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Reloading without Victims?

Reloading without Victims?
Оleg Sultanov 06.07.2009

44th president of the United States of America Barrack Hussein Obama - junior arrives to Russia on July, 6th. The head of the USA in negotiations with leaders of Russia will represent developed state which just 115 years ago left all countries of the world behind by volume of industrial output.


The role and place of the United States on a planet fundamentally changed after the ruin of the USSR as the USA automatically became the unique superpower which possibilities to influence the general course of international events immeasurably increased. Only incorrigible political visionaries who even today believe, probably, that really weakened Russia stands firmly on feet and looks ahead with confidence can not to take into account this fact...

Spectrum of estimations of Obama's planned meetings-negotiations with the supreme officials of the Russian Federation is very wide as questions of advancement of the Russian-American relations, I think, excite in our country excite not only official Kremlin but also communists, liberal democrats and others, even the most ardent oppositionists of the present Russian power.

Two days ago the American leader declared that he goes to the Russian Federation to press a reset button of relations of two states. Though it is only verbal outline; whether it will become serious basis for practical interaction of participants of the summit is a big question. After all quite recently relations between the Kremlin and the American White House were quite tense caused by different approaches of Moscow and Washington to the decision of some the international problems including geopolitical.

While B.Obama, in a threshold of his visit to the Russian Federation, was talking that "America respects Russia and we wish to co-operate as equals" his special assistant and senior director for affairs of Russia and Eurasia Mike McFaul told to journalists that vice-president of the United States Biden in a couple of weeks would go to Georgia and Ukraine. The purpose, as B.Obama's assistant noted, is "to show our support and to confirm that we are not going to endow exclusively close relations with these two democracies - Ukraine and Georgia - for the sake of reloading of relations with Russia ..."

Former administration of the USA was afraid of restoration of former influence by the Russian Federation on the post-Soviet territory, therefore it exaggerated the factor of ostensible suppression of democratic aspirations of Tbilisi by Russia and Kiev. The present structure of management of the United States, in my opinion, unfortunately, also does not understand that Moscow is interested in solving of all regional conflicts peacefully. Barrack Obama, being recently in Egypt, explained to Cairo students that he's adherent to that system of boarding which reflects the will of people. He noticed that each country "realizes this principle in own way basing on traditions of people ..."

We'd really appreciated if following the results of B.Obama's negotiations with management of our country both the Russians and the Americans could ascertain that their leaders have developed uniform position on the major problems of the present - irrespective of political, social, religious and economic distinctions between our countries.


From editorial board: It's difficult to say what our political analysts are thinking about putting on the same level real leader of the only world superpower and vice-president of the country which existence already in the next decade is put under big question. There's only one essential distinction difference between the USA and the Russian Federation - difference between the ambitious of a young man entering time of blossoming and disabled from childhood, burdened by a set of heavy chronic diseases including incurable ones. So, these two decided to play tennis or to spar - for reloading of relations. However, the first hardly will have time to sweat, while the second will already kick off.

Thus our "chronic patient" is notable for rather malicious character - probably, simply because all the time something hurts, disturbs him - it does not promote complacency and good mood.

Moreover, our chronically sick is rather aggressive also because he cannot digest usual food, he is compelled to take away semidigested meal from his neighbours and to consume it reinstating thus organism.

To say that "Moscow is interested in solving of all regional conflicts peacefully" is possible only if you lost your memory and do not remember how the first and second Chechen wars began, last year's war with Georgia and a number of other regional conflicts. Unfortunately, the war is necessary for our paralytic to keep own homeostasis stable - this phenomenon is not completely new, internal stability through participation in external wars is a method widely applied at least since Bonaparte.

Perhaps, Obama's meeting with opposition which prospects were rather figuratively described by known political scientist Stanislav Belkovsky is more important: "... If a meeting will take place in five-stars hotel or the premise equal to that and a fillet of a guinea fowl, mousse from langoustine and ravioli with a black squid accompanied by Chateau Petrus and Montrachet 1989 for the hotter, Barrack Obama will really be in mood to carry out conversation on democratization of Russia and his visit will not become for Putin-Medvedev's tandem-democracy pleasure action. If oppositionists are expected by "three and a half star" level reception with cucumber omelette, smoked salmon and inexpensive Californian wines, it will become clear at once: so-called "realists" won the day in environment of the US president, they consider that "constructive" cooperation with official Moscow for Washington is more important than state of affairs in the field of democracy, civil freedom and human rights in Russia. In this case the Russian opposition needs to prepare for the long worst".

However it seems that there will not be either langoustines, or omelette. There will be coffee-break at best, in the worst - brought for one and a half ten persons two chairs and hospitable offer: "Sit down!" as at a meeting of the first secretary of the Moscow city town committee of the CPSU Boris Yeltsin with public.

The first secretary "Washington City Committee" Mr. B.H.Obama comes to a distant kishlak to carry out audit of local administration after introduction into a post. The opinion of local administration thus is not very interesting, actually it doesn't have its opinion. Then follows a legal meeting with aksakals where the main thing is to shake hands, not to forget to ask about health of grandfather Abdullo. That's all, protocol is played out.


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