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The Russian Planes Are Finally Prohibited to Fly to the Europe

The Russian Planes Are Finally Prohibited to Fly to the Europe
Rostransnadzor and Rosaviation forbade regular, charter and single flights in the countries of the European Union to the companies "Kavminvodyavia", "Airlines of Kuban", "Airline "Yakutia" and "Air company "Airline 400" since the 25th of June. The reason of prohibition became non-performance of the requirement of Rostransnadzor and necessity of the conformity of the planes with requirements of the European Union. The interdiction will be valid till the settlement of the remarks received by the carriers from Eurocommission.

"Krasnoyarsk Airlines", "Urals Airlines", "Gazpromavia", "Atlant-Souz" and "UTair" also will face the restrictions of flights to the Europe. It's not the first interdiction on the European flights the Russian air carriers come across with. In February Rostransnadzor forbade charter and single flights in the countries of the European Union to the planes of nine Russian airlines. The reason of the decision became the notice sent to the Russian department from Management on transport of the European Commission.

In the meantime directly on an air show in Le Bourge Joint Stock Company "Aeroflot - Russian Airlines" within the limits of an air show in Le Bourge in France signed the contract with Airbus for the delivery of 5 planes A321. Press-service of "Aeroflot" informs. The sum of the transaction is not divulged. New planes will be delivered to the customer directly from the factories of corporation Airbus. The control share of the stock of "Aeroflot" at a rate of 51,17% belongs to the state.

- The situation is more than transparent, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov makes comments on the things happened. - We have not entered WTO yet and already our aviation industry and our air carriers are exposed to pressure which purpose is clear - to force Russia to pass completely to foreign machines which, no matter how worn out they were, correspond to all requirements of Eurocommission. Certainly, Russian aircraft depot is worn out and is in a pitiable condition but while our aircraft construction will be idling, nothing will change. And purchase of import machines cannot be the way out for the country with such spread airlines and such need for aviatransportations. The western, European and American aviabuilding monopolists, certainly, are not interested in our internal situation, our needs and our national economy in the whole. They have own interests which are clear as an organism of coelenterate animal - oral aperture from above, an ass, excuse me, below - enters from above and comes out from below. Everything is simple. But in our country the needs are a little bit more complex and there is Mintrans for their realization and satisfaction. But it doesn't cope with the problem, as such problem is not put before it. In the country for the years of Putin's management the number of the airports fell in some times, the quantity of aviatransport was reduced though it seemed that it was not possible. And nothing changes for the best and, the main thing, won't change.
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