Кто владеет информацией,
владеет миром

Russia Will Have Own Internet! Аnd Also the Globe

Russia Will Have Own Internet! Аnd Also the Globe

A member of the Federation Council Maxim Kavdzharadze suggests to create the in-Russian communication network closed for access from the EU countries and the USA. "We should think of creating own the in-Russian information system to leave from under a wing of the USA, otherwise there will be information leakages," – he deсlared at the meeting of the committee on the constitutional legislation during discussion of the law about status of bloggers. According to Kavdzharadze, Russia could create such network with CSTO countries (Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan) or with the states of Asia - Pacific Rim region.

“You сan find the prime minister both on Facebook and in Twitter, all start sitting in social networks where they write where they went and want to go to. After all someone on servers saves this information," — senator told.

According to Kavdzharadze, creation of such autonomous network is a question of information security of "the whole country which is exposed to information attacks, to cyberattacks and also to attempts to split the society". It’s possible to find means for creation of such system, according to senator, in regional budgets.

"It’s not important how we will call this information system - "Crocodile Gena" or "Cheburashka", the last is even more preferable as nobody has "Cheburashka,"" — he told.


From editorial board: We lived up to such happy time when simple statement of performances of high-ranking officials deprives every feuilleton of any sense, nothing should be thought put, exaggerated, no hooks should be used – just narration. Professional feuilletonists silently smoke aside and hang up with envy. Unless some pen-pusher, some ink-slinger сould be equal to the senator!

Perhaps, it will be more ridiculous even if to start arguing seriously with respeсtful senator. Though unless there’s time to laughter now, if the Homeland is in danger?

It is necessary to support initiative of the comrade Kavdzharadze in every possible way and рto сonsider few more major questions. For example, jeans which laid foundation to the ruin of the USSR, why the prime minister doesn't hesitate to wear these clothes alien to us? While you won’t see him in the Russian national shirt and boots. The Ukrainian politicians unanimously wear shirts with embroidery, while our - the American trousers.

The question of McDonalds was brought more than once, but all the same all guzzle these hamburgers. They don’t eat small pies!

Now, about the globe. Who thought it up? Nicolaus Copernicus! Pole! Why not to create our, Russian globe? The globe of Ukraine is on sale in each shop of souvenirs and our?

You сan see how many work is ahead of the Federation Council.

Аnatoly Baranov

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