urhinov Tried on Saakashvili’s Tie

urhinov Tried on Saakashvili’s Tie

Results are unfavourable: more than 40 people died in Odessa on fire and from hands of Nazis, about 15 people died in Slavyansk in assault, 6 people in Kramatorsk. They also report about shot inhabitants of the village Andreevka...

It is very difficult to strike the right note. On the one hand, there are emotions, each person has them, no matter how hard he tries to hide them. On the other, objective analysis of the events is also necessary. Especially it’s awaited from the party which in no way supports Putin and at the same time doesn’t associate itself with Nazi revolution in Ukraine. The only part which we unconditionally support are people, citizens appeared victims of both imperialistic repartition of the world, and repartition of domestic, local Ukrainian policy. These people are threatened by something which very muh reminds genocide. Neo-Nazi support of a new Kiev mode doesn't consider it necessary to hide henoide intentions.

If to step a little aside and to take a detached view, respectively, from the side, it turns out that similar conflicts always look similar. Including stylistics of strategists, players of "big game", they are repeated, they repeat themselves. Thus Putin in the southeast of Ukraine repeats himself in South Ossetia.

Let’s reollet, conflict round Tskhinvali had been ripening for long, all knew that Saakashvili's army would undertake "liberating" campaign (it meant not liberation of Tskhinvali, but release of the territory from "undesirable" Ossetians), that relevant divisions of commando got prepared on the American money, that artillery including systems of volley fire had been brought to a zone of operations.

Nevertheless Putin went to China to see the Olympic Games, and Medvedev went by steamship across Volga, they gave Saakashvili chance to show himself from necessary side, after that appearene of the Russian army which as X-fator appeared on call couldn't cause reasoned denial from the West, all asked only that the armies didn't enter Tbilisi. Though very few recognized Abkhazia and South Ossetia, their separation from Georgia is come true fact which ouldn’t be worked backward.

Very similar scenario is seen in situation with the Crimea, only it is even smoother, the peninsula fell into Putin’s hands as a ripe peach. Perhaps, there’s only one nonsense - hasty accession to the Russian Federation which sense nobody understands. Though all reconciled to it somehow.

Well, actually, for the third time the same scenario in the southeast of Ukraine. Only with blood. Very cruelly and very cynically, it is so well played. Yes, people die, but strategists treat the events as chess game.

Look: all in the West speak about the Russian intervention, but can't give any indisputable example. Even MANPAD "Igla" could appear in Slavyansk from stokpiles in Lvov region plundered by "Right Sector". There are even no corpses of assumed "Russian saboteurs", crowds of peace citizens oming barehanded in front of military equipment speak for themselves.

We speak about victims, but how many of them participated in retaliatory operation? While there are only two pilots of brought-down helicopters. While forces of self-defense sustain obvious, impressive losses, just as the Russian peacekeepers on the suburb of Tskhinvali who remained without help in the first day of war. After execution of peacekeepers Russia already had all bases to apply armies... From the point of view of diplomacy they died not in vain.

There are no peacekeepers, only peace citizens on Donbass. War rimes are committed against them. Plus dreadful auto-da-fe in Odessa made by supporters of the mode - right fighters who were specially delivered to Odessa from Kiev.

Putin gains arguments pro military operation and his opponents in Kiev as though purposely accompany him (actually not purposely, they are simply very silly and self-confident). One of these days thousands inhabitants of Donbass and Novorossiya will start addressing Russia through Facebook and other social networks, that is publicly and in large quantities. The western public already makes a turn from unconditional approval of Maidan to the same way unconditional condemnation of Nazi atrocities and application of army for suppression of civil protest.

As to Turchynov and Co... Unless they are paid by the Kremlin? They managed to dress their bandits from retaliatory battalions in black. They have only to add cockardes with a skull... What was the meaning of that wild "train of friendship" in Odessa?

One may feel only pity for Merkel and Obama when they suggest to treat genocide of east Ukraine with the help of economic sanctions against the Russian Federation. No arguments in favour of santions - "we suspect", as with Saddam Hussein and his weapons of mass destruction. They didn’t have even time to apologize before old man – just hung up... Putin an’t be hanged up like this, it is necessary to explain to the taxpayer the reason of war with Russia because of small group of madmen in Kiev.

While Putin, who knows, will hang up. No, not the reipient of the Nobel Peae Prize who has already launhed several wars, but someone smaller from those who didn’t find plae in the last plane from Borispol in time.


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