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Revolt in Moldova

Revolt in Moldova

The capture of the building of administration of the Moldavian president which, storm of parliament, violation of the Moldavian banner took place today cannot be qualified differently, than putsch, the president of Moldova Vladimir Voronin in the television reference declared today. He noted that leaders of opposition parties - Vlad Filat, Мihaj Gimpu, Serafim Urekyan - actually headed a staff which started realization of anticonstitutional revolution in Moldova. V.Voronin emphasized that organizers of the putsch got covered with students, lyceum students and schoolboys whom they used as alive board.


He emphasized that after announcement of preliminary results of elections to parliament, after recognition of results of those elections on the part of OSCE, the Council of Europe, observers of the European parliament the leaders of the parties lost followed the road of power capture of authority. In opinion of the chapter of the Moldavian state, inability to lose in fair democratic competition, full neglect to the right, to open will of people of the country, to the European standards and values pushed leaders of opposition on a way of "the deepest crimes against Moldova".


V.Voronin declared that authority in Moldova will not allow anybody to neglect the right further, it will not allow "the group of extremists got drunk with rage" to throw mud at the Moldavian democracy.


Addressing to all citizens of Moldova, parents and lyceum students, including all those who allowed to involve themselves into adventurous actions of putschists, V.Voronin declared that political tools in conditions of putsch were no longer unacceptable and authority in Moldova "will be on resolute protection of the country against thugs, on protection of democratic choice of people of the country".


About hundred people are taken to the hospital of Kishinev, they suffered in collisions of police with demonstrators in course of protest action in the center of Kishinev, the head physician of the hospital George Chobanu informed "Interfax". As he said, there were victims both among demonstrators and among workers of law enforcement bodies.


From editorial board: It is thought that Moldavian communists led by Voronin played in "Europeanism" and democracy. Certainly, conversations about European values, integration of Moldova in EU despite of long boarding of communists seem to be very attractive. But it is necessary to understand that for Europe every type of communists - even absolutely "European", superdemocratic and pluralist always will be alien and undesirable. While "liberals", even with strong nationalist idea, even a little bit nazis will always find understanding and support at "educated" Europe.

Now we can see what happens to revolution which is not able to protect itself - well, it's not really revolution so far, to tell you the truth.


It's clear that pogrom in Kishinev is not spontaneous, that it had been prepared under quite understandable "orange" script. If putschists will manage to overthrow lawful government of communists, Europe will support the rebels and not Voronin. If it will be necessary - even with the help of a member of NATO Romania.


Whatever you may say, when there will be trouble, all policy immediately becomes distinctly class.


Comrade Voronin, whether it's not high time to gather international team?



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