Vie-Premier Golodets Promised to Punish “When Neessary” Guilty of Bringing Rear Admiral Apanasenko to Suiide, Though She Didn’t Retire

Vie-Premier Golodets Promised to Punish “When Neessary” Guilty of Bringing Rear Admiral Apanasenko to Suiide, Though She Didn’t Retire

Funerals of rear admiral Apanasenko - the chief expert of the Russian Federation in ballistic missiles of submarines (including, as long as it’s possible to understand, on well-known "Bulava"), the former head of the department of rocket and artillery arms of the Navy who committed suicide because of impossibility (in Moscow!!) to receive anesthetizing drugs presribed to him - will talke place on February, 12 on Troyekurovsky cemetery,.

On the eve of the funerals official website of the government published the order of the Deputy Prime Minister Golodets: the one who is responsible for the current state of medicine (including terrible fate of the Russian cancer patients, including children) charged the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation (whih was alongside with the government called responsible for his death in the suiide note of the rear admiral in his suicide note) to find out why the dead was deprived of access to anesthetizing.

As IA “Rosbusinessonsulting reported, the Deputy Prime Minister Golodets (who became famous for that she "lost" nearly a half of all labor fore of Russia, having declared that she didn’t doesn't know what all those people were doing) eloquently specified in her assignment that "when necessary" guilty of tortures of the rear admiral and his suicide "can" even "be made responsible".

Pigs might fly! After, quite probably, unintentional advertizing of "Audi" at the opening of the Olympic Games (as four rings are symbol of this once welcomed in the Kremlin corporation) we ould even hope that order of Medvedev’s deputy will be realized - up to very strict leture to some carefully selected harmless scapegoat.

While guilty of terrible, unrepresentable and indescribable tortures of other Russian cancer patients, as well as of terrifying state and methodical destruction of the Russian medicine as a whole Mrs. Golodets, as soon as it is possible to judge, will award with various stimulations.

Mikhail Delyagin noted that "by way of illustration of the results of policy of modern ruling party it is worth giving example of dismissal (in the day of opening of the Olympic Games in Sochi) of the personnel of the Chita maternity hospital because of intolerably low "salary", as well as photo report “Hell of the Russian Hospitals" prepared from photos of 2010-2013 relating to all country "from Moscow to far suburbs" by the user of LJ uglich-jj". Here you are links to the first http://uglich-jj.livejournal.com/62312.html, the second http://uglich-jj.livejournal.com/62883.html and the third http://potsreotizm.livejournal.com/3314789.html of its part, some photos are attached to this comment.




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