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"Russian - Cultured" - "Berber - Cultured"!!? Or One More Time about the Russian Citizenship

"Russian - Cultured" - "Berber - Cultured"!!? Or One More Time about the Russian Citizenship
Peter Kuzmenko 17.06.2009

The deputy chairman of Republican Slavic movement "Harmony" in Kazakhstan Peter Kuzmenko commented on the statement of the chairman of Committee of the State Duma on constitutional legislation and Vladimir Pligin's state building.

In his interview to "The Russian Newspaper" V.N.Pligin informed about legislative amendments providing liquidation of simplified procedure of reception of the Russian citizenship being on the stage of preparation. In particular, he declared that "all who wanted and could took an advantage of the right, they had enough time for that purpose".

"To put it mildly, I am in perplexity. It turns out that they in the State Duma of the Russian Federation have no slightest idea about migratory moods and real position of the Russian population in national republics of CIS. Or there's something else behind this initiative, someone's interests connected with lobbying. I'm no judge of it ... Though in any case for my fellow compatriots it's shocking news. It's especially bad that the Russian State Duma carries fire in one hand and water in the other. The more so Mr. Pligin is not an ordinary party functionary but the chairman of the Duma committee and prominent liberal figure of "Edinaya Russia". Thus it's logical to assume that he informs and influences the Russian management in this very - liberal key.


I cannot know the state of things in Ukraine but I'm familiar with them in Kazakhstan firsthand. Every day I face migratory problematics. Not once or twice mass-media acted on that theme. There were figures and facts. As it is known, Kazakhstan is throughout many years "migratory donor" for Russia. We are talking about millions.

Thousands people wishing to move to Russia passed through a public reception where I work. This stream, unfortunately, does not weaken. Every day 10-15 persons address me in relation to reception of the Russian citizenship. Someone is going to go to Russia following resettlement program, other independently. The majority move without the program relying on own forces and possibilities. It is clear that the majority of them are ethnic Russians. I personally invite Mr. Pligin and other Russian "statesmen" to visit Kazakhstan. Let they - at that without the Kazakhstan intermediaries - will communicate with compatriots, sit next to me and will see situation for themselves, so to say, from within. They can also go to Astana and have a look at the queues near to the Russian consulate. There people have to stay in queue already in the night. These are absolutely indisputable facts.

I doubt that Mr. Pligin have opposite arguments. And I do not think that someone from the Russian officials supervising compatriots and CIS affairs would arrive here, to Kazakhstan, to study on the site in details and efficiently situation with position of the Russians in republic.

To tell you the truth, basically I do not understand and I do not accept such attitude to the Russian compatriots. Especially now, when there's powerful foreign policy pressure from outside the West on Russia. Pressure near to its borders also does not weaken. What is the reason then, taking away from the Russians the right - lawful and natural! - for obtaining the Russian citizenship, to promote narrowing of borders of the Russian influence? Meanwhile they in CIS, as it is known, are on friendly terms only having common interests. Unlike Russia in the former Soviet republics ethnocracy rules the day. Therefore the degree of nationalist rhetoric and Antirussian moods naturally grows in them. It's one more indisputable fact.

In these circumstances Russia can rely only on those who relates to it by blood and spiritually. One only physical presence of mass of Russian population loyal to local ruling modes is a political factor essentially braking development of the Antirussian tendencies in Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Meanwhile it ended in that the word "Russian" ceases appearing in the Russian public rhetoric. As if there's no such people in Russia and on the earth. Instead more and more often one could hear in speeches of politicians such words as "Russian - oriented", "Russian - cultured". What kind of ethnopopulation is it?! Then there should also exist both ‘American - cultured", "Moroccan - cultured" and "Berber - cultured"...

To make foreigners, to cork millions Russians in republics of CIS is in general simply. Who will calculate losses from it? While they, without any doubt, will be very heavy".


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