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Why Should Ukraine Thank the EU for Closed before Its Face Doors

Why Should Ukraine Thank the EU for Closed before Its Face Doors

On Tuesday Canada declared introduction of sanctions against members of the government of Ukraine, according to Ottawa they are responsible for anti-governmental actions applied for dispersal in Kiev, France-Press with reference to the Canadian minister on immigration affairs Chris Alexander reports.

"From this moment our government will limit entry key members of the Ukrainian government who are responsible for use of force against citizens and opposition into Canada," — agency quotes Alexander's statement.

Earlier a number of the European politicians declared need of introduction of sanctions from the part of the EU in relation to Ukraine.

Generally, it is clear, why Canada makes it. Powerful Ukrainian diaspora exists in this country, for tens years it has been making harm to the USSR and now it decides to put independent Ukraine on the right track. On a good note, persons having close relatives in Canada should have been treated cautiously at revenues to civil service. Civil servants, by and large, have nothing to do in Canada. There are many Ukrainian citizens dreaming to go to Canada without return ticket, it’s their sacred right, but not for public officials.

Certainly, it is imperial approach but who told that capitalist Ukraine is not imperialistic state? Ambitions, of course, are more modest, than the Russian ones, but approach is similar. Unless unitary state of Ukraine doesn't have in its structure... autonomous republic of Crimea? Besides, separately - the city of the republican submission Sevastopol - the only city of Ukraine which doesn't have opportunities to elect the town governor? Unless it’s not strange "autonomous republic" which head isn't elected, but is appointed from Kiev.

Let’s add that the vast majority of inhabitants of ARC and Sevastopol consider themselves the Russians, they speak Russian, but are completely subordinated to Ukraine, the status of the Russian language which is used by 97% of native inhabitants of the peninsula was somehow fixed in the Constitution of ARC only in 2010 and till now has no status in Sevastopol. There is a question, if position of ARC and Sevastopol differs from position of colonies?

There is still a problem of Rusyns and a problem of the Hungarian national minority, generally in Zakarpatye. There is also no status there, though a number of the European norms demands it, if position of the national minorities in Ukraine differs from position of Kurds in Turkey which also doesn't recognize any Kurds and considers all of them Turks?

Well, if Ukraine is quite imperialistic state, it should behave solidly, in imperial way. For example, at emergence of similar collision in the 19th century the Russian Empire made the decision to forbid noblemen to go abroad for rest. In the form of moral compensation it made investments into development of the European resort in Finland, new resort appeared and elite of that time went there with pleasure, as a result Helsinki remained resort where except Finns, only the Russians, the Belarusians and the Ukrainians have rest as it used to be before - who else needs it?

If now the EU closes borders for "new noblemen" of Ukraine, its worthy, incorruptible and patriotic officials, unless imperialistic state should scrape at the door closed before its face and moan: "Let us in, uncle!"

There are remarkable resorts of the European level in the Carpathians and on the Black Sea coast, not to mention Truskavets. They have everything! What’s the reason for patriotic and incorruptible official to go to Europe? Whether it is not better to support with money native travel business, having rest with family in Yalta, Yevpatoria or Berdyansk? It’s strange, I have rest there and I like it, though I am not the patriot of Ukraine and nobody blocked entrance to the EU to me...

It’s most patriotic to invest money into homeland. After all it is strange when the official of the government owns the Ukrainian bank via affiliates and keeps own money in Switzerland. At that he has apartment not in Kiev, but in London where his children study in spite of the fact that nowhere in Great Britain teaching is conducted in majestic Ukrainian language, say, if a person will graduate from law department in some Oxford, how will he work in the Ukrainian legal system?

So here, perhaps, it would be patriotic to address the European Union with words of gratitude for the work which personnel administration of government office of Ukraine had to do long ago. Isn't it so?

Аnatoly Baranov

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