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Wizard Churov: Guest Workers of All Countries, Unite!

Wizard Churov: Guest Workers of All Countries, Unite!
Basanets Pavel 19.07.2013

More and more people in Russia are disappointed with different "elections". Often they "vote with feet". The matter is not only in total frauds and falsifications. Common sense prompts people that practically ALL bylaws about elections contradict the Russian Constitution. Starting from municipal filters and finishing with system of promotion of candidates from big and small parties. There are no such articles in the Constitution. Therefore all these obstacles - illegal attempt of retention of power. If to take into account the fact that legal bodies are on the guard of this Scam, it’s possible to qualify these actions as "Forcible Seizure of Power or Forcible Retention of Power".

Chapter 29, article 278 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation

Actions aimed at the forcible seizure of power or forcible retention of power in contravention of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, or aimed at the forcible change of the constitutional system of the Russian Federation,

shall be punishable by deprivation of liberty for a term of 12 to 20 years.

For me as for the lawyer actions of Putin’s power vertical completely fall under the above article. Every cooperation with it means partnership in a crime. Therefore I get surprised with "oppositionists" who competing in speed try to take part in "elections". Mayor of Moscow and governor of the Moscow region. Alexey Navalny - the lawyer by education - ardent opponent of the power does everything possible that "elections" in Moscow had legitimate character. If he (Mitrokhin, Levichev, Millers, etc.) doesn't know results of elections in advance? Whether Gennady Gudkov doesn't understand that Vorobyev will become the governor? If so, you, guys, should go not into policy, but to wrangle. Though even it can't entrust to you. Your silly irresponsibility will bring to that fighters with extremism will become interested in the cows entrusted to you. They will be brought to responsibility, while you, "shepherds", will be free. It will remind situation with prisoners of marsh on Bolotnaya Square. The protest was "merged", "real violent" are in prison, you in "white" are again "at the head of the protest". It’s disgusting. Sickening. Adrenaline which you receive from your promotion in bourgeois mass media haunts you. Sitting to play using marked cards with sharper you hope to win? Naivety? Stupidity? For some reason it seems that with self-forgetfulness you play the role which you are allocated by the power. You cope with it quite good. Role of "Nanaj boys". You haven’t grown up to men yet. You won’t be allowed to tell people what they would like to hear. There are no such words in your monologues written from dictation of "true owners of life in Russia". Intrigue with existence of "opposition" in the country grants vertical respite, allows it to think out new courses on illegal retention of power.

Last "innovation" strikes with cynicism, absence of even rudiments of common sense. Thus on September, 8 of this year not only citizens of Russia, but also guest workers will take part in municipal elections in the country. Out of a sudden officials recollected about federal law "About general principles of organization of local government in the Russian Federation" accepted by the State Duma in October, 2003. Article 3 of this law says: "Foreign citizens constantly or mainly living in the municipality territory at implementation of local government possess the rights according to the international treaties of the Russian Federation and federal laws". “Wizards” pull out at once several Agreements.

2 years ago "wizard" Churov modestly told about the essence of these Agreements (http://www.tiksu.ru/node/240). However reserve of "the correct vote" decided to apply in municipal elections on September, 8, 2013. Obviously they have no other reserves.

A number of municipalities adopted new Charters in which participation of guest workers in elections is officially fixed. Thus in the Charter of Noginsk of the Moscow region it is specified: "Foreign citizens who constantly live in the territory of city of Noginsk have the right to elect and be elected to local governments, to participate in other elective actions in the specified elections, as well as to participate in local referendum on the same conditions as citizens of the Russian Federation".

Electoral commissions of Tyumen and Yekaterinburg also informed citizens that citizens of Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Belarus will take part in upcoming elections. At that these citizens have the right "both to elect and to be elected". According to only official data, there are more than 10 million guest workers in Russia. They will solve the problem of voter turnout. They will give necessary Churov’s result in 146%.

There were a lot of jokes that "our power got wrong people". So, now the power selects necessary to it configuration of people. From among guest workers. While if we – citizens of Russia – are satisfied with present power? Whether it’s not better to change it, than to change people?

P.S. Having accepted help of United Russia in passing of "municipal filter", lawyer Navalny recognized legitimacy of "elections", he agreed with the role of a puppet in the Scam. I expect that in the subsequent "elections" he will already appeal to guest workers. Though it’s also is not the end. After all someone will decide "to invite" 40-50 million Chinese people on the eve of, for example, “presidential elections". There’s something in it. For example, I can manage this task as the specialist in China...

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