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The Russian Assets of the Ukrainian Oligarchs Who Financed Euromaidan Should Be Frozen

The Russian Assets of the Ukrainian Oligarchs Who Financed Euromaidan Should Be Frozen
Delyagin Michail 04.03.2014

Reaction of the Russian government, to be exact, very reasonable, but partial actions at total absence of their distinct explanation, testify of lack of strategy and notorious "situational reaction".

Meanwhile these actions create feeling that quarter of century of national treachery, probably, is coming to end. That compelled and partial protection of the Russians in Ukraine can develop into similar policy in relation to other countries (for example, Central Asia) and Russia itself.

Therefore it is worth reminding some fundamental truths.

First of all: army is policy tool. If military operation comes to its end with success, but politicians aren't capable to estimate this success and to use it, it turns out into defeat. There’s mass of examples – from occupation of the airport of Pristin to repulse the act of aggression of Georgia in 2008.

The main lesson of falling of Yanukovych is treachery of "the offshore aristocracy". People serving their taken out to the west assets are doomed to destruction of their country and its transfer under the power of bandits the West finds first.

"The offshore aristocracy" will block every realization of interests of Russia "in each point" without its immediate suppression: deprivations of the state officials and their families of the right to have real estate and accounts abroad and to participate in business. All property of the offshore companies on pain of gratuitous confiscation as no one’s has to be re-registered within half a year in Russia.

Without it "the fifth column" of Euronazis among leadership of Russia will turn the Russian yanukovyches into even more poor mimicry of the Ukrainian Yanukovych.

Only presence of this "fifth column" could explain the fact that the Russian management still hasn’t made elementary things which should have been made as soon as possible (as time leaves every minute).

1. It is necessary to record that Nazi revolution organized with direct participation of the high-ranking diplomats of the countries of the West tool place and to demand directly, through the UN response. "The right sector" and other fighters of Maidan temporarily occupied Kiev is Euronazis, zoological Russophobes with whom relations are impossible. They, as well as their partners in Russia and other countries have to be automatically considered extremists and be pursued under law. The Russian assets of the Ukrainian oligarchs financing Euromaidan have to be frozen before judicial clarification of a degree of their fault.

2. It is necessary to establish that as the Verkhovna Rada began its post-Maidan activity with violation of the Constitution of Ukraine, it’s illegitimate, it works probably under the threat of violence over the members of families of deputies (we heard public appeals to it in relation to the family of the former governor of the Volynsk area who suffered violence in style of the Chinese "cultural revolution") and has nothing in common with people of Ukraine.

Respectively, there’s no Ukrainian statehood at the moment. All assets of Ukraine in the Russian jurisdiction have to be frozen in connection with it.

Citizens of Ukraine who know Russian language have to get nationality of Russia at will.

3. In case of restoration of legitimate Ukrainian statehood (for example, by way of formation by Yanukovych of the government of the national trust in the territory of Ukraine), relations are maintained with its carriers which receive help as it should be among fraternal peoples. Similar relations are maintained with the present management of the Crimea.

4. Legitimate Ukrainian authorities have to attest immediately military men, security officers, judges and to stop transfer of taxes and customs payments to Kiev immediately, to create own budget.

Owing to difficulties with organization of own monetary circulation they should allow to use Russian rubles on equal basis with hryvnias.

Bands of Banderovites and their participants have to be outlawed.

5. The Russian management has to stop every crediting of territories of Ukraine temporarily occupied by Euronazis. At refusal to pay debts for gas under every pretext its delivery to these territories have to be completely stopped, at the slightest theft of gas delivered to the European Union its import has to be stopped until countries – importers will be able to call their Kiev proteges to order and to guarantee its uninterrupted delivery.

Certainly, cooperation with regions controlled by legitimate Ukrainian power has to be stimulated in every possible way.

6. Question of reunion of the Crimea with Russia has to be solved on all-Crimean (as the Ukrainian state cease to exist) referendum at the end of March.

Similar referenda can be held till that time in case of restoration of legitimate Ukrainian statehood in the territories controlled by it, however efforts on liberation of Kiev from occupation of Euronazis and restoration of Ukraine as uniform state in former borders but for the territories wished to leave its structure during the period of anarchy (probably, besides the Crimea it will be Galichina) seem to be more rational.

7. If the legitimate Ukrainian authorities after return of control over the Crimea want to reunite with Russia, Russia has to provide mechanisms of protection of interests both of elites and wide masses of Ukraine within uniform state formation.

It is essentially important that restoration of the Ukrainian statehood in conditions of occupation of Kiev by Euronazis is probable only at reorganization of the Russian statehood.

One shouldn’t forget that considerable part of the anti-Russian Maidan promotion is truth or nearly truth; one shouldn’t forget that image of Russia in Ukraine is spoiled not only by hostile propaganda, but also by actions of the Russian state.

The Russian statehood won’t be able not only to get united with Ukraine, but also to exist without own Maidan for more than five years without reorganization during the Ukrainian crisis.

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