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You Can Get into Prison for Non-Payment of Housing and Communal Services

You Can Get into Prison for Non-Payment of Housing and Communal Services

Federal Bailiff Service (FBS) intends to pay special attention to debtors who don't pay for housing and communal services. If earlier police officers treated them loyally, now they will bring criminal cases against them more often, it will be done on several main reasons — non-fulfillment of court decision, waste of the arrested property and also malicious evasion from debt payment. Sanctions under these articles provide imprisonment as well.

In July, 2013 management of FBS sent instruction to pay attention to the situation with debtors in the sphere of housing and communal services to all structural divisions. Results of inspection which carried out in territorial bodies by auditors of FBS became the reason for such step. As it became clear, for first five months of the current year police officers failed to recover debts for housing and communal services in 72% of similar cases.

Analysis of the departmental reporting showed that from January to May from 2,6 million proceedings in execution debts were received only from 700 thousand debtors. Thus, there are more than 1,9 million proceedings in execution among “cold cases”. According to FBS, 70% of debtors on payments for housing and communal services — individuals.


From editorial board: It is clear in general - payment for voting on "elections" of 2011 and 2012, if someone hasn’t got it. What is characteristic is that they didn’t bring cases in the regions where political activity of citizens is high, first of all in Moscow, Chechnya, the Krasnodar Territory, Adygea, despite large total amount of debt for housing and communal services. While the other part of "patient Russia" suffers to the utmost.

One shouldn’t get under delusion - system of housing and communal services represents second "Gazprom", only gas doesn't come to end there. It extorts not subsoil but directly pockets of citizens. Bourgeois state will go on everything for providing of such "rocking chair". If it will be necessary, they will start sending to prison, they will create camps of the deprived of shelter. May be someone thinks that concentration camps are created only for migrants? Thus during the Great depression such camp was situated directly in the Central park of New York in the USA. If the Russian Federation is worse?

The prospects are heavy as the number of people who simply are not capable to pay on escalating tariffs increases. Nearly 2 million proceedings in execution are after all not from mischief, people have no money to pay.

Now let’s add that management companies and condominium is, in their essence, compensation for organized crime. That is relations between residents and those who receives money for housing and communal services from them are rigid, "by the codes of underworld”. In this case organized crime and bourgeois state oppose citizens as united front. I congratulate all of us on it.

Аnatoly Baranov, editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk

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