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Polonium-210 Will Assist to the Improvement of Image of the Russian Gas-Sellers

Polonium-210 Will Assist to the Improvement of Image of the Russian Gas-Sellers
Filin Vladimir 18.01.2007

As mass-media has been informed, "Gazprom" negotiates with a consortium of foreign PR-agencies headed by "PBN Company" for 3-years contract on carrying out of a series of actions on improvement of its image in the countries of the European Union and the USA.

The daughter of "Gazprom" - "Gazprom Export", Ltd in 2007 according to preliminary arrangements with "PBN Company" will spend for the improvement of corporate image of "Gazprom" group 11 million dollars, the sources say. The primary goal of the Russian office of "PBN Company" and their colleagues in the USA and Great Britain will become working out of the programme on the improvement of “Gazprom” image out Russia – first of all in the EU and the USA.  

The fact of negotiations was confirmed by the assistant to the chapter of the department of information policy of "Gazprom" Sergey Kuprijanov and, informally, by "PBN Company" itself. Besides it was confirmed by the assistant to the press-secretary of the president of Russia Dmitry Peskov who, since recent time is also connected with the promotion of public image of one of the candidates in successors - Sergey Ivanov.

"Clearing off" of image of "Gazprom" abroad is - a problem which is, really, actual. Especially after gas wars against Belarus and the Ukraine, expropriation of "Sakhalin-2" and genuine interest of the Western criminalists to the company "Rosukrenergo" and the ex-chancellor of Germany Shreder who has become famous by his scrupulousness in financial questions.

It’s not possible to solve this problem using only Sergey Kuprijanov's television eloquence. Money is necessary. The more that after increase of the price for gas for the Byelorussians in the theory its quantity should become higher. Another matter is how effectively it is spent. To put it mildly, not so well. But, as well as in all other large Russian state and private corporations with "sharing" and "recoils" everything’s going on as it should be.

On the other hand, it would be incorrect to approve that all 100% allocated on PR are being stolen. It not so, some of the projects have been, really, realized. Only what are those projects? What, more precisely against whom they are directed?

The Russian expert community knows "moderate-liberal" magazine "Expert", which in the last month, by the way, published Vladislav Surkov's reflections about "sovereign democracy". In general this magazine often enough publishes rather substantial analytical materials. But sometimes - something absolutely different but also under the pretence of egghead analytical material. So, in last issue of magazine there was rather appreciable article in a corresponding genre under the heading "Who Fight against Russia?" which is worth thinking over.

The article is devoted to analitical-conspirological aspects of the history which extremely negatively have influenced image abroad not of "Gazprom" but the whole country. It is a question of a radioactive poisoning in London of Alexander Litvinenko. The Group of authors of "Expert" begins it in this way:

"A case with Alexander Litvinenko's poisoning and a resonance in the western mass-media around of a series of political murders reminded of a threat of the international isolation of Russia which can be compared with the time of cold war. However, deliberately schematical discussion of details of the matter masks the aims of political provocation in which, probably, the main impact hasn’t been put yet".

It is necessary to note that a question connected with international isolation, "international environment" of Russia disturbs liberals from "Expert" hardly most of all on the world. Here you are what is stated in the other article in the same issue of magazine:

"The West reacted to murder of Politkovskaya and Litvinenko improbably hysterical. Actually, the hysterics has begun even earlier, from the moment of the conflict with Georgia. For example, in the recent issue of "Economist" which always treated Russia loyally, there was very rigid article: Russia is getting weaker, KGB rules there, it’s not clear what will come out when Putin will leave”.

Before there was a performance of the former chief editor of "Stern" who told that Russia with its power resources will be torn apart by the West, Iran and China. That is there is a certain trend of the international pressure and there is a question: if this pressure can influence our internal policy? Whether it will give arguments to those who wishes to conduct us aside an isolationism or a power political mode?"

And similar announcements from article to article - the horror of "isolationism" and "power political mode" has turned for liberals into the real paranoia. But we shall return to the publication about Litvinenko. "Expert” informs:

"According to the rumours, the case of Alexander Litvinenko comes to an end. At least, the British newspaper "Daily Mirror" writes that inspectors of Scotland Yard know "names of two murderers". The source of the newspaper in investigatory bodies has ostensibly declared: "We are hundred percent sure [that we know] who committed a poisoning, where and how. Both of them affirm that they themselves became victims of assassin and received the dose of the poisoning substance. While they think in Moscow that we suspect the wrong persons”.

