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Office of the Prosecutor General Started Sending Warning to the Organizers of Celebratory Meetings on November, 7th

Office of the Prosecutor General Started Sending Warning to the Organizers of Celebratory Meetings on November, 7th

Office of the Prosecutor General of Moscow warned organizers of uncoordinated with city authorities processions to the 96th anniversary of October revolution. As ITAR-TASS was told in the press service of the Office of the Prosecutor General carrying out of four processions and meetings is planned for today in the central part of Moscow.

"Offers on carrying out of joint meeting on Suvorovskaya Square are sent to the organizers of actions. Due to the refusal to accept that offer the government of Moscow didn’t coordinate above mentions actions. At the same time, according to available information, organizers still intend to carry out processions and meetings", - noted in prosecutor's office.

Office of the Prosecutor's of the Central administrative district of Moscow directed cautions to Denis Zommer, Vladimir Lakeev, Anatoly Baranov, Sergey Biyets, Alexander Veselov, Sergey Dovgal, Vladimir Makarenko, Sergey Nikitin, Alexander Mironov, Yury Vershinsky and Adrian Mikhaylov.

- It is interesting to me to learn about the warning of the Office of the Prosecutor General from news feed of TASS, - the editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov notes. - Thus I didn’t leave a house where I am registered in either today or yesterday. Probably, they are talking about some new technologies. However, we make claims on illegal actions of the authorities to prosecutor's office, but supervisory authority for some reason transferred its functions to the department on safety of the government of Moscow on which we, actually, didn’t complain. I don't exclude that the warning of "office of the prosecutor general" was prepared in the same department. Stylistics is similar - none of those people which were mentioned by TASS received papers from Office of the Prosecutor General, I called them up. It’s quite in the manner of mister Mayorov, the head of the department, to answer people not personally, but via mass media. Well, if Office of the Prosecutor General and authorities communicate with us via mass media, we will follow their example: Dear Sirs, go to ass!

I want to offer representatives of mass media to shoot how police disperse celebratory demonstration on November, 7th – such things didn’t happen before.

PS. The chairman of Tverskoy Court in Moscow refused to accept claim from D. Zommer related to violation of law number 54 by the authorities of Moscow. What could be said - constitutional state...

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