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Opposition Carries out “Fair Elections”. Eat Your Heart out Churov…

Opposition Carries out “Fair Elections”. Eat Your Heart out Churov…
Majsuryan Alexander 24.09.2012

So-called “elections in coordination council (CC) of opposition" is being carried out on the Internet. However, according to many participants of opposition, it’s no more than farce with the purpose to legalize self-appointed "organizing committee" controlling meetings since December, 2011. Thus Edward Limonov called these "elections" "a swindling invention" aiming to "to throw Navalny at our heads".

In my opinion, it’s called very softly and delicately. The meaning of the events is precisely expressed in a recent joke: "Corruption in Russia reached such sizes that we have not only "party of swindlers and thieves”, but "opposition" of swindlers and thieves as well...

Alas, it’s really so. Respectively, elections in a white ribbons camp represents total fraud and swindle (probably, in especially big amount). There’s nothing to add and to deduct. There are only details. Let’s talk a bit about them…

Let's begin with the fact that each person who desires to become the candidate on "elections" should make a contribution at a rate of 10 thousand rubles. What is this sum? Whence it appeared from? Certainly, it was established by the same "organizing committee". Why ten thousand, not hundred thousand and one million? The meaning of the sum was ingenuously explained by the head of the "central elective committee" appointed by "organizing committee" Mr. Volkov. On the blog he wrote that the group of candidates (those were participants of MMM - about 60 people – who were refused in registration) at once caused his and his colleagues’ suspicion: they "in practice appeared "unemployed and turners". Further he notices, attention: "THEY SIMPLY CAN’T ALLOW THEMSELVES TO MAKE SUCH DISTRIBUTION!” How thrilling! That is the head of the Central Committee publicly recognizes: 10-thousand contribution sweeps aside "turners" and "unemployed" and other "working people” from among possible candidates. So to say softened variation on a known subject: "those who have no billion dollars can kiss ass”. Only in this case the ass can be kissed by those who don’t have at least ten thousand. Class sense of events is before us, right in front of our eyes. Here you are, let’s go further.

It turns out that it’s already defined that 45 people – neither more, nor less – would enter into Coordination Council, at that there would be five candidates from liberals, five - from the Russian nationalists, five - from left and 30 more according to "the all-civil list". It is interesting, whether it is possible to imagine that Putin or Churov in advance before elections to the Duma publicly declared that it would include the quantity of members of LDPR, of the CPRF, etc? It is impossible, even if they secretly plan something similar. While opposition reached such level of farce and marasmus – to define the size of ideological quotas in (pseudo-) parliament in advance. Who made such decision? Well, certainly - "organizing committee". What else!

Who is elected in the Coordination Council? Well, the same "organizing committee" is elected. However, its exact structure is known to nobody, it’s really "Unknown Fathers" as in "Inhabited Island" of the brothers Strugatsky…(…sleepless nights and painful thoughts about destinies of the people …"). As Mr. Volkov writes: "The Organizing Committee has no work regulations, there is no fixed membership, there is no order of registration of the accepted decisions. Organizing committee of protest actions is simple a mailing list which actually include 40 signed." Note – “40 people"! So, all these forty people are going to place themselves comfortably in the future chairs of "Coordination Council of opposition”. That is all the essence of the so-called "elections", all the rest – petty details.

So, conditions of "elections" in CC are defined by "organizing committee", "organizing committee" is elected there too. Who then supervises elections? Yes, the same "organizing committee"! However, they tried to hide it till the last moment. There’s nothing kept secret that will not come to light.

It suddenly became known that the Central Committee missed. It registered two candidates out of one and a half hundred which are not to the liking of the "organizing committee". These are the Russian nationalist Nikolay Korolyov (sentenced to lifelong imprisonment on charge of organization of explosion on Cherkizovsky market) and ultraliberal Boris Stomakhin (stood imprisoned from 2005 to 2011 for "extremist" publications). Let's not assort merits and demerits of these people as candidates - the essence is not in their persons. The essence is that the Central Committee registered those candidates. And here...

The member of "organizing committee" Ilya Yashin wrote in Twitter: "Organizing committee of opposition recognized: actions and statements of Stomakhin and Korolyov contradict to the provision on elections into CC. Now the Central Committee is obliged to remove them."

Well, all these puppeteers, misters Karabas-Barabases are strange people. They can’t stay quietly. It would seem, everything is so grandly and solidly: Karabas-Barabas ("organizing committee") hid its extensive hulk behind cardboard screen, while Central Committee – so impartial and independent - was dancing cancan in front of the screen on public (though appointed by the same Karabas - but unless anyone remembered it?). In a word, everything was like in the best homes of Philadelphia. But suddenly Karabas for some reason felt the desire to put his shaggy beard out of the screen, to stamp with elephant leg and to bark in a bad voice. "The Organizing Committee decided – CC is obliged"! At that very moment all people came to see the threads on which a doll puppet twitched before its owner whom it itself “elected”...

