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Putin Wants to Antarctica but Open Space Is Waiting for Him

Putin Wants to Antarctica but Open Space Is Waiting for Him

"Vladimir Putin will continue his active hobbies. Perhaps, in summer he will dive with aqualung. Will continue fight for preservation of rare species of animals. Why are you talking about patriarchal style? He has his own, it is his personal choice," — Peskov told in the interview to the newspaper Izvestiya. The press secretary of the president also commented Putin's forthcoming trip to Antarctica.

In September of last year Putin accepted proposal of the president of Chile Sebastian Pinera to visit the Antarctic bases of Russia and Chile. It was supposed that presidents will go there at the end of January, however, according to Peskov, trip date, most likely, will be postponed.


From editorial board: It seems to me, the PR service of the Kremlin has big problems with creativity. Now any moron with money can stay in Antarctica with comfort of 5 stars level. There is also "economy class" – it’s possible to stay few weeks in the region of penguins having about 20 thousand dollars.

It’s impossible to tell that it somehow corresponds to interests of "dear Russians" – what’s the connection between Russia and Antarctica? It’s impossible to reach great popularity, even if Putin will teach penguins to swim and as usually will get a couple of amphoras from the bottom of the Ross Sea.

While message that Roskosmos consider in the long term possibility of creation on manned stations on the Moon has enormous potential for PR of the president Putin. The head of the department of strategic planning and target programs of Roskosmos Yury Makarov has even approximately specified the terms of creation of lunar base - after 2030.

The 6th term of presidency of V.V.Putin will just begin in 2030 and disembarkation of the president to the first lunar base can become a core of election campaign. Let's say citizens vote, while the national leader sends hello from the Moon to them. Like "be sure, I see everything from here". Besides the 4th and 5th terms of the president will receive motivation – unless it will be possible to put such project into life? Everything will be plundered.

Besides it is possible to connect stages of the lunar project to selective cycle. For example, to mark Putin’s elections for the 4th term with his flight on the new space station “Put” stylized under presidential airliner with gilded toilet bowls. With obligatory space walk for inauguration - say, look, I am here without cleaning of Moscow, without FSO and body transporter... One in the height!

The 5th term - the first landing of the presidential lunar module to a surface of the satellite of the Earth: "Such small step for a person - and such huge for mankind!" I don't remember who told it and in what case, but the saying suits Peskov - the best thing for him to stay in the orbital module and to make comments on Putin's steps on Skype.

I even think that the project of lunar base initially has to be constructed as the residence of the president of the Russian Federation - if to compare it to the palace in Praskoveevka, it will turn out to be cheap in construction.

Well, the 7th term should be, of course, marked by the flight to Mars!

Peskov just waits time talking about Antarctica... He should think wider, more large - scaled. So that people gape with amazement in the beginning of term and will stay like this to the following elections: "He is cool!"

Anatoly Baranov, editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk

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