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Jewish Choice: Beat up the Yids and Muscovites

Jewish Choice: Beat up the Yids and Muscovites
Baranov Anatoly 09.09.2013

They suggested in Ukraine to enter criminal liability for denial of the Holocaust. Relevant bill was registered in the Verkhovna Rada by the deputy Sergey Fayermark. The document represents amendments into the Criminal code, namely — into the article 442 establishing responsibility for genocide. The point of this article providing punishment for public appeals to genocide is offered to be added with mention of the Holocaust.

According to new edition of UK, if the bill is adopted, punishment will be also provided for "production or distribution of materials containing justification or denial of the fact of the Holocaust or distortion of information about its scales... or justification of genocide of the Jewish people and other crimes against peace and safety of the mankind committed by Nazi mode during World War II". Punishment for it will make up to 5 years of prison.

It’s somehow schizophrenic to forbid discussions of the Holocaust in the country where it is possible to buy "Mein Kampf" absolutely freely, I myself bought book of comrade Hitler in the central shop of the hero town of Sevastopol. Let's note, it’s stated in the bill not only about justification of genocide, but also about "distortion of information about its scales" - that is there’s actually direct ban on discussion of the Holocaust, at that historians make no exception. Already today it will lead to uniform idiocy, the degree of idiocy will only increase in future - for example, somebody declares that the Holocaust was carried out by Stalin in the USSR ("Doctors’ plot", murder Mikhoels), after it it will be absolutely impossible to object that the Soviet armies freed Auschwitz. As well as that a number of heroes of the same Sevastopol were the Jews.

May be the Jewish war heroes and Nazis will be separated from the Red Army and the USSR and the German National Socialism - separated from the remarkable European country of Germany on which side many Ukrainian heroes battled against damned Russian communists? Such "rupture of consciousness".


Example of possible idiocy lies on a surface. Here, for example, illustration to the majority of materials about initiative of the deputy Frayermark - photo of granite board from a memorial to the victims of the Holocaust in Kharkov. Try to tell now that the Latin inscription on a stone is as good as headache - this saying for the first time appeared on anatomy theatre in Paris about 100 years prior to the Holocaust and since then decorates facades of a set of mortuaries, it became as though a sign of prosectorium. Try now to say that inscription on the memorial adjusted on the occasion by some clever man is obviously out of place.

At that it is necessary to pay tribute to the Jewish public - the president of the Jewish council of Ukraine Ilya Levitas, as “Kommersant-Ukraine" writes, considers that there’s no need to adopt law about responsibility for the Holocaust: "I didn't hear that someone from politicians publicly denied the Holocaust. It is necessary to be completely illiterate to deny it". This Jewish public figure should pray so that not to get under criminal prosecution for “revision” of the Holocaust, if stay persistent in his opinion. To pray that not to find himself on one dock with Yury Mukhin staying in Crimea, he also doesn't deny the tragedy of the Jewish people but as the researcher calls into question some well-known circumstances. He is a person who went to have a rest from a mode in the Russian Federation which had sentenced him to 2 years of prison for words and thoughts and got 5 more years in "free" Ukraine for same things?

Now look at the picture.


You can see Yatsenyuk, the leader of fraction from which initiator of the law, Odessa capitalist Fayermark was elected in the parliament on the left. On the right – the national socialist Tyagnibok.

The Israeli party "Hayhnuah" and its leader, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel Tzipi Livni, for example, doesn't understand what is it. Tzipi Livni stated bewilderment that democratic leaders such as, for example, Arseny Yatsenyuk could agree about coordination of actions with nationalists: "I remember that Yatsenyuk himself fell a victim of aggressive xenophobia during election campaign of 2010. I consider that those who try to give legitimation to the nationalists bear no smaller fault, than the party "Freedom". According to Livni, rather strange political situation developed in Ukraine, democratic parties there at the same time act from nationalist positions.

The list of leading anti-semites of the planet was published by Simon Wiesenthal Center, Tyahnibok was accused there in desire to carry out ethnic cleaning in Ukraine. "Tyahnibok called to mop up about 400.000 Jews and other minorities living in Ukraine and demanded that Ukraine was freed from what he calls Moscow-Jewish mafia", - is written in the rating of Wiesenthal Center. People's Deputy of Ukraine Igor Miroshnichenko who called the American actress with the Jewish roots Mila Kunis "Yid" also got into the rating.

The first five is also made of: leaders of the Egyptian Islamic party Muslim Brotherhood Mukhkhamed Badi and Abd al-nabi Mansur - the first place, the president of Iran Mahmoud Akhmadinedzhad took the second place. The vice-president of Iran Mohammad Rakhimi is on the third place for the statement: "To save the world is necessary to destroy the Jews in the maternal womb" and the chief of the General Staff of the Iranian army major general Hasan Firozabada who described the main goal of his organization as "final destruction of Israel". Good company.

It is necessary to add that in Ukraine socialist parties also act side by side with the large capital that sharply reduces their popularity among people. To mix incompatible is known feature of the Ukrainian politicum. Let's say in parallel with ban on criticism of the Holocaust from BYuT, their partners in "democratic" coalition will put forward symmetric idea: denial of Holodomor as genocide of the Ukrainian nation, according to the purposes of the All-Ukrainian Union “Svoboda”, has to be punished strictly in criminal order. In essence, the Ukrainian "democrats" try to enter ideological and censorial taboos even before coming to power. Having received it they, likely, will forbid to discuss "democracy" itself – if it’s told to kill Yids, Russians and communists, it means to kill. Not to discuss the Holocaust and Holodomor, simply to kill...

All this is called the European choice of Ukraine.

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