Transnistria Openly Delared Its Readiness to Join RF. What about RF?

Transnistria Openly Delared Its Readiness to Join RF. What about RF?
Kalashnikov Maxim 29.12.2013

The other day I went to Transnistria. To visit historical event: it openly declared readiness to join the Russian Federation at legislative level. However, this news in RF somehow got lost among scandal with Dzhigurda and divorce of oligarch Potanin. In vain.

This time Moscow can make not quasi-imperial, but really unifying step. That is to admit Transnistria to the structure of the Russian Federation, having laid foundation to attraction of Novorossiya to the Russian Federation. The foundation to this is laid, let it be while only in the form of initiative of Tiraspol.

Whether the Kremlin will dare to go this way?


What does the president of Transnistria Evgeny Shevchuk do? He suggests to change the constitution of Transnistria (article 58-1) so that to adopt (as far as possible) the federal legislation of the Russian Federation in the territory of Transnistria. To make it legal part of the Federation, adapting its laws (and it is stage-by-stage process) to realities of the Suvorovsky republic. The more so on referendum “Fall 2006” vast majority of people of Transnistria voted for the process of joining of the Russian Federation.

The ultimate goal of the started process is frank – to enter the Russian Federation as new region-enclave. (Now – enclave!). According to the Foreign Minister of Transnistria Nina Shtanski at first it is a question of adaptation and then of standardization of the legislation. At that, as she clearly delared, Transnistria can become the same territorial subject of the Russian Federation as Bashkiria-Bashkortostan. In enclave, so to say, "Kaliningrad" form. It’s already a work at interdepartmental level between appropriate authorities of the Russian Federation and Transnistria. But, as the minister declares, the republic built-up musles for 23 years not for nothing: it’s high time to show ambitions.

The author of these lines learned from meetings with local experts to what extend the highest establishment of present Moldova is controlled by the Romanians, to what extend Romania took education of the young Moldavians in own hands.

I.Shornikov declares that years 2014-2015 will become solving in the destiny of Transnistria.

The chairman of the Supreme Council of the republic Mikhail Burla reminded: Transnistria always looked up to the legislation of the Russian Federation and the quantity of citizens of the Russian Federation in the republic is 185 thousand. Besides, the Russian capital controls the main enterprises of Transnistria, it possesses the main exporters. The president of Transnistria already declared unwillingness to join Romania together with Moldova and offered Kishinev the plan of "civilized divorce". Therefore adoption of the legislation of the Russian Federation by the republic is quite logial step.

Though it is necessary to have a swot: for example, there’s private property on earth in the Russian Federation, while it’s absent in Transnistria. The Russian Federation is federation and TRANSNISTRIA is unitary state. There’s one state language in the Russian Federation, there are three state languages in Transnistria. Besides, dual citizenship is practiced in TRANSNISTRIA.


My opinion: either TRANSNISTRIA will died, or will become part of the Russian Federation. As already now EU prepares economic blockade of Transnistria. People of Transnistria, in my opinion, are more Russians, than Muscovites. They (Tiraspol is one year senior than Odessa) proved it in fat: they are the only of Russians who after ruin of the USSR despite Russophobes and ethnorats managed to create let small (today – 555 thousand) but state. For me people of Transnistria are analog of Gascons for France or Isauruses for the Byzantine empire in the time of its blossoming. It’s simply neessary to pour in such "ferment" into the Russian Federation with its sluggish population.

It’s crucially important for us to attract all Novorossiya (the richest and densely populated strip from Dnestr – across all Northern Black Sea Coast – to Kuban). People of Transnistria are inhabitants of Novorossiya. Their entry into the Russian Federation becomes a trigger of reintegration of Velikorossiya and Novorossiya: lands which were a part of Russia since Ekaterina the Second, Rumyantsev, Potemkin and Suvorov. We have to prepare for possible disintegration of Ukraine as well, for this purpose we need both the Dnestr base and example of successful development of small (Dniester) part of Novorossiya.

I consider that E. Shevchuk's initiative isn't casual. That the Kremlin foreknew about it, because not without reason the day before NTV showed movie "Forpost" presenting Transnitria as the Russian stronghold on Dnestr, not as "Dnestr separatists" (language of the Russian mass media in time of fights of 1992).

Now the Kremlin has to sustain taken ourse. For a start to recognize Transnistria officially (as Abkhazia and South Ossetia) and then to prevent economic blockade of the republic. For this purpose it is necessary to use debt dependence of Ukraine on the Russian Federation and to beat out from Kiev guarantees of direct railway link between Tiraspol and the Russian Federation. I consider that the Russian Federation customs has to appear in Transnistria and Moscow has to cease to force Tiraspol to carrying out of trade with the Russian Federation (and other world) via Kishinev.

It is necessary urgently, having sent to hell football madness, to build air omplex in Tiraspol (the international airport, airpolis) for direct link between the Russian Federation and Transnitria. So that transport planes, say, with "iskanders" onboard flied there and back with Dnestr textiles, black caviar (the republic mastered its production in warm-water ponds), cognac, electric motors, cable. Naturally, diret passenger service will be established.

