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What Was the Reason for CIA to Stage Terroristic Act on the 11th of September, 2001on Its Own Territory?

Surikov Anton 20.04.2006

Question about the reasons that made CIA organize attack on towers-twins was asked to me by Oleg Grechenevsky - Petersburgliberal conspiracy theoretics - with whom I have been corresponding for some time already. To say exactly it was not a question but a statement: "It’s hardly possible that CIA is engaged in the international terrorism against own country - I do not see any significant reason for it". Well, what was the real reason?

It’s doubtless that modern global jihadism is the product created by the western, first of all, American special services. So, it’s well-known that HAMAS got on feet in the 80th years of the last century in sector Gazaexclusively owing to the Israeli secret service "Shibak" which once rushed with idea to oppose Sheikh Yasin to the secular nationalist Jasir Arafat who supported the USSR.

The history of Usam Ben Laden and "Al-Kaida", which was organized by CIA on the basis of community of so-called "Afghani Arabs" in the 80th and beginning of the 90th years, is not less known. However, it was done with active assistance of External investigation of Saudi Arabiawhich was headed then by prince Turki Al-Feisal and Pakistan United Intelligence Office headed by general Hamid Gul. By the end of the 90th years its "shareholding" in "Al-Kaida" probably was received also by Chinese.

Let’s return to the act of terrorism on the 11th of September, 1991as it is called by English-speaking press. I do not have doubts that they were organized by people from CIA in the ranks of jihadists. Thus the role of ideologists - a kind of "confessors" - of this provocation was acted by American neoconservatives - neocons. As to their motivation – it is, in my opinion, obvious.

That was the theme for the whole series of articles written hot on the traces of the events by the chief copy editor of the site FORUM.msk - Anatoly Baranov, they were translated into several languages and made a stir. If certain structures will decide "to merge" into mass-media the documents authentically confirming that became obvious to any sane person than Baranov should be given Booker Prize . But he will not be given - certainly.

Let's think over a question: what has occured after 1991?

Firstly, not very popular Georges Bush who lost elections to Albert Gor and pierced to powerful authorities using the extremely disputable methods - the decision of the Supreme court of the USA- had suddenly lifted the rating on dizzy height, pulled together the whole nation. It appeared then that this rating was sufficient for his re-election for the second term.

Secondly, without the events of September, 1991 occupation by Americans of Iraq was not possible and huge, the second in the world on size stocks of oil would not be grasped de facto by an aggressor. Sending planes with die-hards to towers-twins neocons from Bush's environment hardly assumed that Iraqi people would start at once after falling of Saddam Hussein’s regime so fierce resistance to Yankee. As it seemed to them then, it would be easy to pocket and keep the oil.

At last, there was also the third reason which Washingtonprefers to keep unknown. It is connected with the fact that after events of 9/11 the USAoccupied Afghanistan. What is the reason? The answer actually lays on a surface – to allow to finish the creation of the monopoly supervising global drug industry. I hope that the readers are adults who perfectly understand that abroad in the global drug traffic are engaged state institutes and not criminal structures or special services gangs at their own risk.

Thus occupation of Afghanistan which produces almost 90 % of heroin in the world, plus base Manas in Kirghizia and occupation of Kosovo - key transit points of the traffic of heroin to the Europe, plus presence of the American armies in Colombia and strong positions of CIA in Bolivia and Peru – mean totally almost 100% of cocaine and  5% of heroin manufacture in the world, plus control over the basic offshore zones, all this gives CIA (conjointly with special services of England and Pakistan - younger partners of Americans) monopoly in this kind of criminal business with independent, including cash, turnover of hundreds of millions dollars.

Certainly this monopoly doesn’t suit everyone. China, for example, is restrained, as it supervises today only about 5% of the world heroin traffic (at the account of the North-Eastern Burma), as well as Democratic People’s Republic of Korea which has hardly more than 1%. There is also one more rather small independent from Americans niche in the cocaine market which is occupied by two Latin American countries, the leader of one of which publicly criticizes the USAfor their monopoly of drugs traffic at the time when the leader of the other - criticizes Washington"in general" and for all. Certainly these pitiful attempts are destined to failure.

Thus, provocation 9/11 allowed the USAto strengthen the control over the world market of power resources and to establish monopoly in the sphere of global drugs traffic. For the sake of it as, probably, neocons and Bush's administration think it was quite natural to play bloody performance in their own country. As to the lives of thousand of simple Americans and tens thousand of Iraqi and Afghans – “the high and mighty” in the western "democratic" society deeply spit on them.

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