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Who and the Main Thing Why Killed Alexander Dolmatov?

Who and the Main Thing Why Killed Alexander Dolmatov?
Тatyana Volkova 16.04.2013

In order to avoid misunderstanding I want to stress once again: facts on the case published earlier by me as well as questions which I raise now have no relation to the position of my employer. Moreover, they, according to my opinion, contradict it.

On January, 17 Alexander Dolmatov was found dead in the cell of deportation prison in Rotterdam. According to the official version published on January, 18, the Plenipotentiary Minister of Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Moscow Mr. Onno Elderenbosh assured that authorities of the Netherlands don't connect Alexander Dolmatov's suicide with refusal in granting him political asylum. Representative of the Ministry of Justice Mrs. Charlotte Menton also denied responsibility of the state, having declared that "it’s Dolmatov's private business".

From time to time public were given different versions connected with drugs and other nasty things urged to show all the depth of fall of the dead. Let's not dig in the dirt which has been poured out during the period since his death. Let's look at the new official version, this time of April, 12.

Site of Inspection of Safety and Justice of the Kingdom http://www.ivenj.nl/ one can find report about "Investigation of Circumstances of Death of Mr. Dolmatov in Detention Center of Rotterdam". Here you are several extracts from this document:

• "various organizations in immigration chain on various stages operated carelessly";

• "Dolmatov was mistakenly placed in deportation prison";

• "actions weren't made according to laws and rules";

• "medical care was insufficient";

• "despite instructions of the protocol about need of consultation with the doctor if such decision is made, it hasn't been made";

• "automatic change (in system) was made";

• "immigration police worked carelessly and contrary to the Decree about Foreigners";

• "Dolmatov wasn't given opportunity to use services of the lawyer according to his choice";

• "duty lawyer and Immigration police took amazingly passive position in relation to each other in question of Dolmatov's detention";

• "after Dolmatov’s attempt of suicide – for reasons not clear for Inspection of Safety and Justice – decision not to notify forensic medical examiner though, according to Inspection, there were bases for it were made";

• "it contradicts internal management and had to be made, according to the Dutch inspection of health care";

• "in this case guarantee of extension of the term of lawful stay didn't work", etc.

The document is made in the Netherlands language. For instant it seemed to me that it says about Surinam of 1980, however yesterday's date and Alexander Dolmatov's name returned me to daily life.

Thus, it turned out that a lot of things went wrong in well functioning and very effective law-enforcement system of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The report of Inspection causes more questions than gives answers. What was it: tragic chain of coincidence? If it’s not high time to ask: qui bono, in whose interests rules and instructions in Dolmatov’s case steadily and consistently were broken?

It is possible to welcome the following part of the document: "Taking into consideration conclusions of Inspection of Safety and Justice in this concrete case I see enough bases to compensate possible damage caused to the natives of Mr. Dolmatov as a result of his death. The natives will be contacted to discuss amount of possible damage". However there is a question: if it will be done at the expense of the Netherlands taxpayers? Or check from abroad was received?

From three main questions: compensation to the family, complication of creation of similar situations in the future and punishment of the guilty – the document gives satisfactory answers only to two questions. It is more, than what it could have been, if there was no scandal. Even the President of the Russian Federation during last visit to the Netherlands was interested in the course of investigation of death of this prisoner. Who knows, probably, once we will hear the third, fourth and fifth official versions?


Comments of Edward Limonov:

Officials of the Kingdom of the Netherlands aren't guilty of all above-mentioned mistakes (for which the Kingdom of the Netherlands is ready to pay compensation to mother - Dolmatova Lyudmila Nikolaevna). They only covered crime committed at the initiative of several American citizens, in particular of top managers of the American corporation Raytheon Missile Systems (it’s situated in the city of Tucson, Arizona) and the American military investigation.

Here you are how it was in reality.

