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Mr. Paker Turned Out to Be "Mr. Thimble"

Baranov Anatoly 25.04.2007

"Kononenko told a lie when he declared that he won't write stories on "vladimirvladimirovich.ru" any longer as a kind of protest. He simply updates the date of his heart-breaking protest statement and fresh stories puts below.

For example, now his oath not to entertain authority till it will release innocent is dated on April, 24th meanwhile today he has placed the next story.

Not ridiculous and uninteresting, by the way.

They - putin followers are all the same, ramble on about that normal people don't communicate with them," - Michael Delyagin told me today.

However, the situation itself is quite scandalous. As editorial staff of FORUM.msk found out the Russian Office of Public Prosecutor under the initiative whence from above took care of cruel treatment of children from the part of their parents. As always, they wanted the best. In fact it is bad if children suffer from cattle like behaviour or simple connivance of parents.

But this initiative brought whence from open spaces of the Europe got on especially Russian, moreover - on public prosecutor's ground. Office of Public Prosecutor is - a bureaucratic structure. It means that instructions of the authority should be obligatory carried out - firstly. Secondly - they should be carried out in the least burden-some way.

Certainly, to explain the logic of bureaucratic (even in good meaning of this word) system to a person who even if he served to the state than only as the clown is senseless enough. It is very bad that the case of unfortunate girl of 22 years by the name Tonya and another one who is even younger is given to a person who, apparently, never did anything useful to alive people. As a result the case turned out so that not to appear shitted from top to bottom the public prosecutor of Novgorod Efimov was simply obliged to send Tonya into prison. Mr. Kononenko being true president airhead just made him to do it.

How the Office of Public Prosecutor can fight for the interests of "small forces" in the least burdensome for itself way? Will it with a revolver search scrap-heaps and gates as it used to do falcons of Dserzhinsky catching homeless children and trying to discover their careless parents? Fuck off!

It simply goes to emergency station and to the department of children's traumatology and studies there case records, choosing the most suspicious cases.

So, in general the most part of these suspicious cases is - a full chicken-feed. Because those children that find themselves in traumatology are brought by frightened to death parents and they are not victims of parental cruelty. Those children who should, in principal, interest Office of Public Prosecutor find themselves in hospitals basically casually, mainly making a basis of statistics of extramural children's death rate. I know it well, as when Mr. Kononenko still was a child, I had to treat a little such children.

So, I came across those parents whom I would strangle for their treatment of children with my own hands as a rule already on a threshold of a mortuary. While the ones shivering from horror and not knowing what to do calling you at 3 o'clock in the morning are normal parents.

What happens now?

The same as in other countries where political correctness and other costs of public progress were included long time ago into a life of workers and the ones not working. The bureaucratic system, called to protect the right of children (and which protects these rights really) gives such failures, heigh-ho!

Axiomatic precedent with syndrome of sudden infant death (from English SIDS) is being discussed. The scientific public thinks that repeated case of SIDS - is obligatory criminal case. They started to put into prison until other scientific people did not prove existence of families where repeated case of SIDS happened through generation, i.e. it's fixed genetically due to recessive attribute. Thus, they began to release some mums after 5-7 years of imprisonment.

It is possible to tear, certainly, hair on the ass and other places, sometimes it's even useful to destress. But practice shows that proper response to one decree can be only another decree.

Meanwhile they gave an example, when in Russia, now under consequence there is a daddy whose juvenile son, walking with the father broke a hand. It's only a beginning, so to say, idiocy at early stages. Politically correct society which can allow a "family" from two pederasts to adopt a boy from "unsuccessful" family, in the same easy manner can put into prison a mother who flogged her child in front of the eyes of strangers for cruel treatment of children and deprive her of the parental rights. That is it can take away a child from own mother and give it to the pederasts.

As soon as our society under Vladimir Vladimirovich's ТМ skilful management confidently moves in the direction to these fagged (that is European and Western in general) values, poor girl Alisa has very little chances to see her mum Tonya. Miracles, certainly, happen but they are rare. Meanwhile Mr. Kononenko is obviously not a wondermonger but only a servant. A sort of the waiter to serve spiritual food to a high management. And God forbid to put too much pepper...

The public prosecutor has everything to prove his position in court - there is a motive, there is a witness (though juvenile), there are data after examinations. And the main thing - now he has personal necessity to win this case, that is to put into prison. For this last item - thanks to the public and personally to Mr. Kononenko.

The opposite party, except for sensation that something awful is happening, has only show offs. These show offs are cheap as soon as acquaintance to Gleb Pavlovsky is not that thing which should be braved. It is better to hide it, I know it for sure. At last interference of a member of "Public Chamber" is negative factor - look at interference of members of this body into the destiny of inhabitants of Southern Butovo or deceived investors.

In addition to that favourite clown of Vladimir Vladimirovich ТМ dares to express oneself on a situation in Himky where the memory of the deceased was abused and also quite alive and young people were crippled, by the way now they tried to imprison them. It is done by people whom Mr. Kononenko wants to amuse. Actually, if not this nuance, I would not begin to pay attention to his capers.

But representatives of authority, owing to smelly activity of its separate representatives of "intellectual servants" can have a false impression that they are a reasonable part of a society. But it's not so. It is intelligency in the most Lenin's definition.

It's of course not pleasant that the authority surrounds itself with fine people without the past and the future. But in fact others don't go to serve its interests. Disdain. While these ones - go without ceremony...
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