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Brilliants of Ludmila Putin


Not so long ago gorgeous couple of the Putins has made a trip to the ancient city of Prussiankings in other words - Russian Kaliningrad. Visit has been arranged accordingly - quite kingly as soon as the 750 anniversary is a suitable occasion to recollect history of that period when the city on the river Pregolja (Pregel) had the royalist name that one can have.  

As usually in such cases visit passed under the strictest protocol without unexpectedness and immodest glances of outsiders. In the same strict way (as usually) the coverage of this visit was organized- only the Kremlin pool and only with press-service visa.

Naturally we were interested in acceptable processing of a photo where V. Putin with wife leave a record in the book for honourable guests in one of few remained architectural monuments of the past. It would seem what is the reason for such a severe formatting of such successful picture? The president - quite an imposing man, quite pleasant lady at his side. Nobody is picking in a nose, swallowing a cutlet, scratching a knee... Everything is very decent and even intelligent - cultural leisure and to nothing’s more.

The only thing that remains off-screen after formatting is president’s wife jewelry which, it should be mentioned, draw attention first of all thanks to the sizes. To clear up what was it that was on Ludmila Putina that should have been cersorshiped we had to address to the staff of one of glamour magazines as we ourselves can’t catch on in all these ladies' “gimmickry”.

"Well speaking about external look of the president’s wife one should note that a suit, the make-up and a hairdo are   scandalous antiglamour - experts in the field of ladies' “gimmickry” told us – she is probably good aunty and such things are beyond her interests, she is wearing what is convenient for her". However the bagatelles which were noticed in her ears and on fingers caused a deep sigh of worldly-wise experts.

“The most expensive is apparently earrings. They are with brilliants, camera doesn’t let to value the size and quality of the stones but judging from the work they should be large-size and expensive. How many thousand of dollars? Well I don’t think that more than 15 thousand if there isn’t something exclusive and unique in them. But it’s impossible to distinguish it on the photo”.

As long as the rings concern it was a wonder that they do not make up a set with the earrings as well as between themselves.

"Rings are very large, even massive – they explained. - The ring of yellow color – it’s bad seen from here – made of gold but not of good work. Its value is in the quantity of gold, significant stones are not visible if only to talk about a large pearl. At the same time black rose form ring is really a thing! Blackened gold is in itself a thing that is not cheap, usually it is used for a frame to very rare stones. And there there is a stone - large and also of black colour, absolutely round. If it is a black pearl of such a size – than I can’t tell You how much it costs. I saw such rings only in museums” – told us our expert and traced in the air so many zeroes that we only had strength to open our mouths.

 Apparently president’s family is comfortably off. Far less fashionable lines of the modern round watch on the hand of the head of the state was hardly presented to him by workers of Chistopolsky factory and the metal most likely not white gold but real platinum – as he is the president at the end and not the director of the market. But what is pleasant is that our nobility has already begun learning to hesitate to parade its riches and the president is the first to set an example.

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