is governed by yesterday's security officers who become today capitalists.

Small compatibility of Putin’s and Lukashenko’s economics and systems as a whole once again confirms that Charles Marx was right about economic determinism in social development. No brotherly bonds able to be above elementary economic interests. Putin's regime once again shows itself as faithful steward on the service to oligarchs.

After the first two Putin’s terms Bonapartist character of VVP mode ceased to be secret even for ideologically poor environment of daddy Zyu, though it doesn't prevent Zyuganov to serve regularly to this mode further justifying this collaboration by poor narrow-minded wisdom about allegedly exhaustion of limit of revolutions in Russia.

The Russian-Ukrainian trade war renewed with a new force in the middle of August, at the end of the month it was added with the next round of the Russian-Belarusian conflict because of arrest of the director of "Uralkali" in Minsk.

Global war of east Slavs among themselves!

At all claims of supporters of new socialism to Lukashenko's mode specified demarche causes sincere approval. Batka directly answers to lamentations of Yeltsin and Putin nouveau riches about immutable laws of the market as about justification of capture of property of Belarus: "INTERESTS OF BELARUS ARE HIGHER THAN INTERESTS OF PUTIN OLIGARCHY COVERED BY MARKET JABBER".

Due to the brilliant operation of the Belarusian intelligence services on capture of chief kingpin of "Uralkali" we regret only that the Belarusian KGB didn’t get all management parasitizing on kalium in Russia, it will be even better to gather all top of the Russian oligarchs in Minsk and to send them to some labor camps in the Belarusian bogs.

All this would be very good, but we – the Russians and the Ukrainians - shouldn't shift work which should be carried out by ourselves to our junior brothers Belarusians in the spirit of feudal model trusting in Batka Sasha.

Yes, the Belarusians got stuck in not fully reformed Soviet Union that made wide front consisting of the Belarusian national democrats, small shopkeepers, liberal intellectuals, radical ultra-leftists, the West and Putin’s followers ganged against Lukashenko, it’s surprisingly wide and mixed front calling existence of the mode of "the last dictator of Europe" in question.

Thus today Lukashenko's mode isn't less attackable for liberal revolutions like the one on Kiev Maidan of 2004-2005, than Kuchma's mode in Ukraine or present Putin’s in the Russian Federation, but it has essential advantages which at bigger political flexibility Lukashenko could convert if not into new socialism, then into movement on the way to it.

To make it he shouldn't fix just on correct repressions against oligarchs and their service staff, he should decide that labor collectives existing there unlike the Russian Federation and Ukraine have to become the main support of the new structure of Belarus .

The first steps in that direction Lukashenko took in 1996, having carried out congress of labor collectives of Belarus, but bureaucratic stagnation which followed it approaches Lukashenko's mode to the same sad end which is doomed to Putin's regime, unless it would happen with some delay. However, it's disputable question. Lukashenko's mode can fall a victim to the same processes which almost 2 yeasr ago ruined the Libyan Jamahiriya of Gaddafi, are already killing Syria and are about to go to Eastern Europe.

In inevitable agony of Putin's regime correct strategy of Lukashenko's mode could become a beacon which would unite all anti-liberal part of public range of the Russian Federation and Ukraine. In this case Belarus could become Piedmont of the New Socialism of Eastern Europe having bigger basis, than Galychyna for the Ukrainian nationalism during the period of Perestroika.

Especially against more and more degrading Putin's RF.

There are only two variants for Lukashenko's mode:

1. to head all-Union movement to new socialism on the basis of labor collectives and thus to resque himself together with Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and others;

2. to continue petty and more and more senseless bargaining with Putin's regime which falls into death agony deeper and deeper.

The quicker so-called Batka will understand it, the better for him and for us.

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