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Friends and Enemies of Orthodoxy on Mayakovka

Friends and Enemies of Orthodoxy on Mayakovka
Grechaninov Vladimir 13.07.2013

Today a group of citizens (so I was told by police officers) arranged orthodox meeting (see photos) on Mayakovkaya Street (now Triumphalnaya Street). It’s good place - prayerful, somehow one recollects at once Mayakovka, lanterns, headlights, movie theater Moscow with once magnificent buffet, poetic performances of men of the sixties and in many years - meetings in protection of article 31 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Which were later forbidden to Limonov because of repairing works and now allowed to faithful. For it they gave today all wishing to drink worthwhile holy water from a cooler (sacred cooler?), while Limonov didn't give to drink, he carried out poisonous conversations about the constitution. Which is bad for health.

In general, there was a lot of talking about health. Host of the action by the name Boris authoritatively advised gathered (fifteen people), I quote, "not to guzzle" as Christless do, to eat accurately and orthodox-like. It helps digestion. As well as to think only about good: about kindness, sanctity, about lives of sacred and different eternal values... Don’t pay attention to unpleasant things, not to read harmful newspapers. Especially, when they say lies about watch and limousines of the patriarch, about pedophilia, about commercial activity of the Russian Orthodox Church and so on. All this is from evil.

For better understanding what is good and what is bad, all square were filled with special stands with sayings like: "It’s favourable to be Orthodox because you will be beautiful". Cool! They also brought Bentley to the Square (as I was told - from sponsor) and advised to those who gathered not to envy its owner. Bentley was considerably not new, so nobody envied it strognly, the patriarch has cooler limousine.

Sure thing the central place of this orthodox exposition was occupied by special execution list "Enemies of Orthodoxy" from capital letter, which included, clearly, "Femen", "Pussy Riot", some journalists, publicists and whole editions. In case someone from the orthodox is rather weak in reading, nearby they installed special art stand with pictures and photos of enemies. So that kind orthodox people could distinguish assailants even in gloomy places.

Generally, very useful action, as textbook for Article 282 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Excitement of National, Racial or Religious hatred". Clearly with the most good Christian intentions.

I asked organizers, whether it is possible to add my name into the List of enemies at least in small pin, but they didn’t allow me to do it. Probably, I haven’t deserved it yet. It is necessary to do my best, so this publication is not the last.

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