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Putin Gave 3-5 Years to Complete the Task Which Took 15 Years from Stalin

Putin Gave 3-5 Years to Complete the Task Which Took 15 Years from Stalin

Three-five years — were allocated by president Putin to the management of the Ministry of Defence to bring the army into essentially new level of opportunities having reminded of expansion of zones of instability in the world.

One of the first statements of Vladimir Putin at last session of the board concerned actions of the countries of NATO which, according to him, have destabilizing character and directly interfere with the national interests of Russia. "Methodical attempts to loosen strategic balance are made this or that way. Actually, the second stage of creation of global missile defense system of the USA has started, opportunities for further expansion of NATO to the east are probed. There is danger of militarization of the Arctic," — the president declared.

He emphasized that all calls directly interfere with the national interests of Russia and define arrangement of priorities of the Russian Federation. According to him, this refers, first of all, to integration development in Eurasia, strengthening of common economic space and transition to creation of the Euroasian economic union, deepening of partner communications within SCO and BRICS and strengthening of military component of CSTO.

"Dynamics of geopolitical situation demands verified and fast actions from us. Armed forces of Russia have to come to essentially new level of opportunities in the next three-four-five years," — Putin noted.

The head of the state added that instability zones are multiplied and extend on the planet, armed conflicts in the Middle East and Asia don't stop, danger of "export of radicalism and chaos to the neighbouring regions" increases.

Putin emphasized that it is necessary to create modern, mobile and well equipped armed forces which are ready quickly and adequately answer every potential threats. The president also charged to finish process on creation of full-fledged groups in all strategic directions. "It is necessary to finish process of creation of full-fledged groups in all strategic directions, all small units of the large unit need to be maintained constant alert," — he told.

In his turn the Minister of Defence general Sergey Shoygu declared that for protection of interests of Russia on the Mediterranean Sea is necessary to create separate management of task force of the Navy of the Russian Federation. "For protection of the national interests of Russia in the Mediterranean zone and ensuring continuous presence of forces of the fleet there is necessary to create management of task force of the Navy," — Shoygu told.


From editorial board: Well, we learned to speak. Now we talk about "creation of full-fledged groups in all strategic directions, it is necessary all small units of the large unit need to be maintained constant alert". Words “units” and “alert” are obviously superfluous, though as a whole it is very convincing. It’s the same way difficult to fulfill as to stay in high spirits all the time.

However for army reforming "to fulfill tasks" is necessary to put these tasks and describe them more detailed. Who is probable opponent? To what level of conflicts should units be maintained constant alert? It’s necessary to put questions of technical character in accordance with these tasks - what units and parts, what arms and so on. "Universal soldier" exists only in the films with Van Damme.

It is very good that strategic defeat in Libya and Syria, as it became clear, full unavailability of fleet to solve even operational and tactical problems on the Mediterranean battlefield took effect and they shifted from chatter about rearmament of the Black Sea Fleet to the chatter about reconstruction of analog of the Soviet Mediterranean squadron.

While what strategic priorities of the Russian Federation in this region and whether they really exist in general after defeats described above? Well, and of course what real prospect of creation of the Mediterranean squadron in 3-5 years from nothing? The answer to the first question is “I do not know", to the second - "no, it’s impossible". There are things which neither Shoygu, nor God could do. For today the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation is not a fleet in general, it’s a flotilla from the ships of different rank and class, they can’t be used for solution of uniform fighting tasks. So, it is necessary to formulate this task accurately - and to create material base for it.

At first one can propose formation of new fleet from landing and attack ships, but impossibility to keep full-fledged aircraft carrier on the Black Sea because of specific way of passing of the straits is its weak point, as well as categorical need to have aircraft carrier on the Mediterranean Sea. By the way, the 6th fleet of the USA doesn't have aircraft carrier here, it isn't required to it in view of abundance of land airfields. We have no places for basing of aircraft here.

Rearmament of the BSF meets also bureaucratic obstacles from the part of Ukraine which Minister of War which recently recognized obvious need of modernization of the fleet - and pointed at enormous problems from the part of other departments and legislature. In fact, we again come back to the need of creation of fleet base in own territory, as experts offer, near Temryuk.

As to Putin's words concerning general threats because of "instability" and unfriendly behavior of NATO, it’s necessary to be more concrete in putting tasks for modernization of army and change of its level of combat readiness. This task, as a matter of fact, should be put not before Shoygu, but before Rogozin. The last also needs more precise formulation of the order - what level of opposition with NATO should be expected and what we should be prepared to? To nuclear war of extermination or to the local conflicts of small intensity? To subversive and terrorist war or battles of big mass of armies and equipment?

What to do with 5-year freezing of armored machinery production declared recently? If it remains, new shape of motor-shooting, the more so tank units can’t appear in any way.

What to do with fighter plane of the fifth generation which got hung up at the stage of experimental plane – will it be a new shape of the Air Force with old cars? Let's paint, sew new uniform and enough?

Well, as to the army completing: 1 million contract employees will not be enough for big continental war. While it’s too much for the army consisting only of units of constant alert.

So, they learned to speak, but not to be responsible for own words. Though, on the other hand, there’s no one to call to responsibility at the existing political system. At first they hotly approved Senrdyukov in his civil suit, now they the same way hotly approve Shoygu with his marshall star. Tomorrow they will approve some Tina Kandelaki in Versace... If only there’s only no war.

Аnatoly Baranov, editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk

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