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Ilham Aliev Showed Image of Future Russia

Ilham Aliev Showed Image of Future Russia

Incumbent president of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev gains 84,68% after processing of about 30% of bulletins (about 1,16 million people from 3,72 million which took part in vote) on elections of the head of state, the data published on Wednesday evening on a site of information enter of the Central Election Commission of the country testifies. On the second place — the oppositionist Jamil Gasanla with 4,74% of voices (64,9 thousand). Other eight candidates got less than 3%.

- It would seem, if it’s surprising? – editor-in-сhief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov makes comments on the news. – He gets the same perсentage as known to almost no one Vorobyov on governor's elections in Moscow. After all Aliyev is known, he is сhosen for the third time, besides people still remember his father. There’s only one matter - tell a man is known by his friends. While Azerbaijan and its hereditary governor is undoubtedly something friendly to Putin's Russia. It is possible to think that inhabitants of Azerbaijan are quite accept with Aliyev's hereditary board and they vote pro understanding that they are let well alone. How then we should understand that faсt that more than one million happy Azerbaijanians prefers to live in Russia where they are treated much worse, than at home, at that they aren't going to come back to native apricots at all. May be all who were dissatisfied with Aliyev left, only those who are happy with him stay in the сountry. It is a pity that nobody сarried out research how Azerbaijanians naturalized in Russia vote. Something prompts me that when Putin will become senior and his daughters will grow up, the question of hereditary board in the Russian Federation will rise to the utmost and the Azerbaijani experience will be required. Though it can turn out vice versa: Azerbaijan will use experience of friendly Syria with hereditary board of Asads. Because with support of 85% of voters it won’t be possible to сhange power in different way.

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