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Death Grip

Death Grip
Оlga Gulenok 03.07.2013

The name of one article devoted to reform of the Russian Academy of Sciences: "It looks like raider capture", in my opinion it fully reflects the essence of the events. It is amazing that the government of Russia led by allegedly "liberal" Medvedev acts as the raider, other “liberal” – Minister of Education mister Livanov acts as its accomplice. While it seems that "patriotic" Putin has nothing to do with it... Whether it’s really so? He still hasn't approved academician Vladimir Fortov elected by the general meeting of Academy to the post of the president of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Whether it is casual? At the Petersburg economic forum he was handed over prestigious award for former achievements. Whether he was recollected casually?

Fortov was besieged all over – according to the rules: on the one hand he was given gingerbread, on the other – a “knife” was hung up over him so that he kept motionless.

All these tricks are necessary for carrying out of the reform of the Russian Academy of Sciences authorized, obviously, by the President. They tried to present it almost as "gift" to scientists – such unexpected surprise. Say, full independence... as approval of the head of the state won’t necessary to become the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, say, salaries will be raised... and not only to academicians … So, everything is ok, only it will be deprived of property! Again to make academician to feel comfortable, so that it won’t prevent scientists from pursue science, distract to solve problems of housing and communal services and other things. As it is supposed it will be done by special Agency – state at first.

The aim of this swindle, there’s no prize for guessing, to privatize further all this Academic economy.

Scientists completely lose their independence which property gave to them, by the way, the property was public!!! The Soviet state allocated academicians with the right of management of public property not for subjective reasons, as they say now, but for objective, absolutely consciously. The right to manage independently was given to the scientist in acknowledgement of their ability to dispose of resources properly, without a pointer of the party and economic services. So, if the Soviet power counted on the best minds in vain? .... If so, now scientists will become true proletarians who will have nothing to lose except chains … These events definitely set revolutionary trend...

After all we have already endured something similar! It was already paid by blood for that people had no subject for discord in the future, thus general and indivisible property as the basis of Equality, Freedom and Justice has been already created!

Today almost all understand that the capitalist way, reforms of the 90s is a deadlock to which the country is driven consciously, first of all, by external forces, but, of course, with internal support. All this fuss surrounding exposure of foreign agents in the environment of human rights organizations - full nonsense, a smoke screen to hide foreign agents in the power itself completely finish the Russian state by means of WTO and new "ambitious privatization" of strategic objects! The Russian Academy of Sciences, it means all Russian science is one item from the list of enterprises subject to sale, the list includes other important objects providing life of society: capital airports, telecommunications agencies, financial institutions and so on...

All this will be sold and bought by the Americans. There shouldn’t be any illusions in this relation.

Enterprises are on sale for money which is printed in the USA, only there it is possible to print necessary sum to win every auction and to get hold of assets. There are wishing to object, for example, Chubais: "What you are talking about? It’s cheap propaganda without understanding of the essence of economy". Thus he could have also explained it – the essence of the economy. Only he won’t do it! Certainly, money in the USA is printed, it seems, not just like that... Banks increase their capital charged upon property: the more property, the more money. Now the most profitable branch of the USA is finances, income of this branch provides economic growth, by the way, all over the world. To provide it the Americans have already put everything in pledge. Life of people also serves as deposit.

The USA desperately needs new assets! Therefore they achieve injection of new liquidity in the financial sector, establish control, I want to emphasize specially for our "liberals", allegedly, of fighters with totalitarianism, total control worldwide by hook or by crook.

By the way, opinions of the Russian "liberals" in relation to the Snowden’s act shared.

On Thursday, they discussed in the talk show of Peter Tolstoy “Policy” “deed” of the former secret agent of NSA of the USA who published its possibilities of invasion into private life of all citizens of the globe by way of wiretaps of telephone conversations, mails and so on. They mostly discussed two versions: Snowden – the traitor who will be killed in the homeland, that is in the USA; Snowden - citizen of the world fighting for human rights. In this regard they considered possible actions of Russia. However, it would be necessary to consider one more version, namely carrying out of special operation by Snowden by request of the same NSA. Eventually, this "zetetic” didn't tell anything that wasn't known, including in Russia. Such version, by the way, was expressed by political scientist Vyacheslav Nikonov.

The political scientist noted that, certainly, all intelligence services are engaged in wiretap, shadowing – it’s their profession, their opportunities is different thing.

So, Nikonov emphasized that only the USA has possibility of total shadowing and wiretaps in the world. Internet gives this possibility to them, all equipment of this system is located only in the USA. Thus, probably, the purpose of Snowden’s act is to convey this simple truth to all who is mistaken in this respect. It isn't excluded that in circumstances when less people make "mistakes" about the subject, it’s better for the USA to take the first step. It is generally clever - to force events, not to wait till it will be driven into the corner. Thus Snowden makes one more very useful thing for the USA, namely he probes "partners" or even allies".

Test is carried out with intention to find out who from them: China or Russia (may be someone else) is ready to challenge leadership of the USA?

Ecuador, of course, is out of suspicions though "deserter" is going this way. Why actually won’t he go to this "shelter" and to convey his messages from there? No, for some reason he chose sideway: at first – Hon Kong and then - Russia from which they now demand surrender of the "traitor". It is strange that thus Ecuador isn't exposed to any political pressure and any economic sanctions though other runaway “enemy of the USA” – Assange - found shelter in embassy of the country. It seems to me, the matter is not that Ecuador chose "correct" way for the USA, that is it refused from the national currency and uses the American dollar. Thus in this case Ecuadorian liberals can even declare socialism of the XXI century; the USA will turn a blind eye to wink at it.

Ecuador is as one more state of the USA where peculiar social experiments are made.

In this regard I recollect Khodorkovsky intending to sell the company to the American but supporting the CPRF financially. It gives grounds to the left thinkers to think that Khodorkovsky wouldn't have been worse than Putin. Say, the oligarch would quickly understand that the USA needs not him, but the Russian property and therefore he would began to pursue sovereign policy. It’s not that true! Ecuadorian variant of "socialism", that is full refusal of the sovereignty, is possible here, but carrying out of certain, social policy sufficient for removal of intensity in the society will be necessary. It seems to me, Khodorkovsky could have embodied such option of "socialism" in Russia …. Though there is no Russian spirit in him! Our people feel it and they wouldn't go after him. As well as after Medvedev... For this reason he has nothing else to do than to toady to the Americans, to sell them the Russian airports that nobody and never could hide unwanted to them “fugitives” in transit zones.

In due time "patriot" Luzhkov sold to the Americans all real estate close to the Kremlin and now they can look through binoculars how Putin rushed on the bone thrown to him - Snowden. While he is picking it, the last is dragging from the house - openly, impudently fooling "trustful citizens" using advertising brochures, “Ambitious Plan of Privatization", "Reform of the Russian Academy of Sciences" prepared by the American "geniuses" of public relations from NSA...

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