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Dirt in Silk Stockings

Dirt in Silk Stockings
Piontkovsky Andrey 30.09.2006

Kremlin in controllable mass-media "Report of V.Falin and G.Evstafiev" is - a remarkable document. It is of a rare depth and self-exposing force Freudian text which is ploughing up not simply a small window but enormous shameless hole in collective subconsciousness of high rank Russian political "elite" (officials of a class "A").

Acute and well informed analyst of the world behind the looking-glass of special services A.Surikov fairly estimated "report" as active but, in my opinion, too hasty waved it away as not worthy cheap stuff.

Really, it is possible to frighten the country one more time by orange revolution and by indestructible block of those who had special training on American seminars of Ragozin and Ryzhkov, the country that has already reconciled to prospect of the next selective cycle as Gryzlov and Mironov's knightly tournament competing who better, more brightly, more talentedly, more deeply suck off the Supreme Authority.

Fairy tales about the threat of orange revolution is - a professional handwriting of the Kremlin political strategists continuously intimidating their august client with foreign plots to prove their usefulness and not to receive a kick in the pants from the Kremlin. Their firm style is guessed under a pseudonym "Falin - Evstafiev".

But I shall dare to disagree with the dear colleague. There is in this heap of banal frightenings an amazing pearl. It is called - Threat Hanging over Fatherland №1. Pull together, dear reader, and listen chilling soul details: Disaster hangs over our Native land - it is threatened …

"International-legal isolation of the top management of the Russian Federation, security officials and key representatives of business. Creation of permanently tense atmosphere around them by means of mass reanimation of corruption affairs and realization of "corruption" dirt and "attachment" to it of concrete figures and their relatives, in intermediate term prospect - accumulation of judgements in the West on the majority of the Russian officials of a category "A" with large-scale advertising of "deliveries of summonses in courts", blocking of entries by visa problems, etc. Aim – to make future of key Russian officials (financial well-being after resignation, possibility of getting highly paid post in large international corporations, etc) completely dependent on Washington.

Media and organizational coordination of anticorruption campaign of the Russian left-nationalist and liberal opposition with police and judicial measures in the West against the foreign property of separate Russian officials and businessmen".

Re-read it once again. What is it - a parody, acknowledgement of guilt, an uncontrollable stream of consciousness, truth serum?

Judicial measures against foreign property of the Russian officials, reanimation of corruption affairs, loss of prospect of financial well-being in the West and opportunities of getting there highly paid post after resignation. Is it a threat to Russia??!!

If it could be a threat for Russia of Stalin, Khruschev, Brezhnev, Gorbachev at different attitude to these historical characters? If It in opinion of authors of the report can become a threat №1 to Russia of Putin, then the most dangerous true threat of Russia are "the Russian key officials of a category "A".

I shall express a guess once again - this pearl couldn’t come out from under a feather of Falin and Evstafiev - the Soviet officials of category "A" of the times of Brezhnev and Gorbachev who for sure have kept certain notions of that far from ideal time about professional and officer honour.

A hand of Falin in case he learned about such personal problems of today’s leaders of the country, would reach for a phantom phone of comrade A.Pelshe - chairman of Committee of the Party Control, while a hand of Evstafiev - to a rusted mauser of F.Dzerzhinsky presented to him in day of the Security officer personally by Jury Vladimirovich Andropov.

Today's inhabitants of the Kremlin, all these former one-eyed majors and clerks from Petersburg’s mayoralty who owing to the chance and mad energy of B.Berezovsky appeared in the chapter of the great country remained plebeians dreaming to top their surprising career by legalization of some multi-billion candle plant in eternally favourite and eternally hated West. As it was done by the official of the Russian Federation of category “A” R.Abramovich.

You are a dirt, a dirt in silk stockings, misters "key Russian officials of category A" trembling for the financial well-being after resignation and dreaming of highly paid posts in the international organizations and corporations. And yours toadies from political strategists undersigned publicly for their "report of Falin-Evstafiev" having involved for some purpose the names of elderly honourable people.

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