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Neighbours Will Agree without “Help” of the World Gendarme

Neighbours Will Agree without “Help” of the World Gendarme
Таtyana Volkova 27.09.2013

Great friend of peace and winner of the corresponding award Barack Obama reported to the General Assembly that he "approved discussion" with Iran of the questions concerning the Iranian nuclear program, however having met the president Rouhani in the UN building Obama didn't make an effort even to nod. Nevertheless, the American president considered it necessary to declare: "Obstacles can be too big, but I firmly believe that diplomatic ways have to be checked".

Without mentioning Russia he reproached Assad's mysterious "allies" for the statement that chemical attack wasn't made on August, 21 by supporters of the Syrian government: "Assumption that someone else, except mode carried out that attack is insult of human intelligence and legitimacy of this institution (UN)". Having made amazing in its absurdity statement, the leader of a free world, as usually, didn't bring any argument into its support.

Obama persistently repeated that the USA had no interest to imperial construction in the Middle East or attempt to embark democracy by means of military force again as it was in Iraq. He noted that in Syria: "We don’t have cold war. There is no big game which can be won and America has no interests in Syria except wellbeing of its people, stability of its neighbors, elimination of the chemical weapon and provision so that it won’t become a shelter for terrorists". I would like to believe in it, but it seems to me that for this purpose Obama has to start acting as he speaks; till now all his actions testified return.

In relation to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict Mr. Obama reported that "it’s high time that all international community rises to protect desire for peace"… "now all of us have to be ready to take risk". Those words were said against negotiations being carried out under pressure of the State Secretary Kerry which are as usually at the American mediation accompanied with aggravation of guerrilla war on the one hand and drastic counterterrorist measures on the other.

However enlightenment already reaches Middle East. While the American armies rattle the saber, the American intelligence services arm terrorists and the American president talks profusely about desire to have peace, the region is bleeding to death and situation now is more than ever earlier such that if you are drowning, you are at your own.

Don't look for references to the following data, we publish it for the first time here. While usual chatter took place in the UN and the Israeli delegation, as usually, left conference hall before speech of the Iranian president, Obama could have remained sure that he would manage to fish in troubled waters further. When the data received by me from reliable sources in the building of the UN will be confirmed, the American president will be strongly upset.

After leaving hall the Iranian delegation headed by the president Hassan Rouhani went to the apartments where they held secret meeting with the Israeli colleagues. As eye-witnesses reported, both delegations left the room in businesslike, but positive mood.

Experts with whom I managed to consult claim that the leaders of the regional powers understood long ago that Middle Eastern issues have to be resolved without foreign intervention, all signs that this time neighbors will peacefully agree without "help" of the world gendarme are seen. As premier of Egypt declared last Wednesday in other occasion: we will do without help of the USA.

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