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Lost “War with Salamanders”

Lost “War with Salamanders”
Grechaninov Vladimir 15.01.2013

Today is birthday of Karel Capek, in my opinion one of the best writers of the last century. He was the nominee of the Nobel Prize for Literature, the journalist and the photographer, the founder of the Czechoslovak PEN club, he thought up the word robot and prophetical novel "War with Salamanders" (1936) narrating to what tolerance or its visibility can lead in a sick society, I’d like to talk about it.

Once stomatologists persuaded my acquaintance to install tooth implant, they told her it’s esthetic, economic and so on. It was really so, everything was great for few weeks, then her cheek blew out, she rush to the hospital and to extract implant. It happens strange bodies get accustomed – it’s called, by the way, tolerance, but sometimes it doesn’t happen. So, in medicine tolerance – is more negative phenomenon, than positive, it means that organism doesn't react to invasion, drugs, in particular, the patient swallows tablets handfuls, but illness isn't treated, addiction takes place. It’s very convenient - it is possible to stuff the patient with expensive drugs, he doesn’t become better, but he is not dying and the doctor has sure gain. Something similar happens to public organism.

Recently we are actively stuffed with fairy tales about harm of xenophobia and advantage of tolerance, it’s supposedly the best cure for all social disasters. All right, if the doctor says, let’s smile to everyone. Come, dance, shoot, if you have such traditions, we are only glad now that our cities are captivated by savages who bred rats, cockroaches and diseases about which civilized mankind forgot half a century ago. It gives possibility to our native thieves from housing and communal services grow rich! We have to test spiritual commonality with barbarians who caracole in jeeps across Alexander Garden and attack women who, on their wild taste, are dressed insufficiently modestly.

Many years developed countries implanted alien organisms into their life. Someone was tormented by conscience for colonial past, someone didn't have enough working hands, someone rejoiced that visiting natives buy up going west football clubs. Meanwhile all of them came to their senses – let it be even late - thought their migration is hundredfold more civilized. While we still repeat words about tolerance and bring working force without any need. Earlier my yard was cleaned by one yard keeper, now guest workers in herds wander under my windows but it didn’t become cleaner from it, unless they can beat a child with a shovel. Visitors vote in large quantities and exclusively correctly.

Tolerance is in general convenient thing. Well, it’s not tolerantly to be interested in someone's incomes! If you have noticed who especially loves this fairy tale for simple people? Those who suddenly turned into owners of life though they don’t have a lot of brains, haven’t invented operating systems and haven’t found oil fields. In the place where society is really tolerant they would be asked about sources of their magic enrichment. In civilized society it is accepted to respect all citizens, not just elite. As regards tolerance we also go own sovereign way.

Once courage, honesty, talent, diligence and other qualities sung by many generations of poets and writers were indisputable human values. Now all this is garbage, now the only absolutely indisputable value is tolerance to everything without analysis. To idlers, untalented persons, cunning adventurers, hangers-on, perverts … Otherwise you will be accused of xenophobia and they frighten now small children with xenophobia as it was done earlier with militiaman.

Meanwhile xenophobia is simply fear of strangers. Congenital, genetic fear to let the Trojan Horse into the house or Judith into the bed. Once I made several programs about it and my interlocutors – psychologists, geneticists and other experts were solid in one: xenophobia is normal state of early mankind. Children are afraid of strangers - and it is normal, let them be afraid, for the present we are not all brothers, isn’t it?! Otherwise what do we need locks on doors for – same xenophobia in pure form! As well as cameras of external supervision, passport with biometrics, personal protection of VIP, cars with flashers? It turns out that all around are equal, while these guys are more equal than others?! It’s not tolerant.

After all evolution is also not tolerant because natural selection assumes that the best signs will be fixed in posterity. It means, someone's signs will be fixed, someone's - no. There’s no hint on equality here. It’s necessary to cancel natural selection.

It is necessary to cancel beautiful women. Beautiful woman isn't tolerant, one gets her, other - no. To cancel clever men too, otherwise deputies of all levels will take offense. Awards and ranks should be given not for merits, but for devotion. Here we have successes.

We have already cancelled registration, now it is necessary to cancel temporary registration, maybe even nationality - let all flowers blossom and all who feel like it come - Tajiks, Dzhigits, cultural figures of France... There are enough passports for all, if not - we will print more.

... Do you remember that Capek’s "War with Salamanders"? At first salamanders surprised, it was fashionable and cool, then someone began gaining money on them and then people bethought and understood that the planet didn’t belong to them any longer. That’s all, that’s the end.

If it reminds you anything?

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