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Ukraine Is Allowed to the Europe Following the Turkish Way

Ukraine Is Allowed to the Europe Following the Turkish Way

The Ukraine was promised that once it would become the Europe, it means - it would enter into EU. "Both - the Ukraine and the EU should work, but I shall emphasize - the prospect for the Ukraine to enter EU in 2020 is quite real", - the ex-president of Poland Alexander Kvasnevsky declared in Kiev, thus having excited  up to last extreme Europe-centred of the Ukrainian society. The international conference "Yalta European Strategy" opened in evening on June, 28th in hotel "Premier-Palace" in Kiev by the performance of the President Victor Jushchenko. He stated in his speech that "Yalta European Strategy" is - the largest and the most influential for today informal Ukrainian-European forum. Thus he specified that the status of action as "narrow-minded" and if somebody gives promises, it is only the retired president of the third-rate country...

Nevertheless, on a background of strongly cooling applications in relation to the Ukraine, Kvasnevsky's oral promise had the most exciting effect. All the more so that it was clearly said what the Ukraine should do to be interesting to the EU.

Russia cannot prevent the desire of the Ukraine to enter the EU and NATO, the ex-president of Poland Alexander Kvasnevsky declared. In answer to a question of journalists, whether he agrees with opinion of the Russian politician Boris Nemtsov that authority of the Russian Federation is against introduction of the Ukraine into the European Union, he said: "The Ukraine wishes to be both in NATO and in the European Union and it will be there. Russia can make nothing against such a desire". A.Kvasnevsky also disagrees with a role of the Ukraine as a bridge between the Europe and Russia, as the Russian Federation is a self-sufficient country. At the same time he appeals to the Ukraine to provide balanced policy in relation to Russia and the EU. Meanwhile he calls Russia not to consider the Ukraine as political vacuum.  

A.Kvasnevsky noted also that a lot of things on a way of the Ukraine to the Europe much depend on mutual understanding between the Ukraine and the EU. He also emphasized that he would support Eurointegration aspirations of the Ukraine "always and everywhere", however he didn't specified, who he was to support someone effectively.

A.Kvasnevsky expressed belief that if the EU speaks about the further expansion, then such expansion should be preceded by institutional reforms inside of the European Union - the pigs should fly.

The Europe cannot accept the concept of permanent political crisis in the Ukraine, A.Kvasnevsky declared. He noted that he is "in despair" as permanent crisis in the Ukraine didn't stop after Leonid Kuchma's presidency.

Simultaneously A.Kvasnevsky criticized the concept of foreign policy of the Russian Federation in relation to the European Union. Addressing to the ambassador of Russia in the Ukraine - Victor Tchernomyrdin, he asked to pay more attention to the cultural and educational activity of the Russian Federation in the Central Europe. In particular he asked V.Tchernomyrdin: "What did you do to support the Russian culture and language in the countries of the Central Europe? Nothing".

The ex-chancellor of Germany Gerhard Shreder called the Ukraine to cooperate more closely with the EU and Russia in sphere of deliveries of power resources to the Europe. G.Shreder also called Russia more reliable supplier of energy carriers than the countries of Northern Africa and Asia. Thus he noted, that the Russian Federation always was the reliable supplier of energy carriers, even in days of cold war (having forgotten thus, that in days of "cold war" the USSR and not the Russian Federation which wasn't existent by the time was the supplier). At the same time G.Shreder emphasized, that it's important to have strict strategy of the deliveries of energy carriers to the EU. Such deliveries, according to him, shouldn't be one-legged, cooperative form of cooperation between the producers, suppliers and consumers of energy carriers is necessary.

"Yalta European Strategy" as the international organization was created three years ago with the purpose of assistance to rapprochement of the Ukraine and the European Union. Participants of the organization meet on the Southern coast of the Crimea already for the fourth time, a theme of meeting - the future relations of the Ukraine with the European Union as Victor Pinchuk's Fund informed on the eve. The known Ukrainian businessman, the son-in-law of the ex-president Leonid Kuchma Victor Pinchuk is the founder of "Yalta European Strategy". Approximately 200 participants take part in a present forum. These are politicians, public figures, businessmen and diplomats from the countries of the EY. The USA and Russian. Among them are the 42nd president of the USA Bill Klinton, the ex-chancellor of Germany Gerhard Shreder and the ex-president of Poland Alexander Kvasnevsky.

- At the present moment I am in the Ukraine and just on the Southern coast of the Crimea, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov informed. - Someone believes that I should sit and wait for the decision of some presidium of the Communist Party in Moscow, but actually there are in the world matters more important, than sessions of political retirees. However, conference "Yalta European Strategy" is also an assembly of retirees but of the higher level. And the Southern coast of the Crimea even externally reminds more Turkey than the Europe. Inside also - from the strangehold of the Turkish things up to low prices on second-rate services.  

"Associations with Turkey are not casual, - Anatoly Baranov continues. - It's Turkey that in its sizes and structure of the economy is similar to the Ukraine from all European countries and in the same way as the Ukraine, Turkey is in the Europe geographically but it's not admitted politically by the European Union. Acceptance of Turkey in the EU became the political humiliation stretched on decades of the huge country with centuries-old history, culture, with numerous people which is allowed to live in the Europe exclusively on the level of Gastarbeiters, actually - the slaves of the epoch of globalization.

The same role is ready for the Ukraine, no matter what is said at the various conferences paid by the Ukrainian nouveau riches dreaming to become "eurocapitalists". I would advise to carry out at least one such conference in Turkey and obligatory with participation of the retired Turkish leaders which on own example would tell how and how many times they were "chucked steak" by the European Union".

- If the Ukraine will enter aomething, - Anatoly Baranov finished, - then it would be future updated Ottoman empire, new Commonwealth of Nations or some quazi-Russian empire. Of course, by parts.
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