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Controllable Revolution or New “Operation “Trust”

Controllable Revolution or New “Operation “Trust”
Grechaninov Vladimir 01.05.2013

Once TV regularly fed vigilance of the Soviet citizens with revolutionary soup operas such as "Operation "Trust". It’s a story as security officers thought up anti-Soviet underground and revealed rebels with its help.

Good idea, classics of genre. Now tell me – if someone suffers skull cramps that for last one and a half years democratic values are preached from tribunes by children, granddaughter and other relatives of members of politburo and other unsinkable nomenclature?! If it’s not from the same KGB opera?

Why do poor characters from TV act as leaders of protest movement? Are they on their own or it has been thought out so that normal people who went to Bolotnaya on call of conscience, then feel sick from news about fighters for freedom who are without exception mixed up in financial frauds, squealing and devil knows want else in general! Lawful question appears – if there were normal people on tribunes in general? Or they engaged only those who could be used and thrown away then?

Certainly, some will object me fervently now that hunting of Navalny, Ponomarev, Gudkov, etc. is supposedly revenge of a bloody mode. What revenge you are talking about? Comrades are ok, they have posts and salaries, they were pressed a bit as a warning. While other people – those who are not leaders – they are in prison. Very good! What you are doing in your Coordination Centre? Fight for national happiness or increase own capitalization exposing yourself as school children who have played mean tricks?

If you are caught - leave. For the sake of colleagues, for the sake of idea as it’s accepted in general. No, they continue appearing on screens and saying lies to educated country that hundred thousands dollar for a lecture is normal price. What muck! What future you are fighting for in general? You want that “Dozhd” would be instead of the 1st channel, Parfyonov instead of Pozner, you would take seat in spacious offices made free, while the rest would go well without your participation?

While I shot film about opposition, I was generally interested in this question - where did these leaders come from in general? Whether there could be others? I was answered: “No, our leaders could be only from above, only appointed by Politburo (it’s from Aleshkovsky), because people are silly and ignorant, it was always so and will be so for ever and ever, amen!

Perhaps it was so at the time of Stenka Razin, but now people on Bolotnaya are cleverer, more educated and more courageous, than many talkers on tribunes who are brave only because they are sure - the power won't touch them, they are own fellows. Look at these faces which I have been filming during one and a half year! Well, any of them could have become better leader than the present ones. I still know many activists who without any cards and "covers" fight against lawlessness of housing and communal services and the Russian Orthodox Church, against dot building and with swindlers of all colors, but they are not invited by opposition. Why it happen so? The Kremlin doesn't order because sees real danger in them?

As to present leaders - they fulfilled their mission. They were beautiful flying in personal planes, spoke all correct chants, got money, if it was possible, now people will feel sick from one word "democracy" for next twenty years. Operation “Trust” succeeded.

However, the power is still afraid of the protests and it gives chance for the future. Though under one condition - to begin everything from a clean sheet. There shouldn't be any doubtful characters on the top, there shouldn't be former persons and their numerous off-springs, the Kremlin Golems, fools and adventurers who unscrupulously earn money on the protest. The best thing will be if they leave all together. As, in my opinion, Yeltsin should leave twenty years ago. They should forbid all party functionaries and first of all themselves to occupy state positions in new Russia and then become history. Now we would live in different country. But Yeltsin didn't leave and these also won't leave, so we shouldn’t expect any changes in the foreseeable future.

I feel pity towards people with their unfulfilled hopes. They are already deceived, while they will still go to the meeting on May, 6 because they can’t act in different way, they again will be deceived. The last, however, won't prevent them from saying after the reading of this material that I am the enemy of democracy and I carry out the order of the Kremlin.

What could be said here? Our people like to create heroes from incidental material and nothing could be done with it.

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