In other words Englishmen are ready to charge in death of Litvinenko Andrey Lugovoj and Dmitry Kovtun while in the Kremlin and in General Prosecutor’s Office they wish to charge Leonid Nevzlin, Ahmed Zakaev and Boris Beresovsky.

The central theme of analytical-conspirologic article is - foreign and Russian private companies which render services on management of business risks in international competitive business-environment. And also the international community of so-called independent experts on the safety being occupied with "very specific business". Former employees and agents of special services of the different countries having become “freelancers” - businessmen working at their own risk and peril are more often belong to this community.

Analytics-conspirologists from «Expert» think it to be «extremely risky business». They write:

"Modern safety business is different not only by the facts that the professional staff is being recruited from special services of different countries. This business has got international character, so, new opportunities. The matter is not only that former employees of special services can keep informal communications with security service of different states or be carriers of special skills and knowledge.

Companies like "ISC Global Security", "RISC Management", "Erinys" or "Highest wave" can render services to clients competing among themselves, to protect strategically important objects and establishments in different countries that is why they have the exclusive information which they can sell as soon as the international market of services of safety has no adequate legal base".

So, there were mentioned in the article certain companies "ISC Global Security", "RISC Management", "Highest Wave" and “Erinvs”. There is the following information about the first two:

"ISC Global" once entered the structures of "Menatep Group" and Leonid Nevzlin resorted to its services. But it stopped its work in 2005 after unexpected death of the head of the company - British lawyer Stephen Curtis, in the past the chapter of "Menatep Group" once belonged to Michael Khodorkovsky, Leonid Nevzlin and their partners. Curtis, by the way, died under mysterious circumstances as a result of an accident of the helicopter. …

The company "ISC Global Security" was sold to retired officer of Scotland Yard Kejt Hunter, on its basis the new security enterprise "RISC Management" was created which was one more time exposed but owing to the scandal with polonium".

In other words, "ISC GlobalSecurity" and "RISC Management" were necessary to analysts-conspirologists to try to adhere them to "the case of Litvinenko" Leonid Nevzlin. The same with "Highest Wave" and cooperating with it Andrey Lugovoj and Dmitry Kovtun who are, obviously, prohibited to leave Russia. That is what was written about them:

"Andrey Lugovoj cooperates with a group of security companies "Highest Wave". It is remarkable that his experts passed training and drilling in Israel at local special services.

After retirement in 1996 Lugovoj headed security service of a telechannel ORT belonged to Berezovsky where he had worked till 2001.

As people knowing this business testify, Lugovoj supplies Berezovsky's family not only with security guards and bodyguards but also with drivers and nurses.

Dmitry Kovtun, a playfellow of Lugovoj, for the latest time is engaged in consulting in sphere of safety: according to his own words, he "helps the western companies to enter the Russian market". He works for a group of companies "Highest Wave" which is engaged in protection and safety of physical and legal persons (both Russian, and foreign ".

Basically it is clear that the given passage was necessary to connect poisoning of Litvinenko with Berezovsky. Though with not less logic basis it would be possible to draw a parallel with FSB or FA. Otherwise how it is possible for "Highest Wave" to be engaged in Russia in so specific business? But if it is so, there is a certain duality, a feeling of presence of double and even threefold agency, in view of doubtless presence of contacts of political emigrants Nevzlin and Berezovsky with special services in Britain, the USA and Israel.

That is, some kind of asefovschina. Besides, it is far not the only example on only one line Berezovsky - the Russian special services. There are also others: from some Chechen field commanders up to known political scientist Stanislav Belkovsky. But the question in what for was required to "Expert" to direct it attention on the sly?

At last, the company "Erinys" which, as it is stated in the article, is engaged "in protection, estimation of specific risks, industrial espionage". It’s difficult to adhere it to Nevzlin or Berezovsky. But, most likely, it was not required. It’s clear that the matter is not in "Erinys" itself but in the other company - known in the narrow circles, rendering advisory services and connected with the British company by its participation in the share capital and presence in the board of directors. In other words, it’s possible to understand as message to those to whom “Gazprom” has claims in connection with the Ukraine, Belarus, Baltic pipeline and fair ex-chancellor Shreder.