I’ve just offered the power of Transnistria to write such plan of "air bridge" and "aero polis" to the Kremlin as the assistant Rogozina (special representative of the Russian President on questions of Transnistria) Dmitry Loskutov playfully accused me of inside. That is such project has been already under preparation. I am really glad to hear it. It means there is chance that the Kremlin won't be afraid and will stop, at last, policy of rescue of integrity of the anti-Russian Republic of Moldova.


By the way, many participants of the meeting in the Dnestr University organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Transnitria were afraid that the Russian Federation would suddenly change course and fall back into old ways and Tiraspol after suh step would appear in desperate situation. Say not to quarrel with Europe Moscow again will take former position of "the best Moldavian". I hope that the Kremlin will understand that it is necessary to play by own rules and not to lean boots to Europe.

Until then Moscow adhered to caricature on “legitimism” of Nikolay the First: he fought against revolutions in all countries (including such enemies of Russia as the Ottoman Empire and Austria) with the help of the Russian armies, Post-Soviet Moscow defended integrity of Post-Soviet neighbors. Pier, they will defend integrity of the Russian Federation as well. Though it is bullshit.

In Transnistria they sold "Kozak's plan" of 2003: the Russian Federation keeps integrity of the Republic of Moldova, achieving inclusion of Transnistria into it on the terms of wide autonomy. Now, when absorption of Moldova by Romania is almost predetermined, people of Transnistria don't wish to become citizens of the second sort among these "new Romans". Memory that the Romanians in 1992 directly supported aggression against Transnistria is painfully fresh here. As they gone mad Moldavian nationalists to begin a slaughter in Bendery in June, 19, 1992.

However fears that Moscow will over again start playing back and will betray Transnistria exist. The former head of the Supreme Counil of Transnistria and nowadays the chairman of the Counil of Elders Grigory Marakutsa stated those fears in mild form. Say it is necessary to hurry slowly. One shouldn’t transfer laws of the Russian Federation to Transnistria automatically. There is in general closed part of the legislation of the Russian Federation (some decrees). Aording to him, one shouldn’t make harm either to the Russian Federation, or Transnistria. Say, whether our initiative will not put Mosow into uncomfortable position? Perhaps it is more favorable to keep the present uncertain, "illusive" status of the unrecognized republic?

The deputy of the Supreme Council of Transnistria Andrey Sipchenko spoke more rigidly: where’s the guarantee that these events have strategic, not momentary and political character? Too long Moscow protected interests of nationalist Moldova. Impressive reciprocal steps of the Russian Federation at official level are necessary. Where re they?

Really: the power of the Russian Federation in Tiraspol was represented at the meeting by only one assistant to the Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. It puts on guards.

It puts on guards me as well. After all. Actually, entry of Transnistria into the Russian Federation is necessary first of all for the Russians.



Why will I support everything that leads to reunion of the Russian Federation and Transnistria? Because this process is the first step to the reconstruction of Empire, to formation of the Russian Union (USSR-2). Transnistria is Novorossiya (New Russia) created in 1770 and lasting from Dnestr along the northern coast of the Black Sea (including the Crimea) to Don and Kuban.

Reunion with Transnitria (and success in its development) will generate the strongest unionist moods on so-called "the South of Ukraine" (in Novorossiya – in Odessa, Kherson, Nikolayev, in the Crimea and in Mariupol) and in Donbass. There are in Odessa already some people who support unifiation of Odessa region and Transnistria to one republic having outlet to the sea and direct link with the Russian Federation and outside world. Transnistria with its excellent blak earth already delivers grain to the world markets through Ilyichevsk adjacent to Odessa port. So there is here work to do.

Joining of Transnistria to the Russian Federation I consider not quasi-mipersky, but truly majestic, the Russian-reunitive step. As a grain of salt thrown into saturated hydrochloric solution it will begin crystallization processes. Transnistria is acupuncture point, having pressed which is possible to begin process of creation of Big Russia. Process of consolidation of Novorossiya and its runaway from ontrol of Banderovites.

If to pass this way correctly, Moscow will objectively shift tectonic process from place: fall of old, bankrupt Post-Soviet "sovereigns" and creations of new federal superstate with the Russian population (I onsider the Ukrainians and the Belarusians the Russians!)

Whether the Kremlin will go on it? I offer system of indicators for assessment of its courage and gravity of intentions.

The first indiator – recognition of Transnistria just like Abkhazia and South Ossetia. As if it’s possible to satisfy a request on joining of the structure of the Russian Federation of the one whih doesn't exist?

The second – visit to Tiraspol of figures of the highest echelons of power of the Russian Federation.

The third – corresponding performance of Putin for television.

The fourth – full refusal of the Russian Federation of the poliy of arrying out of commercial deals of Transnistria via Kishinev, transition to direct trade with Transnistria, introduction of customs officers of the Russian Federation to the border check-point in Kuchugury (on the border with Odessa region).

The fifth – putting forward unconditional requirement to Kiev which has got to financial dependence on Moscow: ensuring of overland transit of freights and people through the territory of Black Sea Coast and through Left-bank Ukraine. The requirement of official refusal of every blockade of Transnitria from the part of Kiev.

The sixth – immediate beginning of construction of powerful air omplex of the Russian Federation in Transnistria of dual purpose.

If the Kremlin will make such steps, it means everything is serious. If it won’t, we deal with the next political strategy games and treachery of Transnistria – the Russian outpost.

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