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Prospects of the Second Socialist Revolution in the Light of the Turkish Beginnings

Prospects of the Second Socialist Revolution in the Light of the Turkish Beginnings
Sergey Gupalo 12.06.2013

Apparently, new revolution begins in Turkey...

Last autumn we, the workers of Kazan and Pskov, at the meeting in Kazan foretold that 2013 had to become a year of new East European revolution.

Meanwhile something similar to revolution occurred only in Bulgaria though it’s impossible to call unprecedented performances there revolution against lawlessness of their housing and communal services. Only resignation of the government was result of mass actions of this spring in Bulgaria. However, if it matters what became or becomes the cause of mass actions in this or that country? Any cause will suit. Either similar to the one which caused Sepoy Mutiny in India one and a half hundred years ago (Sepoy there stated discontent with the fact that in their opinion gun cartridges were produced with use of fat of animals) or well-known revolt on battleship "Potyomkin" in 1905 because of allegedly rotten food.

Not the cause, but the reason is the main. The reason of present revolutionary wave is accumulated discrepancy between productive forces demanding nationalization and rational use in interests of the majority suppressed by global capitalism of mankind and relict industrial relations ground in interests of insignificant minority - a narrow layer of global financial oligarchy and its service staff in the form of almost all political regimes of the modern world.

Actions of present Putin's regime is a classical pseudo-search of reasons of new so frightening him Russian revolution in some intrigues of foreign backstage, in intrigues of internal enemies, in everything except real, original reason which is in the ESSENCE of this very mode as integral part of modern global capitalism.

In essence all convulsive counterrevolutionary attempts of a ruling mode are attempts to clean CAUSES for possible new Russian revolution one by one... Elimination of many or even the majority of imaginable causes for new Russian revolution doesn't influence in any way its deep reasons and can delay only approach of the revolution, to modify it a little, but not prevent it.

Newly made Turkish revolutionaries associate themselves not with participants of well-known Kiev Maidan of autumn, 2004, but with the Egyptian revolutionaries from Tahrir Square of the beginning of 2011.

It’s clear - geopolitically Egypt is much closer to Turkey, than to some Ukraine, only well-known connection with Turkey is historically unconfirmed fact of writing of a letter by Zaporozhye Cossacks to the Turkish sultan in a picture of our great artist I.Repin.

Kiev Maidan is branded by efforts of the Kremlin gebbels’s promotion is treated as unambiguous product of the Washington regional committee.

There’s no doubt: competing bourgeois clans of Ukraine used fruits of Kiev Maidan of 2004 - 2005, thus its ordinary participants became expendable material.

Something similar occurred in Cairo more than two years ago.

I don’t see in this sense any special difference between both performances.


Specified wisdom meanwhile has only one exception known to me - Cuba...

It’s necessary that this revolution has adequate leading force which is guided not only by heritage of At Türk (though this heritage is also important), but first of all by lessons of the Russian revolutions of February – October, 1917 so present Turkish revolution will not have the sad destiny of the Egyptian Takhrir (and Kiev Maidan as well).

It is clear that only new Lenin party can become such force, not some bourgeois or petty-bourgeois revolutionaries no matter what flags they use.

Few words about relation of inhabitants of our region to new Turkish revolution.

Tatar nationalists as well as modern Tatarstan elite treat Turkey with extraordinary piety, this peculiar big brother of all Turkic peoples of the whole world.

Tatar-Turkish lyceums started appearing as mushrooms after summer rains in Kazan since reorganization, thousands of Tatar boys and girls were taught. A few years ago almost all of them were closed within Putin’s program of fight against "causes" of new revolution.

It is symptomatic that Turkish revolution didn't cause any enthusiasm among the majority of Tatar nationalists. These misters entirely associate themselves rather with pro-Islamic present Turkish mode, than with its revolutionary secular opponents.


Statement of Central Committee of the Communist Party of Turkey

"Leaving of police forces of Taksim Square, of that place where people had been showing resistance for several days can't be considered either as sign of manifestation of good will from the government, or that our turn had come.

Our people won police terror. We can't stop on it. Officials who used tear gas, police officers who continued to attack protesters even in retreating from Taksim Square have to be called to account. Moreover, we should strengthen fight even more to call to account all government for its actions and operations for last 11 years. From this point of view slogan: "Tayyip – in resignation!" which is now chanted on streets across all Turkey makes sense and is quite actual.

These are voices of people protesting against cruelty of police which is met everywhere in Turkey and especially in Ankara.

These voices will refute inconsistent statements of the government concerning future park Gezi near to Taksim and will lay a way to release not only of Taksim region, but of all our country.

Today streets have to be filled with a sea of people. The Communist party of Turkey invites all inhabitants of Istanbul to take part in protest actions on Taksim Square and in mass protests passing in other cities.

Arisen people have to reach enemies of society.

Communist Party of Turkey, Central Committee”

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