But why was Litvinenko murdered and in such exotic way? The authors of the article answer to this question in the following way:

«They thought that the mass-media would strengthen an impulse of impact in several times having transformed the western public opinion in the tool of grandiose political blackmail. Having revived recent fears and instincts of cold war, provocation allowed to solve several problems at once. First of all, to make Moscow more pliable in power supply tenders with the West. Secondly, to provoke political chaos in Russia and that to influence the process of change of authority in 2008. Thirdly, to make the European Union quarrel finally with Moscow having put an end on the possibilities of fastening of political axe Moscow – Berlin – Paris.  

The previous antiRussian propaganda campaign which acquired the name of "gas war" with the Ukraine solved similar problems. Therefore it is necessary to expect that new attack will follow short period of reconciliation. For this purpose it is not so obligatory to develop the plot already finished to the point of irrationality with polonium. New murder of some symbolical figure of putin’s opposition is also not probable as this time it can play not against the Kremlin but against the interests of initiators of political provocation.

Most likely, the same fears of the western publicity could be played out though for attack, obviously, will be choosen new objects on the other problem political field. Why not to discredit "Gazprom" - a symbol of restoration of economic power of Russia? Relations with China or with some CIS countries can be subjected to testing also.

However, it’s hardly necessary to continue this list. It can appear to be infinite sliding down into paranoia. Firm orientation on resistance to those purposes which are put by provokers is important for us - on patient overcoming of isolation which Russia is being imposed”..

Let's stop on the possible purposes of poisoners more detailed. Generally a cross on a political axis Moscow-Berlin-Paris was put not by «the case of Litvinenko» but by the defeat on elections of Vladimir Putin "friend" Gerhard Shreder and arrival on his place Angela Merkel who put relations with Washington above the relations with Moscow.

Moreover, one more “friend” of Putin leaves in March – Jacque Chirac. His place most likely will be occupied by the chapter of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Nikolya Sarkozi. And as it’s known he is not a friend to Putin. He is the best friend to the president of Georgia Michael Saakashvili who when he happens to be in France, even lives in the house of Sarkozi.

The second aim attributed to poisoners – «to make Moscow more pliable in the power supply tenders with the West». Well and whether they achieved something in view of "Sakhalin-2" and Kovitka?

At last, ostensible intention «to provoke political chaos in Russia and thus to influence the change of authority in 2008». At that as "Expert" approves, the matter is in making Dmitry Ragozin or Michael Kasyanov next president. Only whether such experienced analysts would attribute allmighty villains-poisoners such unrealistic intentions? Though the "problem-2008", certainly, is really actual.

In the given connection I shall result absolutely fair, from my point of view, quotation from the interview in the magazine “Profile” of the author of the TV programme “Moment of Truth” Aleksey Pushkov:

"Recently I have spoken with one well-known politician. I told him that I was disturbed all political strike in our country was displaced inside the elite. Inside the elite it will be defined, who will be the chief in the Kremlin. Whether it will not occur so that after Putin’s leaving the phenomenon such as "Wound" or "King Lyre" will begin? In fact only now these people should pretend that they are - one command, moreover, they are even objectively one command, though strange it may seem, from Gref up to Sechin. Because they have one leader and meanwhile they have common interest. But this leader is going to leave. Whether it won’t happen so that with Putin’s leaving this struggle inside will sharpen as it used to be during the second Eltsin’s term? This politician answered: “I think they will fight”…

Own Corporation Is Already behind Everyone …

The fight between these corporations can be very sharp. Because the case with Khodorkovsky showed one important thing: in Russia for the present moment there’s no consensus concerning the ways of struggle for the authority. He did not play by the rules – is an opinion of those who was against him but they also did not play by the rules. Because there are no rules at present. Everyone comes into politics with his own kit of tools. In America, in France, in Japan — everywhere in the developed countries there are rules according to which political strike is conducted. Meanwhile we don’t have such rules. Elite is fighting, but the whole country fevers”.  

