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Mizulina Will Put Things with Abortions Right

Mizulina Will Put Things with Abortions Right

The deputy of the State Duma Elena Mizulina intends to put things with the Russian legislation about abortions in order.

"Today no responsibility for violation of existing rules (interruption of pregnancy) is provided in our country", - she noted in interview to "Izvestiya".

"There is only criminal liability for "doctors" who carry out abortion without medical education. That is there are rules, but no responsibility. Nobody explains rights to women, doesn't tell about consequences of abortions, about the main and most terrible consequence – infertility. We checked more than once: you call to clinic, say that "it is necessary to make abortion on the 15th week without medical indications", in reply you here "come, the price is…" We suggest to enter administrative responsibility for violators in the form of penalties", - the parliamentarian explained.

"One more initiative will be connected with medical abortion. Today such drugs can be bought in a drugstore without recipe of the doctor. We suggest to sell them only with recipe with explanation of all consequences. It is extremely important. Statistically, growth of a number of such abortions makes 20% a year. You know where do we take this statistics from? A woman buy such drugs, uses, physical consequences begin, she needs emergency help of the doctor. Only these cases are included into statistics", - Mizulina complains.


From editorial board: Everybody tries to resolve global issues. Priest Gundyaev decided to entertain himself with reproduction and granny Mizulina with regulation of abortions. I don't know, maybe I should also start training women to give birth correctly?

Logic of granny Mizulina is very similar to logic of the priest Gundyaev - it is necessary to force citizens to go forth and multiply in different ways. Regardless of the will of citizens. Gundyaev suggests to forbid divorces and abortions, Mizulina is slightly softer - not to forbid but to complicate it to utter impossibility.

I bring own example specially for Gundyaev: for several years I didn't divorce with my first wife though I lived absolutely with other woman - simply because that formality was not interesting to anybody. Later the first wife asked me to divorce and we did it. If she hadn’t asked, I would continue to be "married". If it would influence child-bearing? In no way!

It’s different matter if marriage on Gundyaev's dreams would be connected with economic dependence of spouses, in other words, if wife would occupy position of the slave at home. Then it’s different, you can rape her, even if she doesn't want, she is lawful wife after all. Let her give births while she is alive...

Info for Mizulina - abortions most often happen according to social indications. Look, how many orphans we have in our country though their parents are alive, how many children starve, how many of them are homeless... Abolish abortions and you receive increase in this figure twice. A woman today can't grow up and bring up today a child alone normally, simply can't! Especially at snotty age, without education and without work. It was possible in the Soviet movie "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears", while now it’s impossible. Therefore she is compelled to go on abortion, not from mischief, purely from need.

What does granny Mizulina offer? She suggests to limit sharply legal opportunity to make abortion in medical institution or by means of specially appointed for this purpose drugs. Abortions weren’t thought up yesterday, Hippocratic Oath contain words about "abortive pessary". There are a lot of ways to make abortion. They will start making abortions in a rural bath or on a piece of cardboard with a help of a pin. They will die and become disabled people, will lose genital function for the rest of life.

They will also give birth to homeless children at alive parents.

You think that "grannies" are always kind? Well, recollect Baba Yaga. Though she had bony leg, while in our case the bone is the head.

So, "grandmother of the Russian abortion"...

Аnatoly Baranov

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