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62 Tajik Proletarians

62 Tajik Proletarians

Conflict on other object - vegetable warehouse in Otradnoye – passed almost unnoticed against events on vegetable warehouse in Biryulevo.

It is officially reported: the deputy director of JSC “Royal Fresh” Z.Dzhamaldayev and four inhabitants of the Chechen Republic: Z.Bakhartiyev, M.Yunusov, Sh.Magomayev, I.Gelogayev who guarded the territory of vegetable warehouse got injures and was hospitalized into city hospitals as a result of fight.

Only one foreigner got wound: 21-year-old Tajik was hospitalized from the place of fight.

Police officers managed to detain 62 migrants who demanded to pay them salary. Criminal case under the article "Hooliganism" is brought.

According to informal data, the Tajiks drove the Chechens into refrigerator, from where they were freed already by OMON.

The conflict reason is that the owners of the base decided to cheat the Tajiks with salary.

- It turns out to look strange, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov was surprised. - Foreigners, the more so the Tajiks cruelly beat the Russians, drove to the refrigerator and still sympathy and understanding is on the part of the Tajiks. It seems that I have attack of Russophobia? It’s somehow unpatriotic... While everything’s clear as a day from class positions - exploiters have their coming, into the face. Well, police, clear thing, acted on the part of bourgeois oppressors and detained 62 Tajik proletarians, now the Tajiks are threatened by deportation at best, prison - in the worst. It would be better if we have more such migrants... Likely it is necessary to help comrades with protection, after all they could be condemned.

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