Probably, conspirologists from "Expert" juggling bugaboos of Ragozin and Kasyanov in reality meant the same things which were said by Pushkov. They tried to "place" under "Litvinenko’s case" not Nevzlin and Berezovsky whom, as it is clear to everyone, the Russian State Office of Public Prosecutor won’t give to anyone. The real purposes are absolutely different. In a general plan they are those who, according to the expression of authors-liberals, "wish to conduct us aside an isolationism or a power political mode ".

Who? Not for nothing in the article could be easily read through hints the names of double and threefold agents. Or to take glamour publication in "Profile" signed by Kally Malington which is devoted to "amusing", from the point of view of Nikolya Sarkozi, misadventures in Courchevel of oligarch-playboy Prokhorov. I shall quote a fragment:

"Prokhorov doesn’t only ski but also plays bowling. Every year he arranges tournament by this not Olympic kind of sports. This time the command of so-called former managers JUKOS came to play, they were supported by the son of the chapter Minpromenergo Vladimir Khristenko. By the way, Leonid Nevzlin also visited Courchevel. In the day of birthday of one of the heads of "Rosneft".

So, Leonid Nevzlin ostensibly without ceremony visited birthday parties of the heads of the company which absorbed "Yuganskneftegaz". The board of directors of "Rosneft" is headed, as it is known, by deputy head of administration of president Igor Sechin. He, alongside with his matchmaker Vladimir Ustinov, the liberal press declared as main pursuers of Michael Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev who are now seem to be responsible for another case, the main witness on which, the citizen of Spain, has just completely disappeared in Moscow on the eve of rendering of juridical decision.  

Meanwhile the State Office of Public Prosecutor decided to connect poisoning of Litvinenko with death of Roman Igorevich Tsepov which took place two years ago. Where it can lead to, whom it could lead to - hardly demands special explanation. It’s already clear. Actually, nothing is clear. In fact on the means allocated for "improvement of image", under the pretence of intellectual analytics pure "cheating", continuous equivoque in the spirit of "the best masterpieces" of the "double" political scientist Belkovsky mentioned before take place.

By the way, the political scientist three years ago published in the Internet unique in sense of "cheating" article reminding present conspirology of "Expert" which today many, unfortunately, forgot undeservingly. To update memory we propose it again to the attention of readers.

Stanislav Belkovsky: Strange Story of Doctor Rector and Mister Hajder

Recently authoritative agency Bloomberg referring to co-owner of JUKOS Leonid Nevzlin transferred rather interesting information: Nevzlin and also his partners Dubov and Brudno are ready to exchange their shares of the largest Russian oil company in cumulative cost $14.6 billion for freedom of their three friends being nowadays imprisoned under the arches of totalitarian Russia: Michael Khodorkovsky, Platon Lebedev, Alexey Pitchugin.

Thus Vladimir Dubov (do not confuse with July Dubov from "LogoVAZ", the author of the cult novel «Great Soldering») declared that the price means nothing - people are worthier; Nevzlin let know that the precious JUKOS-package can be transferred directly to the Russian State. God’s sake! Actually, Nevzlin and Co offered authorities of the Russian Federation something very strange. If there would be someone close to the Kremlin circles who would react to the message of Bloomberg with joyful cry "ye, ye, go-go!", all world community, progressive mankind would receive unambiguous proofs: there’s no fair court in Russia and JUKOS case - is only an attempt by means of rough and dirty state racket to take away corporation from its not moderately successful shareholders. Accordingly, if now in L.B.Nevzlin's Israeli-British possessions some Putin’s, quaziPutin or pseudoPutin emissary will appear with indecent proposal – it will be enough to record conversation so that Free World become horrified to the Kremlin word and deal. An alternative variant - refusal of the Kremlin of any peace negotiations with owners of JUKOS. Negotiations both formal and informal. This alternative result Mr. Nevzlin, indoubtedly, has achieved. And the matter is not only that the State Office of Public Prosecutor has already hastened to name fresh nevzlin-following absurdity not comprehensible neither from legal, nor from moral points of view (who would doubt!). Now any effort of Putin to reconciliate with Khodorkovsky is obviously discredited - at once and for ever. In other words, having announced unrealizable project, true friend of Khodorkovsky Nevzlin has helped the comrades to get used to an idea about infinite imprisonment. However, on the same Monday but in second half of the day ex-rector RSUH angrily noticed that he never proposed $14.6 billion to the authoritative putin’s mode. He just wanted to drink tea on a fantastic coast of the Dead Sea with Kremlin missionaries. All right: who would doubt! It is necessary to understand the only thing: what is Nevzlin’s motivation?! What did this person, long years responsible in JUKOS for PR and GR (which led to Khodorkovsky’s zugunder), actually want to achieve by so obvious provocation?! To answer this trivial question it is necessary to understand at first: what in general is necessary to get these two intimate partners – Nevzlin and Khodorkovsky? The doctor Rector (the long-term curator of furious security service of JuKoS Nevzlin has got such nickname when he established himself in RSUH the last spring) 2 months ago requested political asylum in Great Britain. In this context the charge in non-payment of tiny (according to the measures of the billionaire) taxes don’t disturb him much. Much worse - Pitchugin's case, the former chief of the department of Security Service of JUKOS who can tell a lot of superfluous about assignments which once were given to him by noblemanly Doctor.