I will give some typical responses of bloggers.

The Russian nationalist Basmanov writes: "The main value of the meeting on Bolotnaya Square - protest against Putin's dictatorial and thieves' power. Stomakhin and Korolyov - unconditional oppositionists and haters of Putin's mode. Korolyov urged to go to the streets and to support March of Millions and it’s impossible to suspect him and Stomakhin of putinism in any view, the reason why Korolyov is imprisoned as well as Stomakhin's Russophobia - their personal thing. I personally have direct connection with imprisonment of Stomakhin but it doesn't mean that he has no right to be put forward into Coordination Council, no matter whom he is pleasant or not. As far as I understand, the idea to follow Putin’s example during these elections belongs to the liberals... It is pure putin’s manner – to tell the Central Electoral Committee whom to register, whom to remove and whom to let to stay. Perhaps, then Organizing Committee without any voting will define, who win and will charge the Central Committee to declare the decision?"

The blogger almoscow writes: "Some (pity gigolo - crossed out) Yashin, filth, known exclusively for being caught in the boudoir of the film star with a heap of unrecorded cash will decide for whom it is possible to vote and for whom NO? When "oppositionists" shout that churov’s guard acted not democratically and shortchanged someone – it’s one thing. If it’s different thing when some-Yashin-from behind the screen crosses out Stomakhin? In the first case Churov decided to cross out. In the second - Yashin. Where’s the difference?"

The blogger viking-nord writes: "If to be honest I don’t care pence for Korolyov and Stomakhin, I don’t care for mavrodis and Tesak. I simply don’t like "not regular guys”. They promised that all would participate and crossed out candidates or refused in registration in the best traditions of Churov. At that all was done following instructions of the Organizing Committee and the instructions were public, I will note. If Putin gives instructions to Churov secretly, Volkov gives them to organizing committee publicly... I would like to tell few words about Yashin... It’s such eternal Komsomol leader who now is called youth politician... He is ready to execute, by the way, dirty work for his senior comrades - speaks from a tribune about ethics, now initiates removal of objectionable candidates. As they say, a dog who doesn’t grow up is happy to be a pup".

Liberal blogger lyzakov_pavel: "Limonov appeared to be right. To our great regret, certainly... Cross out unwanted, then inconvenient, then those who Navalny points. Finally those whom a doggie Conny starts barking... or a cat of Navalny starts hissing... To participate in "elections" of the next body which in fact doesn't differ from the State Duma or public chamber - now, after removal of inconvenient candidates is obviously senseless. After removal of unwanted (it’s clear by whom) Korolyov and Stomakhin - only BOYCOTT! The party of crooks and thieves will fight against the party of swindlers and cheats now”.

Head of the Central Committee Volkov carried out informal poll on the Internet: whether it is necessary to cancel registration Korolyov and Stomakhin. About 40% of participants of the poll (against 23%) said no. But... "the organizing committee said "it is necessary!" and the Central Committee answered "yes, sir!".

Though, if to trust Volkov, the Committee was against such decision. He personally, according to him, voted against: "We haven’t foreseen, - the head of the committee complains, - that we create the bases for emergence of infernal conflict of interests: by the time when Yashin's appeal was submitted almost all members of Organizing committee have already been registered candidates! As a result, it turned out that strictly following a letter of our "Regulations on elections", some candidates appeared to have rights to make the decision on the removal from elections of other candidates - the most obvious nonsense!"

Well-well, respectable Mr. Volkov, you shouldn’t mess an issue now: pardon, where did you find here “infernal conflict of interests"? "Organizing committee" elected itself the head of opposition following rules being written by it and supervises now elective process. No conflict, full unity, absolute identity of interests. Unless you call "the conflict of interests" that you haven’t expected to be given so foul and shameful role of the prostitute? Putin at least doesn't give Churov public instructions who from the candidates should be removed. You haven’t expected it would be so? You haven’t understood where you step in? Well, so it’s already your personal problems...

If to return from farcical "elective" games of “white ribbons” to the problems of REAL opposition, it would be desirable to remind the proposal of the author of these lines which he brought at the very beginning of protests, in January of this year:


- not to participate in committees joint with "white ribbons”, but to create own alternative centers of power - new councils. This offer doesn’t disappear from the agenda and it can't disappear from there. It’s would be good if now, at the time when opposition has triggered a backflash it recollected this idea...

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