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PR-belts of Democracy in Our Trousers

PR-belts of Democracy in Our Trousers
Oleg Sultanov 20.08.2009

Some days ago there was a publication in the Ukrainian newspaper "Tomorrow" "Secret Springs of Democracy". The facts stated there accurately enough draw in detail some foreign policy concepts of the State Department of the USA, purposes of these concepts and their role in political strategy of the American White house. There is a reason to reflect over it seriously to the Kremlin ...

In this publication Ukraine is directly specified as major geopolitical base for further penetration of the United States deep into Eurasia. The author marks an active role of the American National Democratic Institute (NDI) in "analytical" reinforcement of actions on export of transatlantic democracy to Ukraine, he specifies that "... employees of NDI, being personnel scouts, keep an eye on the most problem regions of Ukraine - Crimea, Zakarpatye, Novorossijsk".

NDI works in close contact with embassy of the USA in Kiev, retired employees of both former Soviet and present Ukrainian special services are involved into the work. Professionals from CIA which communication with NDI is carried out through Georgetown University supervise all this secret activity. NDI developed on the Ukrainian wide spread work together with the main corporate adviser of V.Jushchenko's government - the American company PBN, positioning itself as leading international consulting company in the field of communication strategy which specializes in the markets of the states of CIS and Baltic.

It's stressed in the article that "... tentacles of NDI through the company PBN penetrate into the higher echelons of the Ukrainian power", concrete examples are resulted. In particular it is noticed that the head of movement "It's Time" Vladislav Kaskiv has close connections with NDI. I will remind, it was "It's Time" which called Ukrainian students to Maidan to create "orange" revolution.

IRI - International Republican Institute is affiliated organization of NDI, its wide office network is entered by Freedom House. Employee of the last mentioned - E.Krapnevsky recently sounded the news - organization of "color" revolutions in the Russian Federation, Azerbaijan, China, Iran, Belarus is on the agenda of Freedom House. IRI in its turn sponsors activity of Institute of Albert Einstein which employees develop the newest methods of "nonviolent" overthrow of power in Ukraine.

Very interesting article. I think it is necessary to notice that PBN penetrated into our country almost 20 years ago, having opened in 1990 office in Moscow - capital of USSR. As it is specified on the Moscow site of this company, "today 35 professionals in the sphere of communications, lobbying, finance, aircraft, protection of intellectual property rights as well as translators and experts in information technology work in Moscow representation".

Who used or uses in our country PBN which, under my assumption, played quite concrete role in the "actions" for disorder of the Soviet Union and, I am sure, plays the same role in cares of the State Department of the USA of disappearance of the Russian Federation from the world map?

Let's look through quite long list. Here you can see the Federal Commission for the Securities Market of the Russian Federation, and Gazprom, and Sberbank, and our "Base Element", and "Renaissance Capital", and Foreign Investment Advisory Committee, and LUKOIL, and Rusal, and so on, and so forth. It's an original way, isn't that so? Russian organizations which actives form actual financial and industrial system of our state use the American company which even "hostile" to Russia Ukrainian authors define as CIA appendage.

I do not force spy scare but after all there should be a limit - even to a level of informing of "partner" about financial and industrial condition of Fatherland. Some years ago the US State Secretary of that time Madeleine Albright declared with an approving grin in one of the halls that "... when the State Department gets into the work to support democracy somewhere abroad, diplomats often find out that NDI is already there!"

Everything's correct, before any attack the first to be sent to positions of the opponent are spies; it is an axiom both for military investigation at a level of motor-rifle battalion and for strategic investigation at the state level. The fact that now we have only one question - when will attack which Russia can "beat off", probably, alas, the result of effective activity of all above-stated NDI, PBN, and other "democratic institutes".

These concrete results are obvious: disorganized Armed forces, out-of-date weapon, galloping corruption in the country, including army and machinery of state power which closely secried corruption circles with our "national" oligarchs and bankers. It can be surely added by almost devastated bowels which contents help our political top be regularly provided with full and comfortable life within two decades of the Russian "democracy" which anniversary will be with great pomp celebrated a year or two from now I think will be with big pomp celebrated in Washington.

High-ranking Russians will hardly be invited to this celebration, having given them chance to celebrate anniversary among numerous faithful companions who will expose on festive tables tasty Ossetian pies, Abkhazian hominy and national dish of Venezuelans - pabellin-kriolo ...

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