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If a Friend Turns Out to Be...

If a Friend Turns Out to Be...
Оleg Sultanov 30.06.2009

One and a half year ago the candidate for president of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan in his electoral program assured voters that he and members of his political command "are ready to counteract all threats and dangers co-operating with our partners". Voters believed and on April, 9th, 2008 Serzh Azatovich entered a post of the head of the Republic of Armenia.

For elapsed time it became clear that the core or, as they say now, strategic partner of Armenia is Russia. Our country renders to this Transcaucasian state powerful material aid by way of favourable credits, realization of military-technical cooperation. Some political scientists and politicians even call Armenia outpost of the Russian Federation on Southern Caucasus. In a word, relations between Moscow and Yerevan, probably, could be possible to call rather warm and architects of these international relations constantly underlined that they treated each other very benevolently.

Suddenly out of the blue on June, 24th this year there appeared information that the head of Armenia awarded the president of Georgia Michael Saakashvili "Order of Honour" which is the highest Armenian state award to foreign citizens. This award, as it's stated on S.Sargsyan's site, is handed over for protection of the state and national interests of the Republic of Armenia, for special merits in establishment of independence, democracy and also for "considerable contribution to the matter of strengthening of the world between peoples" (underlined by me - O.S.)

What a fake! It turns out, according to Serzh Azatovich, that mister Saakashvili having launched war in South Ossetia strengthened peace - between peoples of Georgia and Ossetia?!

TV cameras of the Armenian journalists fixed during the reception arranged by the president of Armenia in honour of M.Saakashvili S.Sargsjan's words that "Maintenance of stability and stable peace establishment is essential problem of all states of Southern Caucasus ...". After that pathos tirade he handed over the award to a person who started operations in that very Southern Caucasus having compelled strategic partner of Armenia - Russia to get involved in the military conflict to protect people of South Ossetia.

Whether dear Serzh Azatovich Sargsyan does not understand that his "award step" actually means support of a policy of unleashing war carried out by Saakashvili's mode? Giving the last "Order of Honour" is practically the proof of true relation of the head of Armenia to aggressive policy of the Georgian leader. During a meeting with Saakashvili Sargsyan thanked him for "constant attention to problems and expectations" of the Armenians living in the territory of Georgia.

Whether Mr. Sargsyan really does not know (or forgot) that management of Georgia has not signed till now convention "For Protection of National Minorities", that he does not carry out the decision of the Council of Europe about regional languages and practically forbade use of the Armenian language in all educational institutions of Dzhavaheti (the province of Georgia occupied mainly by the Armenians to Samtshe - Dzhavaheti)? Strange "oblivision".

Or, perhaps, the leader of the Armenians thanked the Georgian colleague for the fact that management of Georgia intends to place Meskhetians on the earth historically occupied by the Armenians?

It's doubtless that Serzh Azatovich at a meeting with Saakashvili told him about numerous references addressed to the president of Armenia from the Armenian population of Dzhavaheti; the Georgian Armenians did not complain, they just asked Sargsyan to pay Saakashvili's attention to heavy social and economic situation in Dzhavaheti for their references are simply ignored by the Georgian government.

... I will not go deep into the general CIS's thickets which former worker of the Stepanakertsky city town committee of Komsomol Serzh Sarkisyan started "to cut" loudly, with such youthful enthusiasm, obviously, not noticing that his axe actually cuts own throat  ...

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