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Napoleons Vice Versa

Napoleons Vice Versa
Vladislav Nagiev 19.03.2008

Napoleon Bonaparte became famous not only by gaining great victories. For today he really could be considered also an outstanding financial genius working by a principle: «War should feed itself». In practice it was made as follows: he subjected the seized territories to the scientific and economically verified plunder. In result the French museums till now burst with highly artistic values and the art of all Europe is being studied on them. Even the Egyptian hieroglyphs were deciphered in Paris, in fact, having fought only half a year in Egypt, he cleaned it off totally from all antiquities available there by the time! When Napoleon was defeated, winners were in shock. It turned out that France didn't borrow a centime! England after wars with the same Napoleon was paying off its debts for 40 years.

George Bush-junior as well as other American management obviously doesn't suit to be "Napoleons". It looks as if Anglo-Saxon genes interfere with the Americans. At the same time, administration G. Bush suffering from napoleonic complex of aspiration to world supremacy wastes magnificent sums for senseless military adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan, Yugoslavia and other regions of the world. Instead of financing national social programs, solving of hypothecary crisis and other problems, the country leaders through legislative and other authorities impose their ideal of the American democracy outside the country. Though without napoleonic financial shine. Napoleon also did not avoid to be engaged all over again in carrying out of "antifeudal revolutions" and then of creation of "vassal kingdoms" in the neighbouring states. At that he managed to do it not only more effective but also much cheaper.

In January, 2001 when Bush-junior took the oath of office to the American people, the national debt of the USA made 5,7 billion dollars (in 1989 it was only 2,7 billion dollars). When the candidate for world leaders (read for Napoleons) the president of the USA George Bush will leave the post and it will happen in January, 2009, the debt of the USA will exceed 10 billion dollars!

The Frenchmen understood that three things were necessary for successful war: money, money and once again money. Napoleon organized falsification of bank notes of his enemies in industrial scale. Money was printed on original technologies in confidential factories. In special shops they were made to look slightly shabby. Each commander of the French army received before intrusion a bag of enemy money with order to pay for wine, products, fodder, a lodging for the night and so on twice more than armies of the enemy. As a result hard-fisted European peasants met napoleonic soldier as the dearest visitors. But by the end of the war English pound sterling fell in price twofold.

The American diplomats and generals also waste money to the right and to the left. In many respects due to payoff of enemy military leaders and politicians military operations pass with howling success. Dollar spots cover victorious way of "velvet revolutions". But they print in the USA not enemy but own money in industrial scales and since 2001 the American dollar has grown thin twice.

Napoleon laid won countries under unprecedented contributions. Conquered peoples supplied his army with soldiers, dressed and fed his armies, financed newly appeared royal (read occupational) administration from among napoleonic marshals.

Unlike Napoleon, the USA finance mad charges due to the future American generations. The American administration increases the debt with the help of release of state security papers. Besides private investors the governments of other countries own them. For example, Japan bought securities of the USA for half-billion dollars. More than 100 billion dollars are invested by China, Saudi Arabia and the Great Britain. The American tax bearers, naturally, will pay off.

However, pursuit for world supremacy both for the Americans and for Napoleon ended with the same thing - with exhaustion of a human resource. Having lost on the fields of Europe practically all man's population, Napoleon set under Waterloos regiments formed from fourteen-years-old children and old men. Naturally, they were crushed and France suffered grandiose defeat from which it didn't recover till now.

Napoleons from the USA on the contrary push economy and people to similar catastrophe. Every year the quantity of able-bodied population in a percentage ratio decreases in the country. There will be two times as many Americans senior than 65 years in the country in a quarter of a century. Meanwhile, by expert estimations, in 2050 the debt of the USA will make 350 percent of annual gross national product. Due to proceeding military operations in the Near East the national debt of the USA grows on 1,4 billion dollars a day or nearly on one million dollars a minute. The total amount of the debt today reached 9,14 billion dollars. For comparison, gross national product of the USA for 2006 made 13,16 billion dollars. If the American armies stay in Iraq and Afghanistan for 10 years, it will cost for the state budget 2,4 billion dollars.

The American children should pay off for hegemony aspirations and present military adventures of the American «Napoleons Vice Versa». So "Waterloo" of Bush-junior and his successors is near at hand.


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