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Producer Of the Missile "Bulava" Became a Target For Raiders

Valery Sivkov 22.04.2006

Recently authorities accentuated publicly the position on the matter of so-called illegal captures of the enterprises. It was done first by the Minister of Internal Affairs – Nurgaliev, then by the Economic Development and Trade Minister – Gref and then by the president himself – Putin. They declared that the end should be put to a practice that cripples immensely economic of the country (and on the contrary - brings huge incomes to raiders).

Till now authorities shut their eyes to the numerous facts of artificial bankruptcy of the enterprises (it is one of stages of illegal capture). That is surprising that high-ranking officials did not show any interest and anxiety even when enterprises of strategic purpose were carried off under their very noses.

Here you are at last - the distinct position is outlined. It would seem that rigid words are said. The mass-media gave the game away to wide publicity. Actions should follow next. But has somebody heard that somewhere in the court the hearing of sensational case on the fact of illegal taking away of property took place? Has somebody heard that someone from raiders has incurred criminal sentence? Nobody. Meanwhile the list of raider captures is replenishing with new objects. And what objects!

A factory which produces electron-optical systems for the well-known ballistic missiles "Bulava" has also got under the raiders sight. On its launch which took place last year from a board of strategic boat "Dmitry Donskoj" president Putin personally was present. That means that in the nearest future we will have nothing to launch. Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Geophysics-Space" is exposed to procedure of bankruptcy. It is already the second stage of bankruptcy. The first took place in 1998 when the enterprise lost 70 % of production space as an acquittance as a result of the skilful actions of the raiders who made usage of the defects of the legislation about bankruptcy. Certainly they were sold at once. Now the External Managing Director M. Fonarev representing the party of creditors tries to take away the remained 30% of space.

Recently he gave vast interview to the governmental newspaper "Russkaya Gazeta" (there is a suspicion that he paid money for it otherwise it is impossible to explain why the newspaper gave a word to the representative of the party which is engaged in ruining of state enterprise). However there is nothing in the article concerning the destruction. Legal management of the enterprise, which is now on the way to compulsory bankruptcy are shown in the article as “bad fellows”.

More than that this M. Fonarev reports to the president of the country (information is placed on an official site of administration - Cremlin.ru.) that as a result of consideration of his claims in Arbitration court of Moscow the strategic object is returned to the state.

Cynicism … Cynicism once again…

On those 70% of taken away spaces the foundation ditch for erection of office or shopping center is already in the process of burrowing. It’s doubtless that all the rest areas in case they "will be returned to the state" in a similar way won’t serve not for the defense of the country and not for space projects at all (the enterprise, by the way, is subordinated to the Federal Space Agency).

One of these days direction of the Federal Space Agency sent a letter to Minister of Defence - Sergey Ivanov with request to protect the unique enterprise from destruction and to help to keep manufacture. It is shameful and terrible. How it became possible in the country where people for decades were depriving themselves of a lot of things for the creation of a unique space complex, the powerful defensive industry? Experts assume that this destructive process has a directing hand, that raiders are used as puppets not only by greedy bureaucrats but also by foreign intelligence agencies. 

The wife of Fonarev, for example, is registered among the staff of Agency for International Development of the USA (USAID) in its Moscowrepresentation. The agency is engaged (as it is written in the charter) in the development and realization of the reforms focused on development of market economy, increase of a management efficiency by natural resources with a view of maintenance of economic growth. It is interesting what madam Fonareva understands in economic growth and in natural resources?

Such foreign charitable offices in Russiaare numerous. There is no doubt that they solve especially geopolitic problems in interests of their founders. The American Agency for International Development, for example, works in one team with the American-Russian Investment Fund. But investment funds and the companies are the most active participants of the raider services market in Russia.

Strategic factory is torn into parts in the moment when Americans announced the creation of some rocket system which impact won’t be able to be answered by the Russians adequately. In fact we won’t indeed if we shall protect our strategic defensive enterprises only in words, if on the place where strategic factories are situated today business centers and elite houses with excellent underground parkings which owners nobody will be able to protect from nuclear attack will grow.


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