To counterbalance pichuginism is possible only by direct proofs of Russian imperious chaos – by the facts which would confirm that L.B.Nevzlin is worth of a political asylum. And if Putin personally (at the worst, Ustinov or Patrushev) would beat M.B.Khodorkovsky in the cell, Nevzlin would feel inflow of erotic forces: here it is - a refuge! Mr. Hajder (Khodorkovsky's old prorank in business-environment), on the contrary, would like to leave somewhat quicker that heavenly spot where he has already spent 6 month. And in his situation nevzlin-bolshevik logic is "the worse, the better" – it’s not the most correct instrument on a way of achievement of great purpose. The doctor Rector is very much afraid that sometime Mr. Hajder completely exhausted by madness of the public prosecutor's Melpomene would crave only for peace in this life. And then - farewell political asylum for elite. Hello – reminiscences about pichuginism. Therefore it is impossible to exclude that L.B.Nevzlin would like very much to exclude any opportunity of friendly negotiations of Khodorkovsky with Putin. For that purpose Bloomberg-tape received obviously absurd (this time the State Office of Public Prosecutor, alas, is right) offer which in any way is impossible to agree with. And it is already not clear, whose hostage Khodorkovsky is: whether of putin’s damned authority or of a refuge for which Nevzlin would like to exchange a vicious court yard of Circes? God knows, honestly. Easier speaking: there is a system conflict between Khodorkovsky and Nevzlin before us. The conflict which agenda is - not only a refuge and freedom but also control over thirty-milliard corporation. And how fast and in what direction this conflict will develop, in many respects depends, what will come out with JUKOS. I would advise all investors and creditors of corporation to follow attentively a course of opposition. God grant that it would end soonest. To the greater blessing and pleasure of all suffering parties.

From editorial staff: A lot of people already have recollected actions on improvement of image behind boundaries of the Fatherland undertaken by former governors (the fact that the word "Gazprom" is a synonym of a word "Putin" in opinion of the West has not repeated only lazy). For example, Peter the Great (nicknamed so not at all in Russia) constructed the fleet, won Northern war and established St.-Petersburg. Ekaterina the Great expanded borders of Empire, divided Poland and conducted correspondence with Voltaire. Alexander the First won Napoleon. Stalin created heavy industry, won a war, brought Russian troops into Germany for half of the century, blew up a bomb. Brezhnev achieved parity with NATO on all types of armament including nuclear ones.  

On this background 11 million dollars look modestly enough. Besides the fact that Russia as if some African state which has inflated from oil, employs foreigners "to improve image" – It’s very strong impact on reputation. Firstly, because this recognition that image is "not well". And secondly - recognition that they don’t understand in the Kremlin what makes up an image of the state.

Well and the last: western image-making agencies - are roguish offices as well as those which we have in Russia. Actually everybody knows everything about ours. As to the Western – everything’s quite the same there. That is besides the first and the second, the Kremlin confirms the fact of its complete provinciality and narrow-mindedness…

Anatoly Baranov, chief editor of FORUM.msk

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