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To Turn Belarus into a Small European Russia

To Turn Belarus into a Small European Russia
Delyagin Michael 07.02.2007

People in authority which range of vision is limited by own pocket need only money. Allies here are - pure loss. And Paul Pavlovich Borodin's heroic efforts to overcome this purely accountant’s approach, from my point of view, have not had any success meanwhile. It is a system problem and not a problem of "a kind tsar" or "a bad boyar". The system generates people in authority who behave in a certain way, otherwise they do not get in authority.

While the bookkeeper has his pocket, he has no need in any philosophy. And the pocket is - a soft thing, it is impossible to use it as a drill. Therefore those who speak that "Gazprom" suffers deficiency of gas, proceed from this very parcel- a pocket can’t be used as a drill. The last 2005-2006 years became a time of the most severe economy of gas due to the consumers of the postSoviet space. Starting from 2007 the time of the most severe economy of gas for Russia will come.

Parliamentary elections will take place this year therefore economy of gas will not be so visible. It is necessary so that the population votes correctly and don’t hit the bricks. But after 2008 all "dear Russians" will have till the hilt. It not a blackmail – it’s simply economy of gas. They easily take our gas away, easily send it abroad and further a path of export of the capital is worked out - Stabfund, off shores and so on. There are even economic reasons for it. If we have one foreigners, who pay 230 dollars per a thousand of cubes, why other foreigners should pay less? Well, inside Russia gas also should become “equal”.

Yes, the Russian authorities received additionally more than a billion dollars a year. The Americans and Europeans who are the owners of the banks where this billion will be put, won’t start to thank us for it because it is small money - even for the Russian budget. Meanwhile we frightened the West to death as we showed for the second time sudden war on strategic ways of delivery of energy carriers. And, certainly, we offended Byelorussians very much.

But there is one more factor which I would like to pay your attention to. It is a visit of mister van der Linden - the head of the PASS who was successfully re-elected for a new term after the visit. I shall quote his words: "Because of everything that happened recently (that is because of the conflict with Russia), you, Byelorussians, became more open for the Europe. It will help in forming of new relations between Belarus and the European Union". Van der Linden is – a very serious and honorable person in the Europe. From the words he told it’s possible to understand the following: the West reacted to the conflict very quickly. They already have on the West some strategic scenario according to which Belarus will become into the small European Russia.  

And they started to praise Belarus on the West. Surrounding of Minsk at once ceased to be the European analogue of husein’s Iraq. And not because of the fact that the Americans understood at last: bad order is better than good chaos. They act according to the well-known principle: «Enemy of my enemy is – my friend».

It is very serious and this strategic plan of the West, in my opinion, will be realized. It’s quite possible to transform Belarus into small European Russia. Into a place where refugees from Russia will move when the events which become direct consequence of things occurring today will begin. And into a place which in any case will be an object of envy of all inhabitants of Russia. The Ukraine was such a place during approximately half a year before and after "orange revolution". Then when tired winners did their democratic and liberal business, it ceased to be such a place. Belarus can become such place – a symbol of “true Russia” out of Russia.  

The given project can collapse because of the Belarusian foolishness (one shouldn’t idealize too much a mode in Minsk) and especially European bureaucracy but Russia cannot do anything here. More precisely, it can only in the event that we ourselves can become true, normal Russia. If we will have normal social sphere - not as in the Europe but such when people at least don’t feel famine living in the oil-and-gas state. But it is necessary for this purpose that people who are in power in our country proceed from the interest of Russia and not own pocket.

In this connection it is possible today to say many kind warm words about Belarus. For example, there is a good social atmosphere there - no comparison with modern Russia. Representatives of our state from such comparison usually start to run into hysterics. There is no corruption in Belarus at all levels of an imperious vertical including special services. I even have an impression that the main obstacle for creation of the Allied state is non-corruptedness of the heads and special services of Belarus. Because it’s clear: such corruptedness creates procedural backgrounds for future large-scale rearrangements and placing into authority irrespectively even of concrete characters.
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