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Ominous Meaning of Strange Maneuvers in the Resort Zone

Ominous Meaning of Strange Maneuvers in the Resort Zone
Каrtoshkin Michael 02.04.2013

So, all rack their brains: whom did Putin send message via sudden maneuvers of the Black Sea fleet (to be more precise of already flotilla, i.e. remained group doesn't can’t be regarded as fleet). Strange and ominous event. Many connect it directly with the events in Syria.

There’s certain connections, but it’s not direct. No logic is seen by naked eye. At first sight – theater of absurdity. Though it’s only at first sight. Let's sort out the latest events and find connections and logic.

So. The first event.

Safeguards and accompanying persons of Putin and Lavrov were roughly pushed out from conference room of summit of BRICS countries in the Republic of South Africa by black security guards in the face of all public.

Unprecedented violation. Such activity was shown by RSA’s guards only in relation to the Russian delegation. What is it? Misunderstanding? Certainly not. Such things don't happen without preliminary planning and coordination. It’s clear that new member of BRICS couldn't allow such demarche without coordination with other members of the organization. Thus it’s possible to make the only logical conclusion from this scandalous action: members of BRICS agreed to let Russia frankly and roughly enough know that they categorically don't want to deal with Putin and his office. The message is clear: either you move away Putin with his camarilla, or Russia will be removed from BRICS. It was the ONLY achievement of RSA’s summit. All other decisions, as it is known, are postponed.

The second event.

For very good sum of money Saudis redeemed the Soviet installations of volley fire remained in Serbia as heritage of Yugoslavia. Now their column moves through Turkey to Syria to become reinforcement for opposition. This group can seriously change balance of forces there, though it’s already outdated Soviet equipment, supply of ammunition is still large. Serbians obviously decided not only to earn additional money, but also to take advantage of the standard of NATO and NATO equipment. It means that Belgrad is already ready to join NATO.

The third event.

After public slap in the face in RSA Putin goes not to Moscow, but to Sochi, wakes up Shoygu on his way in the plane and gives order about immediate deployment of the Black Sea flotilla for the fight on the move.

In Rostov he urgently organizes demonstrative forum of urgently gathered members of Nashi.

Whom Putin it wanted to frighten and warn? NATO, Syrian opposition, saudovets, Turkey? . Even Georgia frankly laughed over this doctrine along resort Russian-Ukrainian coast. The flotilla can stop a column of installations of the WC volley fire only in blow of ballistic missiles, having launched these in fact war with Turkey, the member of NATO, i.e. having launched war with NATO. It's a no-brainer that Putin never will decide on it.

So, whom does Putin frighten with the Black Fleet flotilla?

He frightens us, dear Russians. After Serdyukov’s reforms, his appointment by Putin and concealment of his activity, professional responsible and thinking military men of the Russian Federation extremely negatively treat Putin. Loyalty of army of imperious vertical decreased to a limit.

Obvious situation of palace revolution and arrest of our favourite national leader and Crane tsar appeared in Moscow after plug and ultimatum in the Republic of South Africa, after obvious step of Serbia towards NATO and fast prospect of loss of the Syrian company. It seems that Pu was simply afraid to fly to Moscow and decided to show us that there are loyal to him armed forces in the Russian Federation. Who are they? Poor guys from the Black Sea Fleet. They are hostages of the situation. They simply have no way to go. Soon Turks won't let them appear in the Mediterranean Sea having forbidden the Russian military ships pass through the passage. What can they do? To break with fight? ... They don’t have enough forces to fight Turkey, we don’t speak about NATO. AT the same time they don’t have base on the Black Sea, only Sevastopol. There’s military port in Novorossiysk. It can accept and serve 2-3 ships at the same time... Though it’s not the base of fleet or even flotilla, it will never be the one. Thus it turns out that if distemper begins in the Russian Federation and the Vertical fails, the Ukrainians will at once deliver to the management of the Black Sea Fleet ultimatum: either you change nationality and transfer ships and base under the Ukrainian banner, or go away from Sevastopol. Ukraine also has no means to maintain flotilla. So, the ships most likely will be sold or sawed. Thus the Black Sea Fleet seamen understand that they are hostages and they have no way to go.

Therefore Putin went not to Moscow after the summit, but landed on the coast of the Black Sea under protection of willy-nilly loyal to him flotilla.

There’s only one question: if the Moscow oligarchy will agree with the Ukrainians about blockade of supply and service of the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol, how long seamen will hold out covering their Crane Tsar?

Things are moving, gentlemen of the jury!

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