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America Approaches Its Year 93

America Approaches Its Year 93

Congressmen do not hasten to accept the plan on struggle against financial crisis offered by the Treasury Department and Federal Reserve System of the USA. Hearings in the senate proceeded more than five hours, BBC informs. Bernanke declared that financial system of the USA for certain would collapse, if not to undertake urgent measures. The chapter of bank committee in senate Kris Dodd named the plan of the Treasury Department unacceptable in the variant in which it was offered.

The chapter of Federal Reserve System of the USA Ben Bernanke and Minister of Finance Henry Polson made public speeches in bank committee of the United State Senate having called congressmen to accept as soon as possible the plan on struggle against financial crisis with cost in 700 billion dollars.

However congressmen treated the offer of financiers rather skeptically. Many representatives of both parties (that is symptomatic) expressed fears that tax bearers would pay for mistakes of bankers. The republicans, opposing the plan, consider that it strikes a blow on capitalist system. One of the senators even named it "financial socialism" and "not American".

The American legislators demanded guarantees of that in case of approval of the plan not only structures of Wall-Street but also ordinary house owners would stand to gain. Some even declared that they considered the plan suggested "potential waste of budgetary funds".

"It goes without saying that our financial system demands immediate intervention and support, - the senator - republican from bank committee Richard Shelbi said. - However, hardly we can solve the situation having spent such huge sum of money at the minimal guarantees of success".

Besides congressmen demand more precise picture of how the plan should be put into practice.

White house called republicans and democrats to close cooperation in the name of prompt output from financial crisis.

The plan suggested is the most scale in a history of the country. According to it, the American government can redeem defaulting loans from the banks working in the territory of the USA.
The Treasury Department of the USA requests for this purpose unlimited powers.

Meanwhile the American share market continues to grow now and to be reduced then: if in the beginning of tenders the growth made some tenth shares of percent, after the end of performance of Henry Polson in the senate indexes were already being reduced.

Result of hearings in the congress and an ambiguity connected to the future of the plan were reflected also on the European and Asian share markets which sharply decreased on the eve.

Thus, fears of investors which from the very beginning doubted of fast and unobstructed acceptance of the plan that could aggravate crisis phenomena in economic are being justified.

From editorial board: Actually we observe change of socioeconomic structure in the leading world power, that has not yet got exact name but from easy hand of Toffler is called "post-industrialism", "globalism", etc. Though earlier Marxist sources called it "imperialism as a finishing stage of capitalism".

The American parliament, that is also symptomatic, represents itself as uniform keeper of liberal tradition on which the state of USA was constructed, without division into republicans and democrats. The administration of the president Bush as a conductor of the new tendency also addresses members of the parliament without division into parties, as though already seeing before itself some American "Edinaya Russia".

Attributes of a new mode are described differently but since Тоffler it is considered that new mode will get features of all previous formations - feudalism and even, maybe, slavery (that is not surprising in the USA which cancelled slavery only by the end of the 19-th century).

In particular if the American government can redeem defaulting loans from the banks the opportunity to collect debts of insolvent citizens from the state, certainly, is immeasurably higher, than from private bank structure. It is difficult to assert that debt prisons or debt slavery will appear in the USA but restriction of constitutional freedom for poor debtors is being practiced already in many countries including Russia. For example, the poor debtor has problems at crossing the border though the bourgeois constitution guarantees him the right of free moving. Only continuing this line is possible to come to restriction for "the state debtors" of the right to change freely a place of work and a place of constant residing. Here you are  serfdom which in Russia was formed only to Boris Godunov's boarding and which also represented process of binding to the ground (then - the basic mean of production) of the debtors who failed to pay off natural credits.

In Russia, by the way, formation of new relations led to the civil war of the 17-th century which received in history the name of Distemper. And only when landlords led by Romanov - Zakharjin managed using force to suppress remaining free cossacks and a part of patrimonial aristocracy desiring to have former orders, serfdom was ratified in the country. Not casually, by the way, the last Romanov in questionnaires called himself "land owner".

In the USA bloody civil war of the 19-th century also took place between slaveholders and supporters of new to that moment capitalist relations. Now the South on behalf of Bush's dynasty takes some kind of a historical revenge, certainly, on a new coil of history. Now "new feudal lords" represent more progressive historical force and, hence, are objectively doomed to success.

If congressmen and senators will not want "revolution from above" in a friendly manner, they will receive it "in the blue" - as development of quite real financial crisis, wrecks of the financial system basing on deification of liberal capitalism - Federal Reserve System which, in its turn, is even not state structure but consortium of private banks. Future "confederates" of Bush will struggle for the national control over national finance as well as the Bolsheviks in 1917-18 who came to authority were compelled in struggle against consortium of the Russian banks, not wanting to accept revolution, to liquidate financial manipulation and to pass temporarily to a system of "military communism" and barter.

The result will be one - amplification of centralization of authority in the USA, liquidation of the rests of bourgeois institutes (including here and liberal freedom), establishment of the new global order. Today "old" parliamentary system in the USA, the constitution inherited since the times of fathers - founders and archaic financial institutions such as Federal Reserve System are on a way to it. Most likely, the new American president no matter who he will be will carry out such line - if you do not want it to the best, you will receive it in a blue...

Аnatoly Baranov

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