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To Cancel Meetings, Introduce Serfdom and Swish till Asses Will Become Red

To Cancel Meetings, Introduce Serfdom and Swish till Asses Will Become Red
Baranov Anatoly 22.01.2007

18 January, a group of deputies of the State Duma from fractions "Edinaya Russia" and LDPR entered amendments seriously "refreshing" the law on assemblies, meetings, demonstrations, processions and picketing. If the document will pass any mass action during pre-election period can appear under interdiction under the decision of local authorities - despite of the sanction received earlier. That is if only yesterday authorities forbade meetings and Special Police Force dispersed them illegally, now all the same will be done on absolutely lawful base.

It’s clear that authorities are disturbed by mass political demonstrations of the last autumn - 15-thousand October demonstration of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation which could not stop by Special Police Force called from all Central Russia; forbidden but nevertheless accomplished "Russian March"; "March of Non-content" which gathered thousands supporters of liberal and left-radical ideas. Now during the period of more than half a year up to elections - "forbidden to gather in groups more than three people". How could parties to show their political activity during elections? Authors of a bill propose to restrict them by party meetings in desolate places – before two weeks before elections and two week after them local authorities will get the right to forbid all mass actions but for the meetings.

Taking into consideration that elections will take place in December this year traditional manifestation on November, 7th only recently deduced from a number of nation-wide festivals, will appear under direct interdiction. And even the day on November, 4th will be offered to citizens, obviously, to celebrate by private wine parties and peaceful pummels of foreigners in the gateways.

It is curious that proving their position, authors of the bill refer to other countries where even more rigid restrictions of the rights of citizens operate. Among foreign states they listed Latvia and Estonia. There was sense to include in the list Chile of the times of Pinochet and Germany of the period of board of NSDAP. Everything was very strict there and the order was observed.

Citizens who have not extinguished or not removed previous conviction for fulfilment of "extremist actions" will be limited in the right to organize mass actions. Whereas in today's Russia the number of political prisoners has exceeded their quantity in the past up to Stalin’s times, the most radical politicians - from Limonov to Molyakov are thrown out from among organizers of meetings.

Moreover, the role of organizers can be fulfilled also by those citizens and public associations which received "caution or the prevention of inadmissibility of realization of extremist activity". Deprivation of rights will be valid in this case during half a year. As "extremist activity" is - extremely wide concept, to deduce any organization for a half a year from public process will be simple trick.

Strangely enough, at first sight, the list of places forbidden for public actions is expanded. They are "places of disposition of military units and establishments of Armed forces, other armies, military formations and their bodies". Whether it has sense?

But, having looked at a map of Moscow, for example, we shall find out that all centre of the capital just falls under this restriction, beginning from a place of disposition of the Kremlin regiment - and further up to the Ministry of Defence on Arbat which is also registered as military unit, the Ministry of Emergency Measures - on Okhotny Ryad and so on. It’s forbidden to gather even in Tushino which, as it is known, is not Moscow but an independent town – there are there centre of space communication and Moscow naval crew team... So, the nearest place is Khimkinskoe cemetery.

The first vice-president of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Ivan Melnikov informed press that the bill was written "in spirit of all of those authoritative changes which earlier were brought in the legislation. If changes will be accepted, the number of problems will increase". It’s clear, Melnikov noticed, "the authority is afraid of protest actions, it understands that it can’t accommodate itself to old interdictions and consequently searches for new ways to get rid of the voice of the people, the administration of the president pursues one purpose: to break off communication between opposition and citizens and fear stands after it”. The first vice-president of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation warned that the more interdictions there would be, the stronger would be temptation to come out into the streets: "The authority calks all outputs of vapour - accordingly another physical phenomenon will happen".

It is difficult to disagree with Ivan Melnikov in estimation of consequences of the bill for opposition. However, the demonstration permitted is no longer today such an effective method of pressure upon authority – they’ve got acquainted and have learned in the Kremlin not to notice things that are not pleasant to them. The more that there is a monopoly of the Kremlin on mass-media.

Much more effective is non-permitted demonstration, especially if there are no reasonable bases for its interdiction and it is clear to everyone. It’s, certainly, extremism - in the handling of the Kremlin. But what one can to do, if constitutional law of citizens to express freely their point of view is also "extremism"? Moreover, every decent person in Russia today is an extremist as soon as it is already clear that it’s not possible to change situation in Russia without extreme measures and the country will be ruined. It is, actually, already ruining in front of our eyes and monopolistic management of “Edinaya Russia” – is not a reason, but only consequence of illness as a scab on the body of a dieing person.    

Flabby enough position of opposition in this case is – another attribute. It would seem that the answer of an alive organism should be allergic reaction to a similar trick of authority – hundred-people meeting of protest, certainly, not permitted. Or a march of oppositional deputies visiting future "forbidden places" of the capital. Or at least good hassel in the Duma by an example of the Ukrainian Supreme Rada.

Meanwhile the reaction is - languid. Though in essence it’s absolutely correct. But according to the force it’s - absolutely not adequate to the irritant.

It\s advisable to pay attention that only few days ago Paul Basanets addressed fellow citizens with such words:

In all cities and all over of Russia mass manifestations should be carried out which will let millions citizens of my country show authorities their force and, the main thing, they will see by themselves: we are - the overwhelming majority. We are bolsheviks already therefore. We are - FORCE! Our requirements are uniform all over the country! The day is ours.

It’s fondly to believe, my compatriots, that someone will come and solve all problems for you, citizens of Russia. “Nobody will give us escape: neither God, nor tsar or hero …" The Communist Party of the Russian Federation is able to do it only at your support. Our Destiny and our Victory will depend on whether you will come out this light Day on street as since olden days went our soldiers on fatal slashing for native land, for darling children, whether you will support by your presence the general requirements. And if you are ready - come  this light day together with children and comrades: we’ll recollect and pray for those who were at war, for those who laid down their lives so that we could live, learn and struggle. Let’s defend our Victory!  

Believe me! You will see! Such 9th of May will be the beginning of general flight of rats and cockroaches from the Russian ship and it will be such that there will be shortage of air tickets …

It is necessary to say that that appeal which has the most direct relation to what is happening now in the Duma around the bill about actual interdiction of meetings, had inadequate reaction.

Official opposition found it possible simply "not to notice it". As they say, not a word or half of it. As a result - receive the bill in which powerlessness of opposition is evidently shown. At the same time readers of FORUM.msk only have voted for the material in number of 1230 people, 500 people have expressed themselves at forum, the article has been read by tens thousand, hundreds resources exported this text. Probably, that road which will lead people to freedom, normal people to power and country to salvation lays in the appeal to the widest layers of citizens.

Therefore the initiative of the Kremlin on interdiction of meetings, actually, is necessary to welcome in every possible way. It is also necessary to suggest them to enter the laws on cancellation of elections, on hereditary membership in "Edinaya Russia" and introduction in Russia of democratically based serfdom. It is up the time. According to the "historical experience of our country, ancient traditions of people released from slavery by mistake only a year earlier, than the American Negros and in the name of revival of national traditions".

And further – swish, swish and swish. Till asses will become red and heads clear.

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