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After the Meeting with Writers - Hight Time to Answer for Master Bank

After the Meeting with Writers - Hight Time to Answer for Master Bank

Not all investors of Master Bank will be able to return all their money. Insurance doesn't cover metal accounts, it means accounts of individual entrepreneurs and deposits over 700 000 rub.

Master Bank which lost this week licenses left hundred thousands investors and holders of cards without money.

"Awful situation! All my cash remained on the card," — the former employee of Master Bank complains, after leaving bank several months ago she habitually continued to use salary card for daily needs.

By data of "Interfax Center of Economic Analyses", for October, 1sy the volume of means of individuals in Master Bank made 47,4 billion rubles, 28,9 billion were in deposits.

About 2/3 of these means appeared to be insured. According to preliminary estimates of the Deposit Insurance Agency, in the next weeks it would have to pay to clients of the bank about 30 billion rubles in the form of compensation.

Payments to medium-sized investors of Master Bank will occur following general rules: up to 700 000 rubles per one investor irrespective of a number of his deposits and nominal monetary bank accounts. Thus investors receive both the money they invested and percent added by bank by the day of revocation of license, but within insured sum, the representative of Deposit Insurance Agency notes.

The Agency promised to place on its site the name of the bank where investors would be able to get compensation on Tuesday, November, 26. Payments have to begin after December, 4th.

To receive money it will be necessary to bring passport, all documents confirming opening of deposits and accounts, payment orders and application for compensation (the sample can be downloaded on a site of the Agency or to fill directly then and there).

Take your turn!

Individuals who held larger sums on accounts and deposit of Master Bank will receive only insured 700 000 rub from Deposit Insurance Agency. It is necessary to wait for the rest till completion of bankruptcy proceeding. When bankruptcy manager will be appointed, it will be necessary to send him your demands as the creditor of the bank (the list of necessary for this purpose documents is placed on the site of Deposit Insurance Agency).

It is good that under the law investors are on the first priority basis on equal basis with Deposit Insurance Agency and some other categories of persons.

"Though even creditors of the first priority could seldom hope for satisfaction of 100% of requirements, — the manager of projects of the legal group "Yakovlev and Partners" Julia Goncharuk warns. — It happens because an output of property is actively having place including through offshore structures therefore lawyers are compelled to return assets from the foreign jurisdictions and quite often to resort to initiation of criminal cases. If the sum of money making bankrupt assets of the bank is less than the sum of the requirements included in the register of requirements of creditors, money will be distributed between all creditors of the first priority proportionally".

Situation with those who placed means on impersonal metal accounts in Master Bank is even worse — irrespective of the sum. Under the law such accounts aren’t covered by deposit insurance system at all as not the money is considered here, but the weight of precious metal, the representative of Deposit Insurance Agency explains. In case of bankruptcy of bank owners of impersonal metal accounts become creditors of the third turn, he reminds.

"As practice of last years shows, bankruptcy proceeding of the bank can last on the average about two years and if at least 10-20% of requirements are met, it’s already considered quite good result, — Goncharuk says. — It happens so that it doesn't reach the second turn. If to speak about Master Bank, there are all bases to think that it’s just such case. It has many deposits payments on which are primary”.

Между тем охоту за пострадавшими клиентами „Мастера“ уже начали сомнительные личности. Вкладчик, у которого в Мастер-банке зависло около 8 млн руб., рассказал „Ведомостям“, что уже в день отзыва у банка лицензии в поисках выхода из ситуации через друзей и знакомых столкнулся с анонимными посредниками, предлагавшими вытащить деньги из банка за 40% от суммы: якобы у них есть связи с руководством банка. Однако он побоялся передавать документы, опасаясь мошенников.

The sponsor brought down

Not only clients of Master Bank became its victim. Holders of bank cards to whom it’s sponsor in the international payment systems also suffered.

Owners of cards can't get money in ATMs or pay for the goods using cards now. However, their money isn't blocked, they say in banks. "Our clients can freely receive cash from their cards in every office of our bank," — Alena Vlasova, the head of the department on public relations of BPF which had Master Bank as its sponsor, says.

Editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Dmitry Cherny is surprised with the patience of the ex-Soviet people:

- It’s, of course, not MMM, but situation for robed dear Russians isn't better. Master Bank is typical child of Putin’s stabilization, result of repartition of the banking sector against "operated democracy" and imprisonment of Khodorkovsky, Lebedev and other "prisoners of Yukos". However, if assets of Yukos were completely swallowed by Sechin’s Rosneft and there was some political result - so-called state corporation assumed responsibility before former shareholders, here Master Bank is a private structure and its stabilization had nominal character. Igor Putin used his surname to allure money. Well, what’s the result? Whether one brother is ready to be responsible for the second brother? It is high time for the National Leader to be responsible for his words. After all by the codes of underworld the debts should be paid by close relatives. Perhaps Putin should get responsibility before robbed investors of Master Bank instead of wasting time with writers talking profusely about freedoms and propaganda of foreigners for raw empire?! However, the question is rhetorical, till investors whose money won’t be returned start picketing offices of Putin’s bank.

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