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"Eternal Summer" Won’t Be Cancelled

"Eternal Summer" Won’t Be Cancelled

Switch to winter daylight time during carrying out of the Olympic Games in Sochi is already impossible. It was declared by the Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak. According to him, decision on a question of switching needed to be made till February, 1, before contracts for translation were signed between organizers of the Games and different companies. "All decisions were made and according to these decisions, proceeding from the time which is accepted in Russia all contracts on translation of the Olympic Games are signed. Time change is really already impossible," — "Voice of Russia" quotes the Deputy Prime Minister.

The bill about switching to winter daylight time has been already introduced in the State Duma. The first deputy of the committee on industry, member of United Russia Vladimir Gutenev became its author. Deputies intend to consider this painful problem during autumn session.

It was reported earlier that reform of Dmitry Medvedev who established "eternal summer daylight time" in Russia would be cancelled till December, 21. Deputies called two reasons for switching. The first — worsening of health of the Russians and the second — winter Games in Sochi. Excess hour of difference with the European countries which didn't refuse switching, according to the deputies, can interfere with TV broadcasts and, respectively, with advertizing profits.


From editorial board: Children's rhyme: "Whatever the fool does, he does it bad" – whom do you think is meant here? Of course, Marshak as the historical seer sounds ridiculous, but each historical character deserves corresponding prophets.

If change of the bulbs was better, than "eternal summer"?

There were also "Priority National Projects" (they entered history of the Russian State from capital letters). Being only the Deputy Prime Minister Mitya improved health of the Russians up to improbable limits; he increased birth rate and almost absolutely destroyed mortality; he gave each family separate apartment and whole houses to those who didn't get apartments! Then, having become already the president, he found out that PNP failed to become true. They failed. He didn't become upset, he moved to new fulfillments.

Bulbs already mentioned here, "eternal summer" and Skolkovo were among his new fulfillments.

Skolkovo was most coolly than other taken together. Why not to cancel Skolkovo, if it’s impossible to cancel "eternal summer" because of the Olympic Games and bulbs because of overestimated tariffs? Will Dvorkovich get upset?


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