Having learned that unusual emigrant, the leading designer of CB JSC “Tactical Missile Armament Corporation” competing in the international markets with Raytheon Mossile Systems, asked for political asylum in the Netherlands, managers of Raytheons became interested in the National-Bolshevik. At first they organized refusal in political asylum, it was done so that Dolmatov became more compliant.

The Dane several times talked to him. Without results. After all he was National-Bolshevik.

After New Year's holidays top manager of Raytheons accompanied by two guys from the American military investigation and Air Force Attache of the embassy of the Netherlands in the USA colonel den Drijver arrived to the Netherlands.

Naturally they couldn't meet Dolmatov in the territory of the camp for refugees, therefore on January, 13 the Dutch police came to the camp and took Dolmatov away to the police. Dolmatov spent four days in the police station up to the evening of January, 16. The Americans came to him to the police station and tried to force him to become the traitor.

For this reason in Dolmatov's suicide note words "treachery", "traitor" sounds keynote.

Having received zero results, they decided to apply the last method of influence. On January, 17 they transferred him to deportation prison near Rotterdam. At any time there are a lot of illegal immigrants expecting deportation there, among them there are a lot of Somali and Chechen refugees. Each of them will receive severe punishment in the homeland, in some cases even death. In exchange for the right to remain in the territory of the Netherlands these guys are ready to intimidate the Russian.

By the way, all cells in deportation prison are for two prisoners. I asked. So someone would have prevented Dolmatov from committing suicide. While he could have been hanged.

One more remark. There was no first attempt of suicide. Therefore corresponding authorities were not notified. The first attempt was thought up so that subsequent "suicide" looked plausible and to justify his transfer from refugee camp to the police station.

Russia doesn't want to quarrel with the Netherlands because of him, too many contracts were signed in the presence of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Though inquiry of the deputy of the CPRF about Dolmatov’s case came to the State Office of the Public Prosecutor and to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we expect that these departments would give only formal reply.


From editorial board: Knowing a bit customs in control system of the Russian military-industrial complex I think that situation with Dolmatov was much more disgusting, than it seems today.

Competence of the leading designer Dolmatov causes doubts. The leading designer works over certain, quite narrow theme. Certainly, Dolmatov could be sensible, educated expert (I think it was so) and be interested in things more widely, than he should in the niche allocated to him in CB. He could be engaged in working over subject which presents special interest for the strategic opponent. Nevertheless his competence was obviously insufficient for comprehensive treachery.

While if decision to leak know-how of CB JSC “Tactical Missile Armament Corporation” to Raytheon Missile Systems was accepted at immeasurably higher level, everything clicks into place. Only one problem – it’s impossible simply to transfer information to the Americans. Appearance of new technological decisions in the USA indistinguishably repeating results of the Russian CB will inevitably lead to investigation and investigation will reveal source of leakage - circle of people there is very narrow. Competition and mutual hostility inside the ruling clique of the Russian Federation are great and many want to do dirt on Rogozin's department. Therefore they need "the Russian Ames" and Alexander Dolmatov who at the moment appeared in hiding suited to play the role.

Probably it could explain Dolmatov's real panic when he understood what role was assigned to him in that dirty game. It was not the question of secret cooperation, but of enormous scandal with transfer of really important defensive secrets of Russia in which Dolmatov could really be assigned public role – role of great traitor, Judas from military industrial complex. Possibly, he couldn’t agree on it.

It is quite probable that necessary secrets are already in hands of the strategic opponent and the role of "the Russian Ames" is all the same assigned to Dolmatov - not alive, but dead now. While publicity of scandal slowed down the process. It’s possible that "independent" information that Dolmatov "leaked" something but, having failed to sustain moral torments, hung will appear in the near future.

I will remind that Dolmatov's body with all data necessary for a forensic medical examination arrived from the Netherlands in the closed coffin and wasn't exposed to any additional research from part of the Russian competent authorities. They were not interested in the cause of Dolmatov’s death - possibly, it’s simply known without exhumations. The process of treachery takes its course and is irreversible. All absurd of the situation simply masks unattractive picture of real events...

Anatoly Baranov, editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk

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